US Experiments With World Economic Forum’s “You Will Own Nothing And Still Be Happy” Agenda By Giving Free Money

The US is officially set to put to test the World Economic Forum’s stated agenda that “You will own nothing and still be happy” by 2030 by giving away free money to people and tracking it to see what happens.

US Experiments With World Economic Forum's "You Will Own Nothing And Still Be Happy" Agenda By Giving Free Money

According to the World Economic Forum’s stated predictions for the future, “You will own nothing and you will still be happy” by 2030.

As one of the experts from their Global Future Councils, Danish MP Ida Auken puts it:

“Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

Now dozens of American cities are putting these ideas to test by experimenting with giving some low-income residents a guaranteed income of $500 to $1,000 each month to do with as they please, and tracking what happens.

In experiments across the country, dozens of cities and counties — some using money from the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package approved in March — and the state of California are giving some low-income residents a guaranteed income of $500 to $1,000 each month to do with as they please, and tracking what happens.

A coalition known as Mayors for a Guaranteed Income plans to use the data — collected alongside a University of Pennsylvania-based research center — to lobby the White House and Congress for a federal guaranteed income or, for starters, to make the new $300 per month child tax credit that’s set to expire after this year permanent.

The surge in interest in these so-called free money pilot programs shows how quickly the concept of just handing out cash, no strings attached, has shifted from far-fetched idea to serious policy proposal, even as critics blast the programs as unaffordable or discouraging people from going to work.

“The pandemic showed us what is possible,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, whose latest budget included a $24 million guaranteed income program to give 2,000 poor families $1,000 per month. “We’re now going to be a pretty potent lobby to get the child tax credit permanent.”

Some pilot programs have been funded privately — Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has donated over $15 million to MGI. Other places, like Minneapolis, are using federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan.

Matt Zwolinski, director of the Center for Ethics, Economics and Public Policy at the University of San Diego, has studied guaranteed income policy for over a decade and says the increased interest is remarkable.

But he says there’s a flaw in using the pilot projects as a “proof of concept.” Most are for one to two years and give money to a narrow slice of the population that knows the cash will eventually stop, so participants may be more likely to seek fulltime employment during that period than if they knew the cash was permanent.

This is exactly what Klaus Schwab proposes in his book COVID-19: The Great Reset, which will be explored in detail in this series on The Great Reset by GreatGameIndia.

