Antique Smuggling

Duryodhana Statue smuggler charged with trafficking artifacts

Duryodhana Statue Smuggler Charged With Trafficking Artifacts

A sandstone Duryodhana statue smuggler Douglas Latchford, a dealer in and collector of Southeast Asian antiquities who falsified documents to make looted treasures easier to sell on the art market has been charged with trafficking artifacts. Investigators have charged Douglas A. J. Latchford, a leading expert on Khmer antiquities, with

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Nita Ambani, The Met and Smuggling of Indian Antiques

Nita Ambani, The Met & Smuggling of Indian Antiques

The wife of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, also Asia’s richest businessman; Nita Ambani, has been elected to the board of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), New York for her commitment to preserve and promote India’s art and culture. The Met however, is known to be involved in smuggling

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Indian Army

Indian Army: A Fate Worse Than Death – S14

Are you aware that one of the key dimensions of the Strategic Defense Initiative required the reduction and degradation of Indian Army from a formidable and feared fighting force, capable of protecting the country from any threat, into a degenerate, fourth-grade and politicized institution? DO WE or DO WE NOT

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