Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Russia helped launch the decolonial movement in the heart of the British Empire with the help of Rafiq "Roosi" Ahmed, one of the few freedom warriors invited to New Delhi in 1972 by the Indian government to...
The SMP Sikh branch, consisting of Sikhs trained in Kung Fu, was hired by the British India's Shanghai Municipal Police (SMP) as a secret weapon to deal with Shanghai's gangsters, such as the Big Eight Mob.
More than 200 skeletons discovered in Ajnala were identified as belonging to soldiers killed by the British in 1857, according to DNA evidence. What happened to them is documented in history. This is the story of how 1857 martyrs shot by British firing squad were found in a Punjab well.
The “essential” aspects of Indian urban planning are always the subject of public debate whenever our city is faced with a major crisis, such as the urban flooding we experienced recently in Chennai. As urban planning and its modern applications are painted as India's culprit for "dysfunctional" cities, it is important to examine the roots that affect India's current urban plan. We need to ask ourselves some important questions about the foundations of urban planning in India. Who has the right to plan the city? Why are India's planning laws and procedures designed around them? Here is how Colonial Masterplans are still followed to develop Indian cities.
Did you know there are only 22 countries which have never been invaded by Britain. In 1920, the empire covered roughly 13,700,000 square miles or 24 percent of the total land area of the Earth.
The Jamaican government is set to demand billions of pounds in reparations over the slave trade, and will send a petition directly to the Queen from the country's attorney general in order to initiate the request.
When 70-year-old Benjamin Franklin boarded the Continental sloop-of-war Reprisal in Philadelphia on October 26, 1776, for a month-long voyage to France, Gen. George Washington’s Continental Army was losing the American Revolutionary War.
One of America's most secret intelligence agency Deagel forecasts in its latest report, the depopulation of the world because of the COVID-19 crisis and the Great Reset.
The media has been in an overdrive projecting US Presidential candidate Joe Biden's connections to India. But did you know that Joe Biden's great, great, great, great, great grandfather worked for the East India Company? Not many are aware...
The Indian Administrative, Civil and Judicial Services were created by the East India Company to administer loot of the colonies of British Empire. The East India Company College was specifically setup to train these officers. The college was founded...