Why Klaus Schwab Is Pushing Critical Race Theory

The World Economic Forum, the exclusive talk shop that meets yearly in Davos, is at it again, this time looking to drive a wedge between the races. This begs the question: Why are capitalists so gung-ho about ‘Marxist’ ideology?

Why Klaus Schwab is pushing Critical Race Theory

Once upon a time, in some mythical ‘golden age’, the only thing common folk had to fear whenever the robber barons met for a weekend of cocktails at some remote resort was that a further deterioration of living standards would quickly ensue. Those happily predictable days are over.

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the same movers and shakers who informed the planet that by the year 2030 we’ll “own nothing and be happy” – are now singing the praises of ‘Critical Race Theory’ (CRT), a controversial concept that lays blame for global inequalities squarely at the feet of white people.

Betraying a glaring lack of neutrality and objectivity, the short WEF explainer video tilts heavily in favor of the CRT crusaders. For example, when arguing that people of color face racial inequality due to their “historical subordination,” the only evidence given for that sweeping generalization is that “black Americans are imprisoned at five times the rate of white people.”

Can it really be the case that all of those incarcerated black men, locked up alongside millions of whites and Hispanics as well, found themselves behind bars due to the inherent racism of the local police forces? That seems to be a major simplification of a highly complex problem. After all, what happened when the city of Seattle attempted to create a police-free ‘summer of love’ zone during the Black Lives Matter protests? In a matter of days, the very same protesters who had been hurling rocks and bottles at the authorities were suddenly dialing 911, demanding police protection as murders began to occur.

More to the point, however, is this question: How did we come to inherit a situation where a bunch of moneyed elite – unelected and unaccountable to ‘we the people’ – are able to determine our collective fate between sips of champagne and trips down the ski slopes at a mountain resort in Davos, Switzerland? Surely, the ancient Greeks were not imagining downhill skiing and afternoon power lunches when they talked about a fully functioning ‘democracy’.

The answer is that we simply had no choice in the matter. After all, who is going to stop those private jets from airlifting their precious cargo into Switzerland year after year (or to the other elitist confabs, like Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove, which are also completely roped off to the prying public)?

Thus, the only viable option left for people is to try and adjust their lives to whatever decisions the global elite thinks is in ‘their’ best interest. So if Davos Man decides one afternoon that teaching Critical Race Theory to schoolchildren is a brilliant idea, then it will be Joe Six-Pack who must contend with the consequences. And there are consequences.

When the unproven ideas of CRT, for example, are mixed up with the non-stop virtue-signaling pageant known as cancel culture, the result is a wicked cocktail that has the potential to spread fear and hate faster than a Panzer tank division.

Already, the woke shock troops have convinced millions of intellectually-stunted people that the cornucopia of Western (white) society – classical literature, classical music, mathematics, even Dr. Seuss – are part and parcel of a white hate-scape that is responsible for oppressing minorities.

And if anyone doubts the brave new gospel, there is no shortage of enterprising entrepreneurs charging top dollar for white people to sit through a full course meal while being lectured on the inherent evils of their race. All this seems very strange and even sinister when considering that the United States is one of the most racially diverse places in the world, and more so since Joe Biden opened up the US-Mexico border.

So what would be the ultimate reason for people like Klaus Schwab to thrust these half-baked ideas, descended from a gnarled offshoot of communist ideology known as ‘Cultural Marxism’, onto an unsuspecting populace? One possible answer comes down to ‘liability’. After all, it’s not rocket science for the insanely wealthy to protect their lofty positions by aggravating tensions between the races.

It should not be forgotten that we have just experienced, amid the ongoing pandemic, the greatest transfer of wealth (mostly to the wealthy, of course) in recent memory. The World Inequality Report estimated that billionaires collectively own 3.5% of global household wealth, up from around 2% at the start of the pandemic in early 2020.

Much of this mammoth wealth accumulation was due to the deliberate destruction of the middle class thanks to lengthy lockdowns that forced thousands of small businesses into bankruptcy. This silent catastrophe made merely rich individuals astronomically wealthy almost overnight. So wealthy, in fact, that the biggest problem now plaguing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is how to squeeze his superyacht under a Dutch bridge.

Thus, by foisting the ‘problem’ of ‘white supremacy’ into the marketplace of ideas courtesy of a complicit media, the more deserving question involving class strife between rich and poor goes missing in action.

There are other reasons, however, for adopting a ‘divide and conquer’ mentality. In this brave new world we’ve come to inhabit, Klaus Schwab has spoken enthusiastically about a shiny ‘post-human’ place where the world of science merges humans with artificial intelligence to create something truly horrifying known as ‘transhumanism’.

Considering the vast moral and physical implications of man attempting to play God, it would be more convenient to the elite if the bulk of humanity were consumed with race riots and food shortages than with the question of if there will even be a human race in several decades.

Is Schwab a good man with merely stupid ideas? I really can’t say, but, back in 2009, I had a chance encounter with him in Moscow during a Valdai Discussion Club meeting where we were both attendees. During a break in the conference, where then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was the speaker, I went to a side room to have a coffee and – much to my surprise and slight horror – found myself standing at a small table directly next to the global mastermind himself, Herr Schwab.

At the time, I only knew him as the international powerbroker who gathered around himself a constellation of powerful individuals for the sole purpose – or so I had naively imagined – of accumulating ever more riches for himself and his ilk. So we exchanged casual pleasantries about the weather and his impressions of the Russian capital.

I even managed to get his surprisingly bland business card. Today, however, I find myself remembering with a bit of disappointment that brief and all-too polite chat. In light of the many things that have since emerged about Klaus Schwab and Davos – an organization of unelected individuals attempting to radically transform society without an ounce of democratic intervention – I like to imagine how differently our conversation would go today.

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. He is the author of ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ How Corporations and Their Political Servants are Destroying the American Dream. Twitter: @Robert_Bridge. This article was originally published on Russia Today.

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  1. The Skull and Bones number 322….
    3 equalls the Masonic Governance (Politicians, NGOs…Unelected UN, etc).

    4 equals the Base of the Pyramid..(The Sheeple).
    So, 22 means divide and Conquer.

  2. He’s probably trying to align himself with corporate ESG , which is trending right now. It’s the equivalent of him trying to be cool , having not given CRT much thought. I think CRT is attractive to companies like Blackrock because they can use it to make themselves look good while also opening up a door to pressure companies and institutions that integrate CRT.

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