Suicide Attempts Among Minors Increased Fourfold Amid Lockdown Reveals German Study

German researchers have confirmed that the number of suicide attempts increased sharply due to adverse effect of lockdown on the children’s mental health. It is the lack of in-person contact during a Covid lockdown and school closures that took a sad toll on children’s mental health.

Suicide Attempts Among Minors Increased Fourfold Amid Lockdown Reveals German Study

According to the report published in the DUP Magazin this week, up to 500 minors were hospitalized after suicide attempts in Germany between early March and late May 2021, citing a yet-unpublished study from the Essen University Hospital (UK Essen).

The data from 27 children’s intensive care units across the country were analysed by researchers. They found that reported suicide attempts among children have increased fourfold during the pandemic times.

The head of the children’s unit at UK Essen, Christian Dohna-Schwake, said that school closures and continued restrictions had been especially harmful to minors already suffering from depression or anxiety disorders.

“Social contacts outside of social media have a preventive effect” against mental problems, Dohna-Schwake said, urging that schools be kept open “as long as possible.”

However, Renate Schepker, the head of the German Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (DGKJP), told RND that until the study gets published, all its possible implications must be viewed with caution.

At the same time, Schepker agreed that lockdowns take a toll on children’s wellbeing. “They have a different sense of time and are much more dependent on developmental stimuli, such as social contacts,” she said. “It should be possible for children and adolescents to maintain contact with other children despite the lockdowns – and not just digitally.”

According to a clinical psychiatrist for children and adolescents, recent lockdown guidelines and mask regulations in the country are leading to a generation of children with lower IQs and signs of social brain damage.

According to another disturbing new study, social distancing, facemaks and other such COVID rules are responsible for causing a 23% decline in children’s cognitive abilities. The study also found a similar reduction in the development of children’s communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal.

A senior epidemiologist at AIIMS and the institute’s lead investigator on the Covaxin test for adults and children, has claimed that the decision to vaccinate children against COVID by the Govt is unscientific and stated that it wouldn’t be additionally beneficial in any aspects.

Meanwhile, a Canadian doctor who was expelled for administering ivermectin to patients suffering from COVID-19 has warned that mRNA COVID vaccines can keep creating spike proteins forever by permanently altering kids DNA.

Children are particularly prone to DNA alteration because they have higher levels of reverse transcriptase than adults, said Dr. Daniel Nagase.

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