They’re Putting ‘Wood’ In Your Chicken Nuggets

An exclusive investigation by has revealed that chicken nuggets contain various ingredients, including “wood” among others.

Fried chicken is a favorite for millions of Americans – but many of the options offered by America’s biggest fast food chains contain other unexpected ingredients. 

These restaurants will often fill their food with additives, preservative and even other proteins in order to keep costs to a minimum and give their offerings a longer shelf life. Others may use buzzwords such as ‘premium’ or ‘all-white meat’ to describe their poultry-based offerings.  

But more surprising ingredients – such as beef, seaweed and even wood pulp – can be found in the recipe for some chicken-based products at major restaurants.  

And some poultry products might also include potentially dangerous allergens such as soy.

As an exclusive investigation by shows some indulgent treats have up to 120 ingredients, it is worth being aware of what has gone into your chicken burger or nuggets. 

A box of McDonald’s McNuggets is pictured. The popular treats contain yeast, dextrose and lemon juice 

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