Hillary Clinton’s Columbia Position Funded By Chinese Oligarchs

Former First Lady and two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been offered a new position at Columbia University. However, Hillary Clinton’s Columbia position is funded by Chinese oligarchs.

Hillary Clinton’s Columbia Position Funded By Chinese Oligarchs

After facing difficulties in securing a consistent source of income to provide for her family, Hillary Rodham Clinton has finally been offered a position at Columbia University.

The ex-first lady, who lost twice in her bid for the presidency, will be taking on the role of “professor of practice” at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs and a “presidential fellow” at Columbia World Projects. The University will probably take precautions to ensure that their assets are protected, given Hillary’s history of “practice”.

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Hillary personally for three decades,” President Lee C. Bolling, who holds the job title that she was denied, announced. He gushed over “her extraordinary talents and capacities together with her singular life experiences”.

Bollinger has a history of introducing controversial figures in politics, as evidenced by his previous introduction of Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia University.

The new position is a positive development for Hillary, as it will enable her to financially support her daughter Chelsea, who has been facing financial difficulties despite being married to a hedge fund executive. Additionally, it will allow her to avoid any further involvement in the controversial practice of accepting money from foreigners in exchange for access to the political system.

Oh, hold on a second.

The funding for Columbia World Projects comes from a range of donors, including an individual named Abdulrahman R. Al-Rashed. It is uncertain if this individual is the former head of Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya or a member of the Al-Rashed group, a major Saudi conglomerate, or another notable person from Saudi Arabia.

Hopefully, Hillary recognizes which Saudi she is jumping into bed with, but when you have been around and in as many Saudis as she has, it can be difficult to tell the burnooses apart.

The Mikati Foundation is among the donors, which is likely to be led by Najib Mikati and Taha Mikati, two Lebanese billionaire brothers, one of whom holds the position of prime minister of Lebanon with support from Hezbollah.

Hezbollah, a Shiite Islamic terror organization that has killed Americans, reports to Iran.

Even if that were an issue, it would not be a concern for Hillary Clinton, who has always been extremely loyal to her country, just as her husband has been to her and the country. Before creating the Russiagate controversy, Bill Clinton had a close relationship with Vladimir Putin and even received a $500,000 check from him while in Russia.

Other donors include George Jiang, it is unclear which specific individual this refers to, but one notable possibility is the man behind the Golden China Fund, who runs Greenwoods Asset Management, a firm based in China.

The girl can be removed from the State Department, but not the foreign affairs.

Bruno Z. Wu, another donor, is a Chinese billionaire who leads Sun Seven Stars Media Group, one of the most significant conglomerates in China. Robert Ng, a Hong Kong-based real-estate billionaire, has publicly supported China’s takeover and has stated that the suppression of democracy “enhances the one country, two systems principle and adds greater stability and prosperity to the livelihood of H.K. people.”

Another donor on the list is Mark E. Kingdon, a hedge fund manager, whose wife, Anla Cheng, a partner at Sino-Century, a large Chinese equity fund, established SupChina (later renamed the China Project). It has been alleged by a former employee that SupChina is a front for the Chinese Communist regime, and there have been calls for an investigation by members of Congress.

The China Project has been linked to regime influence organizations such as the Confucius Institute.

And, by extension, Hillary Clinton, it appears.

These donations might be problematic for most politicians, but Hillary Clinton has long since lost any sense of embarrassment. This likely occurred around the time she began to frequently make false statements and protect her husband from accusations of sexual misconduct. After defending a rapist of a 12-year-old girl by insulting the victim, she appears to have lost any sense of morality. In preparation for her presidential campaign, the Clintons and their foundation accepted money from various wealthy individuals and countries, regardless of their actions.

Before Hillary, Columbia World Projects hosted the Obama Foundation Scholars. The CWP is simply collecting previous presidents and aspiring presidents who are lefties and giving them a good home. The Biden Mausoleum on the Upper West Side, where the serial liar will lie in state like Lenin, will be a true monument.

Hillary Clinton, like other socialists, has not had a novel thought since the nineteenth century. Foreign money appears to be the same old notion. It is unclear whether the aforementioned funders would directly fund her planned academic career of educating aspiring foreign policy professionals how to kill Americans and then blame it on a YouTube video. However, they appear to be funding Columbia World Projects, which is promoting Hillary.

Hillary has ran out of things to do on her Chappaqua Elba other than take lengthy walks in the woods while sipping chardonnay and lamenting upstate New York’s unfeeling heavens.

Hillary Clinton’s writing career started with several autobiographical books and has now led to “State of Terror,” a novel that features a fictionalized version of herself battling terrorism. (It is easy to identify it as fiction as she is depicted as fighting terrorism.) You can currently purchase a used copy on eBay for a low price of $1.79 (plus shipping) with stains on the cover.

However, this is not an issue for Clinton as she has never been viewed as “acceptable” in the public eye.

In a leaked US State Department cable from 2009, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that research at the Wuhan lab could lead to bio-terrorism.

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