Kim Jong Un Sends Hundreds Of Sh*t-Filled Balloons Into South Korea

On Wednesday, Kim Jong Un sent hundreds of sh*t-filled balloons into South Korea, causing a hazardous mess. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff issued warnings as HAZMAT crews were deployed to clean up the waste.

Kim Jong Un Sends Hundreds Of Sh*t-Filled Balloons Into South Korea 1

North Korea is sending sh*t balloons over the border into South Korea. On Wednesday, hundreds of balloons—some bearing the phrase “excrement” scrawled on them—were seen drifting into South Korean land.

This is because as the balloons floated across the strongly guarded border, they were filled with waste and excrement. Photos of the aftermath of several balloons popping on city streets and spilling their nasty contents across busy roadways were released by Seoul.

Kim Jong Un Sends Hundreds Of Sh*t-Filled Balloons Into South Korea 2

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South issued a statement saying, “We sternly warn the North to immediately stop its inhumane and low-class actions.” The North’s actions, it continued, “clearly violate international laws and seriously threaten the safety of our people.”

Balloons have traditionally been used by both sides to physically deliver propaganda messages to the opposition. A statement released by North Korea on Sunday threatened that “dirty things” that had previously been flown into the country would soon be replaced with “mounds of wastepaper and filth” and sent to the South as “tit-for-tat action”.

The government of South Korea has even gone so far as to send out HAZMAT crews to handle the cleanup after the trash-filled balloons dropped their payloads:

The military’s explosives ordnance unit and chemical and biological warfare response team were deployed to inspect and collect the objects, and an alert was issued warning residents to keep away and report any sightings to authorities.

The military of South Korea began to detect “large amounts of balloons” coming from the North on Tuesday night, and as of Wednesday morning, over 150 had been spotted. Up to hundreds more may exist. Later, the BBC reported that the number of balloons was at least 260.

Kim Jong Un Sends Hundreds Of Sh*t-Filled Balloons Into South Korea 3
Images of the mess left on South Korea’s streets have widely circulated Wednesday.

It has been advised to residents of the northern provinces of Gyeonggi and Gangwon not to approach the “unidentified objects” and even not to engage in outdoor activities. One of the risks mentioned in the Joint Chiefs of Staff statement was “damaging residential areas, airports and highways.”

According to North Korea’s Vice Minister of National Defense, this is a logical reaction to the evil cross-border operations in which the country has long been involved. As reported by KCNA, Kim Kang Il stated, “Using balloons to scatter leaflets is a dangerous provocation that can be utilized for a specific military purpose.”

Local film shows that some of the balloons and the objects they were carrying are rather big.

He accused Korea of being engaged in “psychological warfare”. The Kim Jong Un administration seems to think that blowing up balloons is a normal reaction.

Last year, GreatGameIndia reported that Yoo Sang-bum, a politician from South Korea, stated that the South Korean National Intelligence Service informed them that North Korea supplied Russia with one million artillery shells.

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