Scientists Want To Shoot Sperm Into Space In A Moon Ark To Save Earth

Researchers at the University of Arizona are planning to work on a futuristic concept and build Noah’s Ark like complex on the moon called Moon Ark to store the sperms and seeds on the moon.

Scientists Want To Shoot Sperm Into Space In A Moon Ark To Save Earth

As per the concept, the Ark would be equipped with robots and these robots will be powered by the sun. Also these robots will be loaded with eggs, spores, sperms and seeds from almost 6.7 million species on Earth and all these will be transported to the moon.

Researchers say such an ark would be a “modern global insurance policy” and a good investment in our future, especially since the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway is already seeing some wear and tear from climate change. The facility houses a catalogue of seeds from around the world, but does not include human or animal samples.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway
Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

The concept of Moon-Ark was presented in a 20 minutes presentation by the lead engineer Jekan Thanga. It was presented to the experts from NASA at the IEEE Aerospace Conference held earlier this month.

According to Thanga, the moon is a very suitable place for such a fully automated arc because the weather on the moon is not as much fluctuating and it’s comparatively cold and dense enough to repel the solar radiation. If we hide things below its surface they will be safe. We can stock samples in cryogenically frozen capsules in order to preserve them.

Including the way the Earth’s climate is changing and the potential for a nuclear war, Thanga recited a few other ways that could easily make life on earth worse.

“Earth is naturally a volatile environment,” Thanga said in a news release from the university. “Because human civilization has such a large footprint, if it were to collapse, that could have a negative cascading effect on the rest of the planet.”

“It’s not crazy big,” Thanga said of the project. “We were a little bit surprised about that.”

Thanga does not deny the fact that we may have to send humans to the moon for construction work. With the reference to NASA’s program to send humans back to the moon in 2024 as a part of Artemis program, Thanga said that it could lay a foundation stone for his Ark project that is way down the road right now.

According to the initial research the facility could be built in empty Lava tubes and underground pits. It can be powered using the solar panels on the moon’s surface and to keep the samples cryogenically frozen magnets can be very useful.

Also robots can be used to maintain the facility. The cold temperature of the moon will help the samples stay stable but at the same time we will have to build and design gadgets that work at low temperatures.

The Moon Ark is simply a proposal at this point, and there are no plans to actually start building it.

Meanwhile, a Japanese e-commerce billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, 45, has booked a private flight to the Moon and bought all the seats. He is willing to bring 8 companions for a free ride on SpaceX rocket to the Moon in 2023. He will pay for the entire journey and you can apply for it.

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