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The Roots Of India-China Conflict – Indian Drug Wars Part 1

This excerpt from the History Of Narco-Terrorism In India explains the roots of Chinese distaste to India which has a far-reaching foreign policy implications to India today and which also laid the foundation for the destruction of American society. The British reasoned that rather than trying to defeat 350 Indian kingdoms it was better

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Parliament Standing Committee Report On Pathankot Airbase Attack

In its 197th report the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs observed that “something is seriously wrong with our counter-terror security establishment” commenting in regards to the Pathankot Airbase Attack. Pradip Bhattacharya, the Chairman of the Standing Committee said “We had a long interaction with officers at the Pathankot airbase.

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Pathankot Attack: Oil, Globalization & Terror

Punjab, for many years, has been a transit point for drugs from Afghanistan. The drug money has become a major source of funding of elections in Punjab and over the time a well-organized drug cartel has come into existence with active connivance of politicians, police officers and drug lords. This

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HSBC Bank : Secret Origins To 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

Tracking the East India Company origins of HSBC Bank to the role of Secret Societies, opium smuggling and funding terrorist attacks. Contents: Swiss Leaks HSBC Bank’s East India Company Origins Role of Secret Societies Afghan Opium for Bankers and Terrorists HSBC Bank & 26/11 Mumbai Attacks 1 Swiss Leaks Swiss

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