Goochland County Man’s Skin Peels Off After Extreme Adverse Reaction To COVID-19 Vaccine

Richard Terrell, a Goochland County man suffered a severe reaction after getting vaccinated. Doctors believe his skin peeled off as a side effect of the jab. He is a 74-year-old man and got the dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine on 6th March in Ashland and suffered severe rash over his entire body. These rashes turned his skin red.

Goochland County Man's Skin Peels Off After Extreme Adverse Reaction To COVID-19 Vaccine

He got admitted in hospital for five days. After releasing from hospital, the man shared his vaccination story. He talked to ABC 8News and told about his experience.

He says, he still feels weak and needs some time to recover. He shared that everything went good, but he started to feel symptoms four days after getting the dose of vaccine.

“It all just happened so fast. My skin peeled off,” Terrell said as he looked down. “It’s still coming off on my hands now.”

Goochland County Man's Skin Peels Off After Extreme Adverse Reaction To COVID-19 Vaccine

“I began to feel a little discomfort in my armpit and then a few days later I began to get an itchy rash, and then after that I began to swell and my skin turned red,” Terrell explained.

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He said that he had consultation with a dermatologist and had to go to an emergency room. He got admitted in hospital on 19th March.

These rashes spread over his entire body very quickly and his hands and legs were swollen and skin turned red.

“It was stinging, burning and itching,” Terrell said as he described the pain. “Whenever I bent my arms or legs, like the inside of my knee, it was very painful where the skin was swollen and was rubbing against itself.”

Goochland County Man's Skin Peels Off After Extreme Adverse Reaction To COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Nutan (one of Terrell’s doctors) says it could have been life-threatening if untreated.

“Skin is the largest organ in the body, and when it gets inflamed like his was, you can lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes,” said Dr.Nutan.

Goochland County Man's Skin Peels Off After Extreme Adverse Reaction To COVID-19 Vaccine

She said that through careful testing and process of elimination, as well as consultation with colleagues around the world, it’s been determined that the rare reaction was sparked by the vaccine.

“We ruled out all the viral infections, we ruled out COVID-19 itself, we made sure that his kidneys and liver was okay, and finally we came to the conclusion that it was the vaccine that he had received that was the cause,” said Dr. Nutan.

Dr. Nutan and her colleagues think that this severe reaction of vaccine may be due to the vaccine type and genetic make-up.

Dr. Nutan says Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA’s and Johnson & Johnson is a vector viral.

As GreatGameIndia reported earlier, doctors have warned that severe itchy rash might be a sight effect of getting the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine. Patients saw a big skin lesion at the injection site and it was about 10 centimeters in diameter.

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  1. We have a caregiver for our bedridden Mom who comes three hours a day to care for her personal needs. The caregiver is originally from Puerto Rico and she wanted to visit her Mom who remains there so the caregiver allowed herself to be vaccinated so she could get a passport. Upon given the passport, she was told that when she arrives in Puerto Rico, she will have to self quarantine for fourteen days. So, it was a waste of time to get vaccinated just to receive a passport as a quarantine would eat up her vacation time. I felt badly for her because she didn’t really want to get that vaccine in the first place. This is ALL about power and control over the people/sheeple. It is called: “Operation Lock Step” and it is being implemented around the world to remove any remaining freedoms from the people. Wake up to see and understand the days in which we live. Read aloud the KJV bible to learn the 100% truth of this fallen world.

  2. And yet we still have Dr Fauci and even Former President Trump advocating these vaccines.

    This is unprecedented and so unlawful, its right up there with Hitlers mengele experiments. Several governments are just as liable as these pharmaceuticals.


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