Small Tweak, Million Years Ago, Changed Human Brain Forever

The new findings published in the journal Science state how a small tweak a million years ago changed the human brain forever.

The human brain was different in the beginning but then a tweak in the DNA a million years ago separated us from other mammals. The tweak in the DNA is visible in the Chimpanzees even today, and a new study has revealed what happened.

Researchers from the University of California San Francisco revealed that about a million years ago large chunks of the human genome were rearranged. It was a chance event during sperm formation that led to the deletion, duplication, and even reversal of sections of DNA.

The new findings published in the journal Science state that while researchers were able to identify the change in the human genome, they are yet to understand what caused it. The tweak in the DNA further led to cascading changes across the genome that changed human features forever, especially the brain.

Researchers analysed how stretches of DNA called Human Accelerated Regions (HARs) differ between humans and chimpanzees. While it is nearly identical among all humans but differs between humans and all other mammals, most of these genomic sequences are enhancers and control and regulate brain development.

The team used machine learning, a form of Artificial Intelligence, to predict DNA folding patterns. (Photo: Getty)

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