PROOF: Kamala Harris Ancestor Was Infamous White Slave Owner In Jamaica Hamilton Brown

As the presidential buzz continues to grow around the candidacy of California Senator Kamala Harris, interest is also growing around her little-known Jamaican heritage. It is believed that the ancestor of Kamala Harris was the infamous white slave owner in Jamaica, Hamilton Brown. Although fact-checkers have already branded it as fake news, we provide here irrefutable proof that Kamala’s ancestors were slave owners.

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PROOF Kamala Harris Ancestor Was Infamous White Slave Owner In Jamaica Hamilton Brown
PROOF Kamala Harris Ancestor Was Infamous White Slave Owner In Jamaica Hamilton Brown

Were Kamala Harris’ ancestors Slave Owners?

It is being said Kamala Harris is directly descended from one of the largest slave-owners in Jamaica, Hamilton Brown – there is a even a town named after him, Brown Town. So doesn’t it follow she’s a beneficiary, not a victim, of slavery?

But, does this statement hold any truth?


Snopes did a lengthy piece debunking the claim and concluding it as “unproven” – which according to them means – “insufficient evidence exists to establish the given claim as true”. Similar fact-checks were also published by other outlets.

So, here is the evidence.

Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown was an infamous Slave Owner

Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris is descended from Irish slave owner Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown’s Town in Jamaica, who recruited massive numbers of Irish migrants to Jamaica to work on his sugar plantations after the British empire abolished slavery.

Reflections of a Jamaican Father

In a piece published in Jamaica Global Online titled Reflections of a Jamaican Father, Kamala Harris’s father Donald J. Harris reflects about their past. He writes:

My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) and to my maternal grandmother Miss Iris (née Iris Finegan, farmer and educator, from Aenon Town and Inverness, ancestry unknown to me).

Miss Chrishy slave owner ancestor of Kamala Harris
According to Kamala Harris’ father Miss Chrishy (above) was the descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town

Looking back now I can say, with certainty and all due credit to Miss Iris, that it was this early intimate exposure to operation of the sugar industry at the local level of small-scale production with family labour and free wage-labour, coupled with my growing curiosity about how these things came to be, that led me, once I started reading about the history of Jamaica, to a closer study of the sugar industry. I came then to understand its origin as a system of global production and commerce, based on slave labour, with Jamaica as a key component of that system from its very start.

Hamilton Brown owned more than 100 slaves

According to the Jamaican Family Search Hamilton Brown owned more than 100 slaves on several plantations:

“Hamilton Brown owned several plantations over the years 1817 to about 1845. According to the 1818 Almanac which can be found on this site, (Jamaican Family Search), he was the owner of Minard (128 slaves) which he must have acquired from its previous owner (John Bailie) in 1815 or later.

Miss Iris with great Granddaughter Kamala
Miss Iris with great Granddaughter Kamala

The number of slaves on this estate approximates the number of slaves in one of the registers attributed to his ownership (124 slaves). The other register (86 slaves) cannot be assigned to any estate, although he is listed in Almanacs for subsequent years as owning several, (Antrim, Grier Park, Colliston, Little River, Retirement and Unity Valley) listed in Almanacs for subsequent years as owning several, (Antrim, Grier Park, Colliston, Little River, Retirement and Unity Valley).”

Here is a full accounting of the slaves owned by Hamilton Brown, according to the National Archives in London, as of June 28, 1817 in the parish of St. Ann in Jamaica.

Hamilton Brown officially swore to owning slaves

Hamilton Brown officially swore to the authenticity of this record, stating:

“I Hamilton Brown do swear that the above list and return consisting of two sheets is a true perfect and complete list and return, to the best of my knowledge and belief in every particular therein mentioned of all and every slaves possessed by me as owner, considered as most permanently settled, worked and employed in the Parish of Saint Ann on the twenty Eight day of June One thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen without fraud, deceit or evasion So help me God.

Sworn before me this twenty fourth day of September 1817”

Legacy of British Slave ownership

Hamilton Brown’s slave owning shows up in other records, as well. According to University College London’s project “Legacies of British Slave-ownership:

“Hamilton Brown was instrumental in the importing of several hundred labourers and their families from Ireland to Jamaica between 1835 and 1840. The project describes Hamilton Brown as a “Major attorney and resident slave-owner in Jamaica.”

Based on the evidence above, the claim turns out to be true.

Claim: U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris is descended from the 19th-century slave owner Hamilton Brown.

Rating: True

Misinformation circulated by: DAN MACGUILL at Snopes

Do you rely on Snopes reporting? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. They are tearing down statues in the United States of any historical figure that owned slaves or supported slavery. It does matter, as it pertains to her.

  2. This is a nice and rather ironic turnaround. Show me the birth certificate to prove that Christiana/Chrishy was born to Hamilton Brown the slave owner. I will wait patiently. P.S. Hamilton Brown died in 1843, Christiana was born in 1889.

  3. Where the Snopes article found issue is that they couldn’t “prove” what Kamala’s dad stated, that there was a direct relationship between Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown) and Hamilton Brown.

