BSNL-Cisco Deals – The Scam Behind The Scam

It has come to light recently that the dubious dealings between Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Cisco Systems, an American multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San José, California, has caused a loss of Rs 300 crore to the Indian taxpayers. The scam involves 2 deals: BSNL’s Rs 95 crore

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India At Crossroads To Swaraj Or Slavery?

Is India at the crossroads to Swaraj (independence) or Slavery (dominion)? At the dawn of the new millennium India stands, dazed and indecisive, at the crossroads. As perhaps the only secular nation with population of a billion, with thousands of political, spiritual and religious leaders of various denominations, with a

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The Helots Of India – Between Slavery & Freedom

This excerpt from The Hunt For The Treasure Of Vijayanagara Empire details the tragic situation of the tribals in India akin to the Helots – a derogatory term used by the Romans to indicate non-Romans in their country, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens. Liberalization and Privatization were the tools of

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Does The East India Company Still Exist?

This excerpt from our exclusive East India Company Series article titled Noble Motives focuses on the puzzle of the disappearance of the EICs and their reemergence as modern day MNCs (Multi National Corporations). The East India Company (the “Company“) was one of the institutions created as a product of the Venetian Merchants takeover of England’s

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MNCs Operated Destruction Of India

Two-and-a-half years after the completion of a new $17 million terminal building, the airport in Jaisalmer, a small and remote desert city in Rajasthan, stands empty. As reported not a single passenger has passed through the gates of an airport big enough to handle more than 300,000 travellers a year,

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