Charlie Hebdo, The House Of Rothschild & India’s Independence

Charlie Hebdo Illuminati Rothschild India Freemason GreatGameIndia Independence East Company British Intelligence Five EyesThursday, 7th January 2016 marked the one year anniversary of the attacks on French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. For the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the magazine launched a special edition with a rather symbolic cover. It depicts a terrorist, wearing a bloody robe with a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder under the title “1 an après, l’assassin court toujours” which means “1 year later, the assassin is still on the run”. Above the terrorist is the symbol of the All Seeing Eye inside a triangle(possibly implying the one who controls the terrorist). As you might know, it is also the favorite symbol of a shadowy group of occult elite believed to be derived from the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus.

As explained in our previous article Digital India In The Age Of Information Warfare the ‘all seeing eye’ shown atop an unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States of America indicates the influence of Freemasonry (or Illuminati; a secret society) in the founding of the USA. Apart from the US one dollar bill, the world’s most widely circulated banknote it is increasingly seen in movies, on television and other media. It is widely regarded by many as a symbol of ruthless control and domination by a shadowy elite. (Who exactly these shadowy elites are is the question we will come to in the later half of this article.)

Knowing this fact, the cover basically says that “1 year later, the real assassins are still free: the occult elite”. However, that is not the only crime that they are free of.

What is not known to most Indians even after more than six decades of Independence is that it is this very same shadowy group; the House of Rothschild’s being the most prominent one that owned the East India Company that ruthlessly exploited and ruled over India creating non-existing fissures in the Indian society with their social engineering strategy of Divide & Rule. It was the gathering of information by the intelligence officers of the EIC for this purpose that laid the foundation of the now hi-tech modern surveillance program comprising of 5 countries namely Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the Unites States known as The Five Eyes or Project Echelon; a small part of which was exposed by Edward Snowden.

After the revelations by Edward Snowden the resulting investigation found that USA itself was under surveillance attack by the Israeli companies and by learning from their mistakes they took steps to strengthen their security laws thereby reviewing those company contracts. Ironically, these same Israeli companies under investigations by the US agencies are being welcomed with open arms by the Indian government.

Recently an investigation undertaken by the Outlook magazine showed how India’s vital institutions are leaking secrets in realtime to other countries and vested interests. Researchers cracked open over 300,000 WiFi routers in Delhi and found 95% of them unsafe. At the end of Operation Sarkar as they informally called it, the hackers had managed to “test-scan penetrate” over three lakh routers in the heart of the capital and expose India’s best-kept secret: that 95 per cent of them, in such critical departments as defence, finance, space and communications, were leaking and being exploited by rogue entities based in China, Ukraine, Malaysia and elsewhere.

Below are some of the key establishments in New Delhi whose leaky routers hackers have plugged into-and the location of the rouge servers:

Defence Research and Development Organisation, Timarpur – Germany

Indian Coast Guard, Purana Qila – Manchester, United States

Directorate of Customs, IP Estate – Netherlands

Air Force  Station, Race Course Road – Denever, United States

Narcotics Control Bureau, R.K. Puram – United States

Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Dhaula Kuan – Netherlands

CBI, New CBI HQs, CGO Complex – Providence, United States

NTPC, SCOPE Complex – United States

Chief of Naval Staff, C-Wing, Sena Bhavan – Lithuania

Air Force Communication Centre, Bayu Bhavan – Denever, US

Chief of Naval Staff, South Black, United States

Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Jhandewalan – United States

Indian Airlines, Safdarjung Airport – Germany

Tihar Jail Court Complex, Lakwanti Garden – United States

When even our own defense, security and scientific establishment are not safe from this massive surveillance dragnet, what can we say about the common man. Even in the recent debate about Facebook’s Free Basics and Net Neutrality it was sad to observe that none in the mainstream or even the alternate media raised the concern of how programs such as Free Basics could be a threat to India’s national security. This shows the level of intellectual decline we Indians have been brought to. When we don’t even understand the problems staring us right in our faces, how are we to solve the ones that take shape in the hidden world of the shadowy elite?

What does the fact that even after more than six decades of Independence more than 90% of the Indian population don’t know anything about the owners of the East India Company or even the House of Rothschild say about the state of our Independence? Are we a really an independent country? Most of our readers were aghast when we raised this question in August last year. If you still doubt that try answering the below questions we raised in our East India Company Series.

Who were the 40 persons who owned the East India Company (considering you know they were 40)? Why did the British Government pledge its soldiers for this company for 400 years conquering every land this company touched? Where did the money they made in the company go – to the British Government or to the owners? How much money they made? What are the commodities these traders traded? Why after 275 years after its inception when this British East India Company was dissolved, all properties were absorbed by Lloyds (a behemoth of Shipping Insurance under writing and investment Bank) which is a subsidiary of N.M. Rothschild & Co? Though after Mrs. Victoria proclaimed India as part of British Empire why the Indian affairs were run by the Privy Council, and Chancellor Exchequer of the British Treasury who happened to be all the time the Chairman of the Bank of England, another Family bank of the House of Rothschild? And finally how Sir Stafford Cripps, another Chancellor Exchequer and Bank of England Chairman, and a representative of EICs in 1946 decided that India had to be given Independence; as one of the reasons put forwarded by him for the cause of independence was “the revenue from India was not enough to cover the expenses of running India”?

Soon Indians would be gripped with the fever of nationalism with the 26th January approaching in just about two week. We suggest you try answering atleast two of the above questions before the fever subsides.

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