Men With Higher Libido Are 69% Less Likely To Die Young

According to Dr. Kaori Sakurada from Yamagata University, men with higher libido are 69% less likely to die young than their peers.

Men with a high sex drive live longer than their peers, a study suggests. 

Japanese researchers surveyed and looked at health data for 8,500 men – who were mostly in their 60s – over seven years.

Those who said they were interested in sex at the start of the study had a 69 percent lower risk of dying from any cause by the end of the research.  

Researchers believe a low sex drive is a sign of poor health overall – such as bad diet, obesity or other chronic diseases.

A healthy sex life has long been linked to positive mental and physical health – with experts recommending couples make love at least once or twice a week.

Japanese researchers tracked 21,000 people — including 8,500 men — mostly in their 60s over seven years (stock image)

Dr Kaori Sakurada, a medical expert at Yamagata University who led the study, said: ‘Male lack of interest in sex may be related with an unhealthy lifestyle.

‘In this study, men who reported a lack of sexual interest included more current smokers and cases of diabetes. 

‘Furthermore… the absence of [sexual] interest may affect a range of inflammatory, neuroendocrine and immune responses.’

Sex has a number of benefits, including lowering levels of stress and inflammation and boosting mood.

According to a new study conducted by David Vilchez, a professor of medicine at the University of Cologne in Germany, relocating to a colder environment may help you live longer.

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