History Of Narco-Terrorism In India

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According to the ideas of our missionary maniacs, the Chinaman must be converted, even if it takes the whole military and naval forces of the two greatest nations of the world to do it. Dalrymple, Louis, 1866-1905, artist.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: भारत में नारको-आतंकवाद का इतिहास

This extensively researched report covers the following subjects:

1 The Beginning of the Drug Narcotics Trade

The more than 200 year history of the first ever organized drug running syndicate – the British Empire and its operations in India; never taught in Indian textbooks.

2 Why Bengal was occupied by the British East India Companies only in 1750s?

Why was Bengal occupied so late in the 1750s and not immediately after the discovery of the sea-route to India; unlike the African slave colonies occupied just in the matter of months?

3 The roots of Chinese distaste to India

The method adopted by the British for disrupting the Chinese society was to drug the youth of China with opium grown on Indian soil. How far ingrained is this fact in the Chinese psyche today and what are its repercussions to India?

4 Government sponsored Drug Narcotics business

How much of this drugs and narcotics business is regulated, governed and sponsored by different governments and to what purpose?

5 American destruction and Chinese wealth

The controlling families of the East India Companies became filthy rich by looting Chinese wealth after defeating China in the Opium Wars. This ill-gotten wealth was used to gain control again over their most precious lost colony – the Americas. What are the implications of this past dark deed to the American society today?

6 Post World War Scenario

As the world wide threat of wars receded and with the advent of Nuclear Weapons, major geopolitical players shifted towards unconventional warfare or Asymmetric Warfare to control their erstwhile colonies. To what extent and how exactly does the drug-narcotics business play a role in this proxy warfare?

7 Narcotics Drugs Terrorism in India today

With cities around the country and even entire states like Goa and Punjab having succumbed to the drug menace and with related terror incidents like the Gurdaspur and Pathankot attacks what exactly is the real picture of the drugs-narcotics problem in India? Who controls this trade? Are there other terror incidents as well related to narcotics-drugs terrorism? How many individuals have died exposing this syndicate and what is the way forward?

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