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According to The Telegraph, it was found that electric cars cause double the pothole damage compared to their petrol counterparts because the average electric car puts 2.24 times more stress on roads than a petrol car.
In a significant development, Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Investment signed a $5.6 billion deal with a Shanghai-based electric vehicle company to develop EVs (Electric Vehicles). © AP Photo / Ng Han Guan
EVs with over 300 miles of range are becoming more common, and the infographic below provides information on the 10 longest range EVs for 2023. Range anxiety is frequently cited as one of the biggest...
On Wednesday, Biden's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee that all US military vehicles will be electric by 2030.
Germany, Europe's biggest economy and the most reliant on Russian gas imports, has witnessed industrial output fall due to high energy costs caused by shortages. Notably, Volkswagen says that EV battery plants are ‘practically unviable’ in EU due to soaring energy costs.
Reuters posted a video of the electric air taxi VoloCity taking flight in Paris, touting it as the Tesla of the skies.
EV sales over the past 10 years have grown at an exponential rate globally, with China's EV sales increasing by 238% over 2014.
Electric vehicles might present a major problem during natural disaster evacuations, according to experts on the topic. The increasing usage of electrical vehicles might not meet the safety requirement of massive hurricane evacuations. Centralized charging systems, improved battery technology, and an increase in hybrid vehicles are among potential remedies.
With Lithium-ion batteries utilized in electric automobiles and other gadgets primarily imported from China, IIT-M researchers believe that additional research on Zinc-air batteries can provide India with a locally produced answer. This has led India's IIT Madras team to develop Zinc-air batteries that could power E-scooters without a risk of fire.