No Such Thing As Flurona Virus Says Professor Of Health Policy At London School Of Economics

Leading experts on the field of the pandemic study, such as Elias Mossialos (Professor of Health Policy at the London School of Economics) and Athanassios Dimopoulos (rector of the University of Athens), affirmed that there was absolutely no flurona virus and the existence of such a thing was being blown out of proportions while it being merely a combination of the flu and corona viruses.

No Such Thing As Flurona Virus Says Professor Of Health Policy At London School Of Economics

According to Elias Mossialos, Professor of Health Policy at the London School of Economics, there really is no such thing as a “new virus” termed Flurona (a combination of Flu + Corona) and that there is no need to be concerned. Reports the news outlet

“It is not a new virus, but simultaneous infections from the coronavirus and the flu virus. It happened to a pregnant woman in Israel, but it is likely we will see several such cases in many countries,” Mossialos remarked on his Facebook page earlier Sunday in reference to press reports.

“So, vaccination with the flu vaccine is necessary, especially for our vulnerable compatriots. That’s what health authorities around the world emphasize,” Mossialos added.

Concerns have also been raised concerning “Delmicron,” which is a concurrent infection with both the Delta and Omicron versions of the coronavirus, rather than a new virus. Professor Athanassios Dimopoulos, rector of the University of Athens, noted that it is something that needed to be observed.

Even the mystery of the origin of omicron strain of COVID-19 is raising new questions about the still undetermined origin of the coronavirus outbreak and whether it leaked from a Chinese research laboratory in Wuhan in 2019.

Around the same time, Israel’s Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash indicated that a surge in Omicron variant infections might also contribute to herd immunity in Israel.

One of the most vaccinated nation Israel may switch to the policy of herd immunity to be achieved through mass infection as the vaccines have failed to curb the rising cases of COVID-19 Omicron variant.

Not many are aware that the Big Tech, Big Government, Big Pharma censorship of the truth about COVID-19 is actively coordinated by NATO’s war propaganda arm, the Atlantic Council which has pulled over the COVID-19 Matrix on the world.

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  1. Will SOMEONE PLEASE get the VIRUS components of the Supposid-Covid “virus?” DHHS has confirmed repeatedly, via FOIA, “There is NO Covid Virus, and there have been NO virus isolates of such.” WHY do these writers continue to ignore this? Have these writers to get the information via FOIA, PLEASE! First things FIRST! GET THE TRUTH! Thanks.

  2. I agree 100% with Lenda Kay Holland. It seems the GGI authors are going to insist on continuing with their virus-is-real stories, despite all the evidence that it’s never been isolated [purified] or proven contagious.

    Please GGI, would you at least address the controversy? If you don’t have time to research the topic, e.g. books “The Contagion Myth”, “What Really Makes You Ill”, and “Virus Mania”, then here’s an easy alternative.

    Download Dr. Cowan’s 45-page ebook “Breaking the Spell: The Scientific Evidence for Breaking the COVID Delusion”. Tell us how and why Dr. Cowan is incorrect, and show us the evidence of how infectious viruses do in fact exist as contagions.

    Thank you.

  3. Biological organisms like bacteria are living but never has a virus been considered to be alive. Are viruses actually real – given has anyone actually physically isolated any of them to prove it?

    It seems not, because polio isn’t a virus, small pox wasn’t either. Is it not possible, that the real reason individuals get sick, isn’t for something like germs but rather in that, when your environment is altered it then supports the conditions for germs to thrive.

    Meaning, if we follow the laws of nature, god, the universe, we would observe how any shift away from say a homeostasis equilibrium (balance) is what promotes a disease condition in the first place. Evidence for this is everywhere, our own bodies apply a layer system of immunity. The skin is a barrier, the mucus membranes is another. In every living thing it is design to maintain it’s environment. Any change to the environment creates a different condition for existence. If any individual changes their pH level, either way to more acid or alkaline death results.

    It’s the same with oxygen, too little or too much results in death. The same for water, too much or too little you die. Everything is a balance to exist. So if you inject bad things into your body (environment) like graphene hydroxide, PEG, pathogenic proteins, etcetera how is this going to make you healthy? It’s like metal, your adding oxygen and salt to iron, thinking it won’t rust for it. What is your definition for how a disease condition exist? What does “dis-ease” condition mean to you?

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