North Korea Supplied Russia With One Million Artillery Shells – Intelligence

Yoo Sang-bum, a politician from South Korea, stated that the National Intelligence Service of South Korea has informed them that North Korea has supplied Russia with one million artillery shells.

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The chief intelligence agency of South Korea has released a fresh alert, claiming that North Korea is increasing artillery shipments to Russia following Kim Jong-Un’s quite protracted visit to Russia’s east in September.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea informed lawmakers that more than a million artillery munitions have been provided by Pyongyang to be used in Ukraine. Washington has also long expressed concerns that the North is heavily arming Russia’s armed forces.

Yoo Sang-bum, a politician from South Korea, stated at a news conference following the intelligence briefing that “the NIS has learned that more than one million artillery rounds have been transferred.” Yoo went on to say “It’s analyzed to be sufficient for around two months in the Russia-Ukraine war.”

Then he said that Pyongyang is getting technical assistance from Russia for its satellite program in exchange. Yoo went on to say “While the October launch date has been postponed, final preparations, such as inspections of the engine and launch device, are in full swing.”

Vladimir Ermakov, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s nonproliferation and armaments control division, threatened to attack US satellites, helping Ukraine launch missiles.

In reference to North Korea’s space program, rocket launches, and satellites, he stated, “We are expecting a higher rate of success. It appears that North Korea received technical advice from Russia.”

The two nations, who are both under sanctions from Washington, share a small border in the Far East, and according to earlier reports, US authorities think that military supplies and ammunition have entered Russia via trains.

Kim had visited Russian military technology facilities in September, including an aircraft manufacturing facility in Komsomolsk-na-Amure. All of this followed his meeting in Vladivostok with President Putin.

Throughout the conflict in Ukraine, Washington has often claimed that North Korea is providing the Russian military with more artillery ammunition. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, US intelligence has recently claimed that train transfers between the two nations contained secret ammunition supplies.

Western allies have branded both countries as “pariahs,” which has simultaneously helped to strengthen ties between them to the point of previously unheard-of military cooperation.

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