Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Former First Lady and two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been offered a new position at Columbia University. However, Hillary Clinton’s Columbia position is funded by Chinese oligarchs.
This week, Baker testified in great detail regarding Sussmann's alleged deception. This is how Hillary Clinton approved the Alfa Bank plot.
In a leaked US State Department cable from 2009, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that research at the Wuhan lab could lead to bio-terrorism.
The real reason why Tucker Carlson came to Russia was to challenge the established narrative, focusing on US-Russia relations. His interview with Putin aimed to introduce a different perspective, questioning assumptions and redirecting attention to critical issues.
Allegedly, Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky possessed 17 recordings implicating the Bidens in a pay-to-play scandal. The allegation suggests that the Bidens coerced Burisma into paying $10 million in bribes.
Vish Burra has made a name for himself in the political world as a provocateur and enabler of controversy. His association with scandal-ridden Congressman George Santos (R-NY) has put him in the spotlight as a key player in the establishment of the new right, a movement that rose to prominence around former President Trump. Meet Vish Burra, the man behind George Santos.
Ambitious media frauds Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair crippled the reputations of the New Republic and New York Times, respectively, by slipping years of invented news stories into their pages. Thanks to the Twitter Files, we can welcome a new member to their infamous club: Hamilton 68.
According to the NY Post, SBF was able to defraud investors thanks to its strong ties to the Clintons, which was how Bill Clinton was involved in the FTX scandal.
Over the last few years, there has been much written about the destruction of American democracy. Frequently the threat has been of alleged interference in U.S. elections by Russia, China or other state actors. Government agencies, the name of election integrity, were assigned to identify and disrupt these foreign intrusions. As more and more information is revealed about these agencies, it seems that America's Intelligence Community participated in these activities domestically, and in a way that poses a grave threat to both election integrity and American democracy.
The discovery of classified documents in Joe Biden's office raises questions about their whereabouts and handling over the past five years. Robert Hur has been appointed as the special counsel to investigate Biden’s classified documents scandal.