Rise Of World's Debt-Laden 'Zombie' Companies 1

Rise Of World’s Debt-Laden ‘Zombie’ Companies

According to an Associated Press investigation, the number of the world’s debt-laden ‘zombie’ companies has risen, and they will have to pay off $1.1 trillion in loans by year-end. The number of publicly traded “zombie” companies—those with debt so high they can’t even afford the interest on their loans—has increased

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Bombshell Grand Jury Report Exposes Shocking COVID Lies And Government Cover-Ups 1

Bombshell Grand Jury Report Exposes Shocking COVID Lies And Government Cover-Ups

On May 21, a bombshell grand jury report exposed shocking COVID-19 lies and cover-ups, revealing misconduct by pharmaceutical companies, government health officials, and media figures, significantly impacting public health and trust since the pandemic began. Last Monday, a Florida grand jury’s second interim report on its investigation into possible “wrongdoing”

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Russia To Seize ‘Naughty’ Western Companies

RT reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, discussed plans to seize ‘naughty’ Western companies. Putin is hitting back in retaliation after Western governments have frozen some $300 billion in Russian central bank assets since the Ukraine war began. The Russian

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The Real Reason Companies Are Going Woke

There’s a globalist woke cabal behind the recent surge of companies producing marketing and advertising. This is the real reason companies are going awake. Have you grown exhausted by the latest marketing campaign or social media post made by a company you once thought was ideologically neutral? Honestly, I didn’t

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