Joe Biden Unveils New Scheme To Kill Off Gas

According to the Daily Mail, Joe Biden has unveiled a new scheme to phase out gas cars after ordering manufacturers to achieve another 16 miles per gallon to stay operational.

Joe Biden Unveils New Scheme To Kill Off Gas 1

Joe Biden is determined to ruin the American auto industry and force common people to drive wasteful electric vehicles, and he is not going to allow government stupidity to stand in the way of their success.

The Transportation Department ordered automakers to get an additional 16 miles per gallon out of their vehicles on Friday for them to stay in business, as the Daily Mail reported. They have to quadruple their trucks’ fuel economy at the same time.

According to the outlet, this is the Regime’s most recent attempt to make sure that by 2032, all Americans would be forced to use electric cars. It also occurred less than two months after the Biden administration completed a set of economically disastrous environmental rules reducing tailpipe emissions from gas-powered vehicles.

Here’s more about the new mandate from the Mail:

The latest rules impose average miles per gallon limits across manufacturers’ entire product lines, so if they make more electric vehicles, they will find it easier to meet the targets.

Their passenger cars will have to average 65 miles per gallon by 2031, up from 48.7 miles today.

Pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles will have to average 45 miles rather than the 35.1 miles today.

But heavy-duty pickup trucks and large vans will have to nearly double their fuel efficiency from 18.8 to 35 miles per gallon

By 2050, the Transportation Department projects that the measures will reduce carbon emissions by eight billion tons.

This new plan is being implemented in response to the Biden administration’s admission this week that, since Biden signed the $1 trillion Bipartisan “Infrastructure” Bill into law in November 2021, only seven EV charging stations have been constructed. By 2030, the federal government was allowed by law to construct 500,000 EV charging stations.

During a Senate hearing on Wednesday, radical-left Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), a prominent proponent of climate change in Congress, became enraged as he learned about this predictable government fiasco.

“That’s just pathetic,” Merkley said. “Something is terribly wrong, and it needs to be fixed.”

Biden has heeded Merkley’s rage, and regular Americans will once more bear a steep price. Electing Donald Trump in November is the only surefire way to put an end to this craziness.

Recently, GreatGameIndia reported that according to CalSTA, California is testing a “road charge” system as gas tax revenues dwindle. Participants report mileage voluntarily, aligning with Biden’s push for electric vehicles.

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  1. While America is dying, old Joey Diapers thinks only of
    the Climate Hoax and Fudge-Packers!
    And the Americans don’t have the balls to fight back!
    This is America in a nutshell!
    Good riddance to bad garbage!

  2. The preamble to the Constitution clearly states that, among other things, the federal government is to “promote the general welfare”, which means the encouragement of trade, industry, commerce, and the creation of jobs. As these new mandates are going to be scientifically and technically unachievable, they are going to have the opposite effect of promoting the general welfare, and on that point alone are unconstitutional.

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