Lockdown Policies And Mask Mandates Linked With Lower IQ And Social Brain Damage In Children

According to a clinical psychiatrist for children and adolescents, recent lockdown guidelines and mask regulations in the country are leading to a generation of children with lower IQs and signs of social brain damage.

Lockdown Policies And Mask Mandates Linked With Lower IQ And Social Brain Damage In Children

On an interview with host Cindy Drukier of “The Nation Speaks” aired on 25th of December, Dr. Mark McDonald referred to a study (read below) published on August 11 by Brown University that noted that “children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic.”

In a separate interview within the same episode, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, professor Carl Heneghan, made reference to evidence that the restrictions around the pandemic and the “fear we instill into children” has resulted in the aggravation of psychological issues.

“Eight out of 10 children and adolescents report worsening of behavior or any psychological symptoms or an increase in negative feelings due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” concluded the Oct. 2 study that Heneghan cited.

“School closures contributed to increased anxiety, loneliness and stress; negative feelings due to COVID-19 increased with the duration of school closures,” the study reports. “Deteriorating mental health was found to be worse in females and older adolescents.”

According to Heneghan, teens over the age of 12 also perform worse than children under 12 as adolescents experience increased peer and social pressures and are more aware of the news that is being broadcast around the world.

“The first thing is to deescalate any fear and anxiety around COVID for children,” Heneghan said. “For children, COVID is actually a very safe disease” and children shouldn’t be worried about the impact of COVID “on themselves or their future health.”

“Shutting areas like schools was a mistake,” because it is good to keep them open for purposes of education, “social connectedness, and well-being,” he said.

“We should really prioritize education and those interventions that are in children’s best interest,” he said.

As stated by a study on Dec. 20, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also indicate that visits related to mental health in 2020, when the restrictions brought about by the pandemic were initially imposed, saw an increment of 24% within 5-11 year-olds and 31% among 12-17 year-olds in comparison to the data published in 2019.

Using anecdotal evidence, McDonald points out that he had seen children who “refuse to make eye contact, who are wetting their pants or wetting the bed at night, cannot go to sleepovers—being away from their mother for extended periods of time.”

Young people, on the contrary, are being pushed out of lockdown restrictions by being “so wrapped up in social media and phones and Zoom school because they’ve been trained for the last year and a half, that they do not even want to go out anymore,” he said.

McDonald’s called out media companies and governments for the creation of a despicable “behavioral conditioning program,” that expose children to “irrational, ridiculous” scenarios such as having to eat outside on a day with a temperature of 40 degree Celsius, run marathons or even play sports with a mask being compulsory.

On December 27, the Biden government recommended that children who are “too young to be vaccinated” should be “surrounded by vaccinated people and mask in public indoor spaces, including schools,” according to the COVID plan that is laid out on the website of White House.

Hallucinations, anxiety, sleep disorders, psychosis, and suicide are some of the several psychiatric disorders following COVID shots that were reported in more than 100,000 cases.

Meanwhile, nerve disorder Guillain Barre Syndrome has been officially added as a side effect for the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine branded as Covishield in India.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, a shocking study revealed the terrifying dangers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines inducing prion-based disease causing your brain to degenerate progressively.

The mRNA vaccine induced prions may cause neurodegenerative diseases because long-term memories are maintained by prion-like proteins.

The study concluded that mRNA based vaccine may also cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases in the vaccine recipients.

According to a major Swedish study, spike protein induced by COVID vaccines weakens the immune system and may also lead to cancer. The study found that the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair.

Read the study below:

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  1. And some say masks don’t work. They are working. They’re contributing to a dumber, more compliant population.

    The ruling elite have reasons for their madness.

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