Lab-Grown Chicken Is One Step Closer To Being Sold In The US

Good Meat, the developer of lab-grown chicken, is one step closer to selling its product in the US as it received a “no questions” letter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Americans are one step closer to being able to buy chicken grown from animal cells, also known as lab-grown meat.

Good Meat, the developer of such a chicken product, announced Tuesday that it has received a so-called “no questions” letter from the Food and Drug Administration. That letter states that the administration is satisfied that the product is safe to sell in the United States. The FDA issued a similar letter to another company that makes meat from cultured chicken cells, Upside Foods, in November.

That’s a big step, but it doesn’t mean shoppers will be able to try the product just yet. To get the green light to sell to consumers, both companies need the go-ahead from the US Department of Agriculture.

A Good Meat takeout meal product in Singapore.
A Good Meat takeout meal product in Singapore.

The FDA’s letter “clears a crucial step in bringing Good Meat to restaurants and retail in the US,” Good Meat said in a statement Tuesday, adding that it “is now working with the US Department of Agriculture on necessary approvals.”

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