    Which is weird because they couldn’t “prove” a Trump-Russia connection, which never stopped them.
    but I digress.

    Playing by their [new] rules would mean finding a family tree connecting Hamilton and Christiana. Which is ridiculous, when you have the patriarch of the family (a well respected Berkeley Professor) stating the relationship, even at the potential determent to his family’s reputation and Kamala’s candidacy.

    It would be the same as if Trump Jr. wrote an article saying he worked with the Russians in 2016, but then Snopes marking it as “unproven” because they didn’t have a transcript of the meeting.

  4. Karen Jensen is correct, it matters because people who support Kamala and her party are the very same people tearing down historical places over slavery and demanding reparations. Kamala Harris personal record on punishing black criminals is very tough. She literally is accused of keeping black people in prison longer than necessary to provide labor for the state!! So we will see how much the Dems have power to shut down the truth about Kamala.

  5. She was the granddaughter of Hamilton Brown Sr. who died 1843 and daughter of Hamilton Brown Jr. who died 1917.

  6. P.S. Dr. Harris claimed she was “a descendant of Hamilton Brown,” not his daughter. Facts matter.

    Given the dates you’ve provided it would seem reasonable that she was a great-grandchild of Hamilton Brown.
    And since the certificate chose to leave off the Father’s name, it’s possible she was conceived out of wedlock (or sexual assault), while the story of her lineage was still contained within the family’s oral history.

    Again, Kamala’s Dad claims that he (and Kamala) are decedents of an Irish-Jamaican slave owner and Snopes is a joke.

  7. Js, try to show intelligence. Kamals Harris’ father has already written on the subject. Hamilton Brown came from Ireland to Jamaica with the intent to make money with the use of slaves. He created a town that his descendants still live in including Kamala Harris’ father.

  8. Are you aware that almost all African Americans have ancestors who were slave holders? Are you aware that slave holders frequently raped their slaves? If you go on youtube and listen to African Americans talk about their DNA test results, they’re mostly about 20% British.

  9. No it is a ridicules argument because the truth is there are many, many Americans who are people of color and are descendants of slave owners. That ‘s different from paying homage to the traitors who wanted to break this country up in the name of slavery, greed, or
    in retaliation for the civil rights legislation or at klu klux klan‘s behest.

  10. js. It’s not a “ridiculous argument” when you take into account how Kamala Harris openly states she and other black Americans are due “reparations” for the horrors of slavery. Her holding that position is like a bootlegger seeking reparations after prohibition was ended. Wake up and notice blatant hypocrisy regardless of whose mouth it comes from. When you notice it, call it out. That is what this “argument” is all about.

  11. Stupid MF’s ALL Blacks who descended from slaves have White ancestry! What freakin idiots! We should require African American studies as a requirement in schools. Geez! Well, it ain’t going to work. Why do you think Blacks come in all shades from White skin p, Fair skin to Black as the darkest brown to blue black? White blood runs deep in the vain of Black Americans and Black Islanders. What sick evil bastards you are, and White racists and other racists have been doing this demonic shit since slavery, always attempting to drive wages among Black peoples. Ain’t working! VOTE BIDEN /HARRIS!

  12. From all of the research documents it’s very clear she is taking a page from Elizabeth Warrens “ I am a FAKE playbook”. Interesting enough she was sworn in as a Senator as having an Indian heritage ….. no mention of being black

  13. The ridiculous argument is if her paternal great grandfather wasn’t a slave owner her own Jamaican dad Donald Jasper Harris claims to be descended from slave owner Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown’s Town, a claim Snopes rated as unproven Her father says it is true and her grandmother whose lap she is sitting in, in a photo when she was a baby own life ancestry shows she was indeed the child of Hamilton Brown the slave owner. So please know it very well pertains to her as it is her real ancestry and her father says it’s true. I think it is unproven to Snopes because as the democratic henchmen it is they know that won’t sit well with people so because they can’t say its a lie because it’s not so it is “unproven” to them. Which is sick all they need to do is look into her ancestry to find out but so much better for them to state “unproven”

  14. To people who would want to excuse and are actively looking for holes to hide Harris under, let’s not forget what Harris herself did, i.e. kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as “CHEAP LABOR” for the state of California.
    Yeah, that’s right, the apple didn’t really fall far from the ancestral tree.

  15. The only thing I see in this article is that Hamilton Brown impregnated female slaves who raised their children as children of slaves.

  16. He owned over 100 slaves on multiple plantations and even has a town in Jaica named after him. A little research and you’ll find that info.

  17. Gee, your name is Karen. Well, k-k-karen, it does NOT pertain to her, to get your white privilege ass back in the kitchen, and let people live their lives.

  18. Another Karen. You do know Trump is HISTORY as of January. Thank him for stirring the pot, but if you care about America, your Grand children and Jesus, you WILL vote for Biden/Trump, or we will all die, as George Washington’s VISION at Valley Forge foretold.

  19. She cannot be Vice President with this history of her family to owning slaves. 10 years ago yes. But not anymore today what has happened with BLM

  20. Hmm, we’re tearing down sculptures of slave owners… changing names of institutions because of relationships to slave owners… We CANNOT have the descendant of a slave owner become VP or worse, President! So, it does matter.

