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The Chief External Relations Officer of Vancity, Jonathan Fowlie, said that a Canadian bank will launch a credit card linked to carbon emissions.
According to the information in a report by the Asian human rights organisation Safeguard Defenders, China is opening police stations in Canada to serve as outposts for China's Involuntary Return policy.
The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) data for 2020 shows doctors in Canada aged 50 and under die at a rate of about 10 to 12 per year.
A sketch of a complex has revealed that Canada is planning to militarise its climate police force, and some believe these actions represent the beginnings of a pattern of attacks on farmers similar to those that sparked massive discontent in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.
The media has documented numerous instances of doctors across Canada who have had their medical licenses suspended or even terminated by the College of Physicians for speaking out against the risks associated with receiving the experimental COVID-19 injections. Now, even a vaccine-injured Canadian politician is saying that doctors are being prevented from criticizing COVID shots.
An article in The Toronto Sun has confirmed that four Toronto-area doctors have died within the first week of the fourth COVID jab rollout for unrelated reasons.
A Canadian casket maker says that the demand for child-size coffins has increased ‘dramatically’ since 2020. All casket sales have increased considerably in the previous two years, call it sorcery or the vaccine, but something has occurred that is causing an unprecedented number of deaths.
Researchers from the Universities of Toronto and Montreal in Canada have engineered a major piece of the human heart, and it beats normally.
The new Waterfront Toronto project in Toronto, dubbed Quayside 2.0, is tipped to be a bucolic retreat rather than a technological utopia, which may kill the smart city forever.
Despite evidence from places such as Sweden that have never had harsh restrictions, Canadian regions have chosen to persist in repressive and hazardous lockdowns. As a result, suicidal thoughts have almost doubled during Canada’s COVID lockdowns.