The Roots Of India-China Conflict – Indian Drug Wars Part 1

This excerpt from the History Of Narco-Terrorism In India explains the roots of Chinese distaste to India which has a far-reaching foreign policy implications to India today and which also laid the foundation for the destruction of American society.

The British reasoned that rather than trying to defeat 350 Indian kingdoms it was better to defeat one large kingdom double the size of India and get away with the loot of Gold, Silver and Diamonds from there. That target kingdom or empire was China.

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According to the ideas of our missionary maniacs, the Chinaman must be converted, even if it takes the whole military and naval forces of the two greatest nations of the world to do it. Dalrymple, Louis, 1866-1905, artist.

The method adapted for disrupting Chinese society was very unique. Destroy the youth of China by drugging them with deadly addictive drug OPIUM. Using the occupied Bengal territories East India Company first time launched a large scale cropping of opium in the current Bengal and Bihar using their selected merchants from the beginning of 1800s. For this they destroyed all other production of agriculture goods except cotton needed for their Manchester Cotton Mills. This resulted in the erosion of soil fertility and finally the infamous Bengal Famine where lakhs of Indian people perished.

Government sponsored Drug Narcotics Business

China was a very powerful kingdom and her subjects very loyal to their Emperor. The question that arose for the British was how to disrupt their loyalty and turn them against their Emperor. To achieve this goal, British set to exploit the caste hierarchical system of Chinese society (just as they did in India). Using their trading posts in Macau (Macao still is used to trap Chinese bureaucrats) and Hong Kong all European countries started a conversion spree of lowest sections of Chinese society called Hans (which later became the Great Han Brotherhood of China under Chairman Mao). Than using the converts Europeans for the first time pushed the opium addiction in the coastal cities of mainland China. In this process they targeted the top officials and their children under the European life style, who went soft on the spreading menace (recent Pathankot Airbase attack is a reference case). From the time of the first addiction it took only 40 years to spread to becoming a public menace to common people resulting in the destruction of Coastal cities. By the time the Emperor banned the opium the Opium Wars were waged. While the converts were not able to fight, the East India Company hired a whopping 250,000 soldiers from the Indian Kingdoms as mercenaries and with combined European countries’ military strength were able to defeat the Chinese Emperor in the next 30 years in a series of Opium Wars.

American Destruction and Chinese Wealth

With China loosing the Opium Wars and the windfall of Chinese gold and silver looted, all drug production and distribution families that the East India Company nurtured became filthy rich respected business owners, merchant bankers, shipping company owners and infrastructure developers. These business houses, East India Company and British Royalty used their ill gotten wealth to take control of their most precious lost colony United States of America by setting up Banking, Insurance, Infrastructure, Oil companies and corrupting the political environment inside USA. Most importantly they introduced the deadly addiction of opium and other sedates on unsuspecting American population making America the predominant narcotic abuser today.

These opium production activities ran until 1924 in India and were stopped with the heroic efforts of Mahatma Gandhi who was the first to agitate to remove opium production from India and stop the destruction of China using Indian soil. Finally the British transferred the entire production to Afghanistan in 1924 handing over the production to southern Afghanistani tribals which after 90 years became the Golden Crescent of opium production. Though the production is in the hands of Afghan tribals the distribution, finance and market control is still exercised by the same old British business houses or their proxies.

Till today the method of payment for narcotics is gold, diamonds or silver or diamonds only. The market for narcotics is touching a whopping US $1 trillion (Rs 50 lakh crores) according to UN reports. Post the Communist takeover of China they also started growing the deadly opium as a tit-for-tat for what was done by the west by developing their own area of production now called Golden Triangle and started drugging Europe via their ancient silk trading route thus connecting Golden Triangle to Golden Crescent on the top of India stretching from Thailand to Afghanistan.

With intelligence agencies’ clandestine operatives acting hand in glove with government sponsored drug production; drug dealers, peddlers, and handlers acquired sophisticated arms that posed a challenge for many governments. With zero investment and huge profits, criminal syndicates with connections with politicians moved into business straining local policing unable to do anything. As the addicts were ready to do anything to satisfy their addiction an associated prostitution profession and human trafficking were developed out of proportion in all those countries where the addiction starts spreading.

The Chinese Emperor nor the people nor the later communist or liberal governments ever forgot this damage to their culture done by not only Europeans but the Indian soldiers belonging to Indian kingdoms recruited in the East India Company army, with far reaching foreign policy implications towards India even today.

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