Chinese Scientists Simulate Black Hole Using Quantum Computing, Test Hawking’s Theory

According to findings published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications this month, Chinese scientists have simulated a black hole using quantum computing and tested Hawking’s theory.

The team said there is certain probability that one of the tiny particle escapes the event horizon of a black hole in the form of ‘Hawking radiation’ Photograph:(Twitter)

A team of researchers, led by Chinese scientists has managed to simulate the physics of black holes by using quantum computing. They said the test was an attempt toward creating systems that have properties ‘analogous to black holes’. They also tested a theory devised by renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. 

The findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications this month. The scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University, the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences and the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research in Japan took Hawking’s hypothesis on ‘Hawking radiation’ as the basis for the study. 

They stimulated the quantum effects of black holes with superconducting quantum chips. The team of researchers, during the experiment, developed “superconducting processor consisting of a chain of 10 qubits with interaction couplings controlled by nine tunable couplers”, according to SCMP

“The results show that there is always a certain probability that the quasiparticle inside the analogue black hole will radiate through the event horizon, and its radiation probability satisfies the property of Hawking radiation,” the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said in an article on research progress.

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The scientists added that their research paves way for unearthing much deeper secrets about black holes. 

“This new constructed analogue black hole then facilitates further investigations of other related problems of the black hole,” the team wrote. 

Researchers from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN) in Krakow, Poland, have found a link between surges of cosmic radiation from space and earthquakes on Earth.

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