List Of Countries Where Youth Are The Most Unhappy

The World Happiness Report has ranked countries where youth are the most unhappy, with Mauritius, the USA, and Canada leading the list.

List Of Countries Where Youth Are The Most Unhappy 1

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”


It might be difficult to measure happiness because it varies depending on the location, society, and religion. However, as Pallavi Rao of Visual Capitalist notes, the World Happiness Report aims to reduce happiness to a single number of 10, after which nations are ranked according to their average score.

In this set of maps, Rao has visually represented the key conclusions from the most recent happiness report. Nonetheless, the analysis delves further into other noteworthy patterns in the data, including an increasing gap in pleasure between age groups within nations.

List Of Countries Where Youth Are The Most Unhappy 2

Visual Capitalist has ranked countries according to the largest differences in happiness between young individuals (under 30) and older adults (above 60) in the graphic above. A greater number denotes a wider disparity and shows that younger people are significantly less happy than older people.

Where are Youth Unhappier than Older Adults?

With a large 57-place difference between happiness as an older adult and as a youth, Mauritius tops this list. The island nation of 1.26 million people saw a brief period of high prosperity in 2020 before the pandemic struck hard, damaging its vital tourism industry and causing job losses.

That year saw a peak in the nation’s young unemployment rate of about 25%, but it has since started to fall. The younger generation frequently relocates overseas in quest of better prospects, just as people on many other islands with comparable populations.

List Of Countries Where Youth Are The Most Unhappy 3

According to conventional belief and facts, young individuals (those under 30) are generally the happiest group. After that, happiness declines until middle age and begins to rise at age 60. The aforementioned nations do not follow the trend, with older generations experiencing significantly greater happiness than young adults.

It’s not necessarily a terrible thing that elder generations are happiest on their own. The fact that younger folks are significantly less happy in the same nation, however, may indicate a number of particular stressors that people under 30 must deal with.

For instance, many young adults feel priced out of property ownership, which was formerly a crucial indicator of success, in the United States and Canada, both of which rank close to the top of this list.

Concerns about the future of the planet they will live on and the state of the climate are also very prevalent. Lastly, the younger generation is also being negatively impacted by ongoing economic injustices; a large number of them believe they will never be able to save enough money for retirement.

All of this is occurring concurrently with an increasing epidemic of loneliness, with 18 to 25-year-olds reporting far greater rates of loneliness than the whole population.

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