Houses Of Rhodes & Oppenheimers – EIC2MNC Series Part V

In the previous parts of this ongoing East India Company Series we examined the origin of these EICs, their motives and the motives of Multi National Corporations (MNCs). We also examined the commodities EICs dealt with and MNCs plan to deal with or are already dealing with along with the unique philosophical outlook that determined their ideology and methodology and gave them the opportunity to trade in goods like narcotics, which can destroy human civilization.

With this background we now study the EICs and MNCs operatives or controller families. East India Company’s trade was divided into many parts and a particular family owned each part. They were given full control over a nation under consideration. They developed local industrial/business house, through which they exploited the independent nations. So for people of any nation, it is the local industrial house that comes to light as the exploiter and not EICs. Even today these Houses control most of the MNCs we see and follow the same Ideology & Methodology as the EICs.


Controller Houses of East India Company and various Multinationals

  1. Jardine & Matheson: Noble Opium Knights (covered in part 4)
  2. House of Inchapes: Lords of Seas (covered in part 4)
  3. House of Sassoon: Masters of India and China (covered in part 4)
  4. House of Rockefeller: Princes of North America
  5. Rhodes & Openheimers: African Elite-Monopolists of Gold and Diamonds
  6. House of Rothschild: Uncrowned Kings of Europe

Rhodes & Openheimers: African Elite-Monopolists of Gold and Diamonds

“Why should we not form a Secret Society
with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire
and the bringing of the whole world under British Rule,
for the recovery of the United States,
for making the Anglo Saxon race but one Empire?
What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible.”
– Cecil Rhodes wrote this in his “Confession of Faith” when he was 23.

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Africa, for 200 years starting from 1800s was the leading diamond producing continent and De Beers was and is the number one diamond procuring and supplying corporation. With unlimited resources from Rothschilds, De Beers slowly swallowed all small diamond mining companies using the same strategies as John d. Rockefeller used to gobble up oil companies. Various trusts and subsidiaries were formed to conceal the true identity of De Beers. In a similar fashion even Indian diamond mines are given to an Australian company which is a subsidiary of De Beers in collaboration with Reliance Corporation.

A massive eviction of tribals is taking place in the State of Andhra Pradesh from the virgin forests of Nallamala range for the exclusive benefits of De Beers, a diamond mining corporation that wants the kimberlite or diamonds from the forest. But that is not the only thing De Beers is after. What De Beers is after is the buried wealth of Vijayanagara Empire to be hauled permanently into western fold. Read about it here The Hunt For The Treasure Of Vijayanagara Empire.

Cecil Rhodes funded political parties across nations, had the following of parliamentarians both in England and South Africa and finally became the Prime Minister of Cape Colony. His personal spending around 1890 was around million pounds sterling per month. Part of his vast fortune of billions of pounds that were exploited from South Africa was invested in creating Rhodes scholarship in Oxford university.  Rhodes created and funded many other social science departments in Cambridge and Oxford. But the Rhodes scholarships were specifically designed to recruit individuals from all around the world to transform them into the respective national leaders by grooming them as anglophiles. Most of the Indian leaders and their sons were tutored in Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard.

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