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  1. What is to soon come? Revelation 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The sorceries mentioned here is far more than just drug addiction and the like. It involves the TV “Programming” which brainwashes and indoctrinates the mind(s) of those who refuse to search for the truth and that truth is found only in one place – the King James Bible for ALL we need to know about how we have been living in the NWO since the 40’s lies within its pages. The ‘merchants’ mentioned are, in fact, the major corporations who have taken control of all that goes on in this fallen world. The Act of 1871 made DC a Corporation, of, for and by corporations which was the beginning of the time when the people lost their voice in OUR government. Read the book: “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot to see just how they have infiltrated OUR government and have completely removed the voice of the people and have nearly taken away all of our God-given rights. TVs, and computers/smartphones are known in the occult world as ‘black mirrors’ for spirit(s) can inhabit and move freely through them; they are the “Ghost in the Machine”; a title of an album by the rock band the Police in the 60’s. How did they know to title their album with such a title? It was by ‘inspiration’ of devils. Those of us who are saved by grace get our inspiration from the Holy Spirit. In Psalm 146:9 and Isaiah 29:16 we learn how Satan/Gog turns everything Jesus does ‘upside down’. Jesus pray the prayer of intercession, asking the Father to allow those given to Jesus to become ‘ONE’ with the trinity. In Isaiah 14:12-14 we learn how Satan has a five point plan to usurp the ‘church’ and his intention to become “like the Most High [God]”; all knowing. The technology we have today has allowed Satan and his minions to become ‘all knowing. The MAN of sin, the Son of Perdition (damnation) will be revealed on all black mirrors which are, in fact, the ‘image of the beast (kingdom)’ for they both speak and live. Revelation 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” Those two horns (powers) are the opposite of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, inasmuch as the MAN of sin will be possessed by Satan who, at long last, will be able to rule the world with his “Hive Mind” via technology causing the heathen to become “ONE” with him. In 1 Corinthian 15:46 we learn this: “First that which is natural – Last that which is spiritual”. Natural Children of Israel, Natural Jews in the Natural Land of Israel. Natural Babylon, Shinar, Iraq. Spiritual Children of Israel, Spiritual Jews, Spiritual Land of Israel and the Chosen Ones are Christians. Spiritual Babylon is ALL nations because of their ‘fornication’. When God spoke in the O.T. of the Israelites fornicating as a nation, it was their sin to go to other nations for their needs, whatever those needs may have been. Today, ALL nations have become Babylon inasmuch as they all rely upon each other for their needs, whatever they may be, and for all becoming one like another via entertainment, technology, major corporations, military, central banks etc. Why are ‘they’ so adamant that those of the poorest nations all own and use smartphones? It is because smartphones are the ‘image of the beast (kingdom)” upon which the MAN of sin will be revealed. He will be the complete opposite (upside down) of Jesus Christ. He will be extremely handsome and charismatic, almost supernatural in appearance, pulling people to him. In Isaiah 53 we learn that Jesus was not ‘comely’ nor did He have any ‘beauty’ of body or face. He was reviled and rejected. If you want to read the truth about how Satan/GOG and his horde of imposters began their march against humanity beginning in 1917 with the creation of their wealth and how they have caused all wars beginning with WW1 it all lies within the pages of Ezekiel 38 and 39. I have studied a LOT of documents to prove whom these people are: Who are the puppet masters many call the ‘elites’ which also entails the minions or ‘useful idiots’ as the real puppet masters call them. Who are the real puppet masters?
    I have done a lot of historical research of their own documentations and bible study to find out who the people are who have been controlling this world in wickedness; creating this free slave world in which we all now live in a debt based, fiat economic system and you can read about them here; if you care to and if you do, read to the end to learn all of the truth. It is slow going in the beginning because the ground work had to be laid so you will understand how it all ties together; be patient it will be worth your time. May the Lord God continue to bless all of those who have been saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ. I pray for the lost souls of the world; often in weeping. Take heart, a great revival will come and many will be saved.

  2. Back then, the word sorcerie was known as apothekie. It’s the pharmaceutical companies that will quench the light of the candle. If you let them. Billions already have.

  3. There are so.e good comments on here today…..enjoyed reading them.

    All I know is that NOTHING is free and the rich bastards and bitches want the majority of us dead because they think we are useless eaters.
    The guaranteed income will breed learned helplessness …..then death.

  4. Hey Barney!! 🙂 Been to your site and thanks for the eyeopening.Spiritual mana and strength to you.Heard St. Benedicts prayer is used by decent exorcist priests to great effect.Heard from popular priest that more are being trained to exorcise and that there are more cases which take far longer to resolve.Heard that in oldschool procedures and as seen in Constantine,the movie,Mirrors are used to trap the spiritual a.holes.We need to raise our vibe in love and train more exorcists.

  5. Everything you said is real, I have been thinking a lot about this verse: Ap 18:23 , this week I found it in three different places and it’s a sign and has great meaning for me!
    Showers of blessings on your life🙏

  6. Yeah great idea, if only the things you might want to buy with that money were that easy to produce. These imbeciles should pick up a book, they don’t bite.

  7. Would help certain marginalized workers for sure, like me. I’m busy, on call 24/7 in care of an elder and a the family house, but the family patriarch won’t give a decent living allowance, despite my years of trying. I’ve ended up in sever debt in this labor of love of over a decade.

    Humans, with the right motivations set up — esp early on — seek to accomplish, money or no money.

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