Scientists Grow Diamond From Scratch In 15 Minutes 1

Scientists Grow Diamond From Scratch In 15 Minutes

Scientists led by physical chemist Rodney Ruoff of the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea published their results in the journal Nature on April 24, revealing that they can grow diamonds from scratch in 15 minutes. Researchers have developed a novel method for creating diamonds at room temperature and

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Britain Bans Russian Diamonds

The office of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak outlined the measures in a statement that Britain is banning Russian diamonds. The United Kingdom has announced a ban on importing of Russian diamonds and several types of metal, as well as additional sanctions on 86 people and companies allegedly linked to Moscow’s “military

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Houses Of Rhodes & Oppenheimers – EIC2MNC Series Part V

In the previous parts of this ongoing East India Company Series we examined the origin of these EICs, their motives and the motives of Multi National Corporations (MNCs). We also examined the commodities EICs dealt with and MNCs plan to deal with or are already dealing with along with the

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