NASA To Study Sex In Space, Says Its Crucial To Life On Mars

Many scientists are urging NASA to conduct sex studies in space as humanity embarks for off-world colonies on the moon and Mars in the decades ahead.

NASA To Study Sex In Space, Says Its Crucial To Life On Mars

A study paper titled “The Case for Space Sexology” was recently issued by a group of Canadian researchers. They urged that the space agency should investigate whether people can reproduce effectively in space.

“No research has explored intimate relationships, nor the human experience of sexual functions and wellbeing, in space or space analogs, or how any of this can affect crew performance,” Simon Dubé, a psychologist from Concordia University, told Mic.

Deep space exploration and Mars colonization, as Elon Musk aims to do by 2050, should entail a thorough discussion of sex in space. Because astronauts would have to go to Mars for seven months, the research must address love, sex, and intimate relationships, as well as the effects on human life in zero gravity.

The consequences of microgravity on the human body have already been widely researched for years, but sex has been disregarded.

“We are primarily concerned with ensuring crew members’ health and safety in space for long periods of time,” a NASA representative told Mic. 

“Should a future need for more in-depth study on reproductive health in space be identified, NASA would take the appropriate steps.” But, they added, “we are not currently seeking proposals or considering a dedicated field or project office on this topic.”

According to physicist and astronomer John Millis, Ph.D., a male erection would be “challenging in space, though it could still technically be possible, adding similar issues might affect female astronauts.”

“Vaginal wetness could be an issue as the fluid-like sweat and tears – will tend to pool at the location of secretion in the absence of gravity. This wouldn’t inhibit arousal necessarily, but I imagine it would be uncomfortable or unpleasant,” Millis added.

With the formation of private space firms such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, the space agency may find it simpler than ever before to explore sex in space. On Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spacecraft, even a ‘quickie’ may be studied.

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