Mind Control Through Television Series Part I

How Multinational Corporations for their vested interests hypnotize you and your children through psychological warfare right at your home

Every morning and evening, millions of unsuspecting parents allow their children to witness gunfights, violent chase, murder, beatings and other forms of violence. What is the reason so many parents subject their children to such violent images? They are contained within the cartoons. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Even before the television made its debut in India, in 1952 US Congress created a congressional committee on violence in media and how it affects daily lives of millions especially children. From then on the parent groups, police officials, psychologists, doctors, behavioral therapy researchers and media barons were engaged in a mother of all battles over media violence and its elimination from civil society.

Given the spate of hundreds of channels and the violent content they telecast during the past 10 years in India, it is imperative now to bring an order to this seamless and meaningless violent content in media. In India where any regulation is no regulation, enforcement of laws is barely on the fringe due to lack of Human Resources (HR) and Political Interference (PI). Moreover the close relation between few media barons and politicians make it virtually impossible to formulate any change based on facts.

This presentation is the study of the steps taken by western countries where the problem of media violence took alarming proportions, over burdening the already thinly stretched law enforcement forces. Our effort is in the direction where our wisdom lies in learning from the mistakes of others and in not reinventing the wheel. We need to move in a proactive manner formulating a reactive strategy and solution. Any organization can be in reactive mode but not law enforcement, especially the community policing groups. It is an educational manual providing a foundation for further work in the right direction of making society more civilized.


Today, Entertainment Violence is sold to children with sugarcoated words such as “cool and fun.” To keep the young consumers hooked to multimedia, violence is thrust on young minds, exposing them to negative knowledge and health risks.

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Do we even know how this affects our children? The extent of destructive impact that the violent content in multimedia has or will have on our children is not known. The damage could be much deeper and darker than we parents imagine; not only for families but for societies at large too. During the last 50 years, there have been persistent efforts by the best research/medical minds in more than 1,000 studies by voluntary organizations and government advocating the adverse effects of Entertainment Violence on children. Surprisingly the first U.S. Congressional hearing was held during 1952, when in India the term television was nonexistent.

Although the above efforts have helped us to understand the issue, it has not helped generate enough awareness among parents to make them check the accelerated growth of Entertainment Violence in multimedia targeted at children, over the years. Are Indian parents concerned about this? Is this an emergency call? Being working parents like most of you, we share your thoughts regarding the need to correct the current multimedia practice of targeting children with violent content. This GreatGameIndia research series is a step in that direction.

Parents are busy people who typically have too much on their plate. But, are we too busy to ignore the fact that our children have begun associating horrifying violence with pleasure and excitement? Are we too busy to ignore someone physically or mentally hurting our children? Are we too busy not to help them, when they are under a bad social, moral and ethical influence? Are we too busy in ignoring the mounting scientific facts regarding the addiction and adverse effects of television compiled by many experts in all western countries? Are we too busy in making our children to become mentally handicap and fodder for multinational greed? Are we so busy to turn away from our children becoming soft anti-social elements and overburden already burdened police forces and then blame police for every menace?

As long as our children are dependent on us, we have the responsibility to help them with issues they cannot manage. Today, our children have reached a stage where, even though they think they can, they are not in a position to handle the media onslaught of manufactured horror, nor are they able to decipher that the daily dosage of violence handed down to them is done with the sole purpose of generating revenue and profits.

Science brings the truth out Behavior Conditioning to Mind Control

According to Advertising Age magazine 75% of the commercial network time is paid by 100 large corporations in United States of America. Out of $100 billion annual advertising industry expenditure (which is more than the money spend by the US Government on the secondary education, and more than 150 different countries total annual GDP) $75 billion is paid by these 100 corporations. These 100 corporations can be divided into 10 product segments like automotive, banking, oil industry, aviation, communications etc and each of these segment is controlled by a hand full of families not exceeding ten. There are 4,50,000 corporations in United States of America but only 100 corporations belonging to these 10 industrial houses decide as to what appears on television. If one produces a television program to broadcast one has to get the financial backing from the television stations. This means his program has to be approved either directly or indirectly by the corporations that provide funding for production and broadcasting of these television stations (in Indian context, the media silence on the certain issues of corruption and scandals). This funding approval procedure in turn results in effective censorship of any negative image programming about these corporations.

Another reason why only huge corporations dominate the television industry is its affordability. In US half minute prime time advertising costs anywhere between $200,000-$300,000. If a small company wants to add 4 advertising slots of its product per month it needs to spend $1.2 million dollars on advertising per month. Annual advertising budget on television alone will cost close to $14.4 million dollars. If television advertising budget is around 5% of the total sales forecast then the sales for such company should be around $280 million U.S. dollars. This means very few companies could afford such budgets effectively eliminating all medium and small players from the field.

That is why even in India, only few companies are forefront in the field of television advertising. Like in America in India too these are oil companies, information technology companies, fast food companies, cloth makers, car manufacturers and soft drink companies. When they are spending so much money on advertising don’t you think they expect some return?

Any person if on average watches 5 hours of television per day then he will be bombarded with 21,000 commercials per year, each prompting him to buy something from the sponsors. This message for buying is forcibly placed into his mind where it is retained by his subconscious and then brought into action, which translates in to money for the MNCs. If the same person in that 5 hours of television watching, views family break-up, divorce, immoral, unethical behavior, violence for a whole year, his behavior is altered towards the message projected by television. It is this behavioral altering effect of television that was carefully studied by researchers who concluded that more than two hours of television watching is similar to drug addiction like alcohol or cigarette smoking or mild opium.

Scientific Basis for Mind Control by Television

This addictive television viewing experience or internet viewing experience is the most beneficial to the large corporations, governments and organized religions which spend billions on television messages as it changes the human decision making process passively. According to scientists it induces hypnosis and passive learning.


Report by Shri Kidambi with GGI Editorial Team

GreatGameIndia Magazine Oct-Dec 2015 Vol01 Issue02


  1. Really this shock of my life. These negative things are happening & we are passively forced to accept it & BE PART OF IT. Surely there has to be a way to stop this. Good job guys.

    • Thanks for reading Punit. We always have the choice to change. And to gain knowledge of what we dont know is the first step towards it.

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