Normalizing Sex As Entertainment

According to a hypothesis, the core of this involves the rise of a new international caste consisting of large numbers of hyper-wealthy nouveau riche, or “new wealth,” which is normalizing sex as entertainment.

We woke up early with the cell phone nagging us, because we needed to get on the road to Northern Virginia so that we could attend the Council for National Policy meeting today through Saturday.

Sitting down together after feeding the dogs with the all-important shared first cup of coffee of the morning, we began our usual AM discussion about current events and the days tasks.

Jill’s recent essay concerning the pornographic “art” exhibit at the European Parliament continues to nag at the back of my mind. Yet another example of the apparent global campaign to normalize a wide range of what were previously generally considered to be sexual taboos. To generate outrage over the various policy positions which are being pushed down into elementary and pre-schools, and enforced by the likes of Blackrock/State Street/Vanguard, WEF et al. via policies known by the acronyms “ESG” and “DEI” is possible because examples, such as the trans-porn hanging in the EU Parliament, are so in your face against all principles of normal decency.

Easy to generate outrage. Hard to discern why and how these policies are being promoted and deployed/implemented globally.

Turning these questions over in my mind as the caffeine started to sink in, I pondered the parallels between what has happened during the COVID crisis and the propaganda, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and censorship (PsyWar) being deployed in promoting medical/surgical transgender ideology/advocacy, pedophilia, and other related sexual behaviors which were previously considered to be cultural taboos.

In both cases (the COVIDcrisis and these previously taboo sexual-behavior and sexual-cultural activity agendas) are being globally advanced, seemingly as a synchronized, harmonized propaganda or PsyOps campaign. So what is going on here?

Many hypotheses or conspiracy theories (depending on where you stand on this spectrum) have been advanced to explain these observations, these striking parallels. I am familiar with most- and many are covered in the book titled “Lies my Gov’t told me, and the better future coming”. Many of these “theories of the case” involve some surreptitious coordinated campaign to advance some shared agenda which usually center around some version of power and/or money.

But it is really hard for me to see how pushing these efforts to overthrow traditional sexual taboos makes sense as a way to advance money/power agendas. In some cases (for example hospitals, clinics, physicians and other medical care providers), it is easy to understand the profit motive associated with medical/surgical “transitioning” of those diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” (ergo “gender transition care”). But is this profit opportunity sufficient to explain the harmonized and synchronized global campaigns?

As Jill and I discussed current hypotheses, an alternative explanation emerged.

The core of this involves the rise of a new international caste of large numbers of hyper wealthy nouveau riche or “new wealth”. Many members of this new transnational caste have more in common with each other than with the rest of humanity. I have occasionally had contact with members of this caste, and my impression has been that many of these truly live in a separate reality, one that (as a former carpenter and farm hand) it is hard for me to fathom. These people live in a world where any and every whim that they may have can be realized on almost a moments notice. And many become novelty addicts, constantly seeking new experiences.

There is a long and rich history of idle elites entertaining themselves by seeking increasingly aberrant sexual pleasure and stimulation, speaking in terms of norms concerning the underlying cultures within which they exist. History is replete with stories of Kings, Princes, Queens and Princesses who succumb to a quest for ever escalating novel sexual experiences. But now we have a newly created large global elite who have the idle time and resources once reserved only for royalty.

In Adidas’s new line, “Let Love Be Your Legacy,” created by South African designer Rich Mnisi and released for “Pride 2023,” the clothing is modeled by a man.

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  1. If you look at the numbers of pedophiles in the government, police departments, the elitist cabal, and all the alphabet agencies, you’d know why they are trying to normalize previous taboos. They are also introducing sexuality to young children via Tranny shows in schools and in so-called “:art.” De-sensitiving kids at a young age blurs their view of what is right or wrong when they are approached by people wanting to victimize them later! We need to shield and protect the children from these people!

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  4. This is all about wealth giving absolute power to do as you please. It is how the super-rich attempt to justify themselves to themselves. If you have enough money, you can do and be anything you like. You can be above the law, above what Nietzsche called ‘slave morality’, and the whole world exists only to serve your every whim. It is a philosophy of complete narcissism and psychopathy. Everyone and everything exists only as a ‘resource’ for you to exploit. ‘Success’ in life is establishing complete personal control over everyone and everything – it’s where the survival of the fittest means the survival of the most ruthless and self-centred. And technology has been developed primarily as an instrument of power, a weapon in that battle against the world. As technology has advanced and enabled more and more power to be concentrated into fewer and fewer hands it has become an addiction to them. The “4th Industrial Revolution” is about controlling our biology with their technology – and that technology is digital, biochemical, and above all, psychological. We are all being subjected to what NATO calls ‘cognitive warfare’. It is aimed at making us confused, afraid, and completely dependent, and giving them the power to colonise our very bodies and minds.
    The philosophy can be traced back at least as far as the 18th c when Bernard Mandeville scandalised polite society with his ‘Fable of the Bees’. Modern economics is built on the ideas he presented there. It is the basis of totalitarianism – whether supposedly on the ‘right’ (fascism, ‘philanthropic dictatorship’ eg, the World Economic Forum); or the ‘left’ (at the end of Animal Farm, the pigs rule but supposedly in the ‘public interest’, it’s all the same thing underneath.
    When one person ‘wins’ a game of Monopoly, everyone actually loses, because the winner’s money and property is worthless when the game is over. So it will be with the super rich. Their philosophy cannot cope with co-operation, even amongst themselves. Klaus Schwab’s idea for the super rich to come together and form a world dictatorship, to ‘make the world a better place’ for themselves, is already unravelling. The US is so angry at the failure of its ‘unipolar’ world that it now threatens the entire planet with nuclear war. But it’s own oligarchs, Musk (‘we’ll coup who we please’ ) , Soros (“I am basically there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do”), Gates (“Not missiles, but microbes”) cannot help but fight each other.
    It’s worth noticing that a favourite direction for vulture capitalists to send their philanthropy is the so-called “LGBTQi+ community”. Some of them really believe in transhumanism, that thy can transform themselves into augmented beings, a sort of ‘master race’. Some of them want to turn ordinary humans into semi-robotic slaves who will work for nothing until we drop dead – rather like concentration camp inmates. Others don’t really care but are happy to stir people up and make them hostile to each other, playing both sides to divide and rule. There is no such thing as a LGBTQi+ community. LGB people are in fact most likely to be the victims of ‘Trans’ abuse. Sexual orientation is biological, like gender. To claim these things are matters of personal assertion or ‘assignment’ by authority is to de-humanise us all. It is all about destroying us as living beings. It is based on nihilism – a belief that the world is meaningless. It’s a philosophy of utter despair which will destroy those with the most to lose as surely as it will the rest of us.

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