Here’s The Real Reason Why Tucker Carlson Came To Russia

The real reason why Tucker Carlson came to Russia was to challenge the established narrative, focusing on US-Russia relations. His interview with Putin aimed to introduce a different perspective, questioning assumptions and redirecting attention to critical issues.

Here’s The Real Reason Why Tucker Carlson Came To Russia 1

Russia was charged with meddling in US electoral processes a few years ago. Currently, the reverse has occurred. President Vladimir Putin is the Russian factor that US internal politics are bringing into their election process.

Politically aligned journalist Tucker Carlson is a man with strong ideological convictions. He instilled a strong sense of internal American conflict in Moscow.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin in Russia, and the interview is available for viewing at, focusing on the conflict in Ukraine.

Although it’s unlikely that Carlson was personally interested in learning a lot of previously undiscovered facts about Russia’s situation, learning or expanding one’s horizons wasn’t the aim. Putin’s interview posed a challenge to his nation’s establishment.

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Here’s The Real Reason Why Tucker Carlson Came To Russia 2
Russian President Vladimir Putin listens to a question during an interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. ©  Sputnik / Gavriil Grigorov

The goal was to undermine the widely accepted narrative, which is backed by the media so that a different perspective might take its place.

It doesn’t matter exactly what Putin was talking about. Because of his notoriety, Carlson can use the Russian president as a formidable batsman. It is assumed that he will lead the rest of the agenda into the area they are attempting to open up, even though voters place far more importance on it than on Russia and Ukraine.

The objective is to look where they (the swamp in Washington) have brought Russia.

Whether it is beneficial to Russia or not is up for debate. Participating in the arguments of others might have several negative effects. and not necessarily the ones that seem likely.

To the best of our knowledge, the Russian leadership has no desire or purpose to change the face of America. Here, its objectives are primarily to influence a certain problem.

The logical option is to add to their arguments in the hopes that these same opponents will dig further into their issues, as the Kremlin cannot, no matter how many compelling arguments are made, convince their official counterparts across the ocean.

The world’s intense focus on this interview, however, demonstrates that it has flaws and that the other side is aware of them.

It will become clearer later on who proves to be a useful idiot—that’s what Hillary Clinton has called Carlson.

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