    Interesting that with all the proof, SNOPES rates it UNPROVEN – Please Snopes, your BIAS is appalling .. I’ve seen the sworn document by Hamilton Brown although it was not included in this article. A scanned copy of Kamala’s dad’s newspaper article would also serve to strengthen the theory…

    But, why don’t we put this THEORY behind us and find out the truth? With a 23 and me DNA test we’ll know if this is another walking statue… Reminds me of Pocahontas!

  21. Anyone interested in some well researched history of Slavery needs to read these books published by NOI.
    “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” volumes 1,2, and 3.

  22. LOL..yea cuz it’s not already apparent that White Americans could give a rat’s ass about black ancestry! Get a clue..No one wants to study about blacks…It’s not important…

  23. This information is from the “Harris Tree” on Kamala Harris father Donald Jasper Harris; his father Oscar J Harris; his parents Joseph Alexander Harris, mother Christina Brown Harris; her father Hamilton Brown; his father Col. Hamilton “Iron Head” Brown slave and plantation owner from Ireland that moved to Jamaica They have the names of slaves, how many, where they came from (mostly Africa) and dates. Pictures of Hamilton and other family members. Several family members have “Harris Tree” posted on Ancestry Follow the trees

  24. So Pocahontas gets a pass for being Native American based on nothing but her families oral tradition….but Mr. Harris is being asked for a birth certificate to prove he descended from a plantation owner, even though we have a clear and unbroken family tree going back to him. Seems fair to me

  25. no one in my family history ever owned slaves ,but because I’m white I should pay reparations. but her family did own slaves and raped them ,but because she is a woman of color she wont have to pay !
    I think not !! Not one dime to the lazy MF’s !!!

  26. What a strange ‘discourse’ ! A lot of African Americans have European ancestry (and sex with a white man often/mostly meant rape for the enslaved black women !). Who is seriously going to blame the mixed race offspring of these ‘acts’ for the deeds/privileges of the white fathers (slave owners / overseers / or any white rapist?!) who would normally not care for their offspring. Some contributions in this discussion are amazingly ignorant. Sometimes it’s better to remain silent rather than write a lot of obvious nonsense …

  27. More like 200, and now SHE is a member of the SAME party that wanted to KEEP Slavery, Bought and Sold Slaves and Founded the KKK to keep REPUBLICANS from Election more Black into Congress. Let that sink in a minute

  28. Then you also oppose any reparations to descendants of slaves, correct? If the sins of her ancestors should have no bearing today, then neither should the sins of other slave owners impact their descendants.

  29. If that were true, how did February get to be Black History month? Do we have a “White History” month or even a white history DAY? No, that would be “racist”, huh?

  30. If Hamilton Brown Sr. “Raped” a slave as all you ignorant fucks seem to think, then why did the offspring take on the Brown surname? There absolutely ZERO evidence she was raped, or that the offspring was also made a slave like one goofy person alluded to. If it was an actual rape, the man wouldn’t have been dumb enough to give the child his own surname. Would you want your own admitted son (gave him surname) in the fields slaving under the sun? It’s racist of you fucktards claiming he raped her. There were numerous instances of white men having families with black slaves. Alexander Hamilton was mixed race and he helped build this country. Use your fucking heads instead of being the racist assholes you apparently are.

  31. Throwing in there “raped” to help it look better. Her great grandmother born from the 2nd Hamilton, wasn’t even born during slavery. Can’t rape a slave that’s not a slave, he also had two children with this woman.

  32. She should be slaved. And Joe Biden should stay home with his family as he doesn’t have mental clarity to lead. If they win America is OVER! We should not accept people breaking things and looting.

  33. You must be joking. She is a descendant of slave owners in Jamaica. Period. Point is that it IS true and why try and cover it up?
    Yes, its one of those things that well, kinda who cares, until SNOPES starts lying about it. Why try and cover it up? If SNOPES has to lie about it, it must be significant and ought to be addressed openly. Its good that SNOPES keeps showing the bias and falshoods they are known for. If snopes says it isn’t true, it probably is true. Fact. SNOPES is bought and paid for a long, long time ago…WAKE UP!!

  34. Yes, and let’s not forget that before there were black slaves in the USA, there were Irish slaves. They were captured by Oliver Cromwell and his cronies when Cromwell invaded Ireland. The fair skin of the Irish made them unsuitable to work the southern plantations, and many of them just perished under the hot sun. However, the Sephardic Jews solved the problem with their 300 ships dominating the TRIANGLE TRADE. Go to The website of Dontell Jackson named “WE THOUGHT THEY WERE WHITE” for his outstanding research into the matter. The Triangle Trade involved Slaves, Rum, and Cotton being shipped between Africa, America, the Caribbean, and Europe, using predominately the 300 ships owned and operated by Jews, NOT WHITEY !!!!!

  35. @Richard E…. Yes, and they should check out the website of Dontell Jackson named “WE THOUGHT THEY WERE WHITE”. He meticulously documents how the Sephardic Jews dominated the slave trade with their 300 slave ships.

  36. I don’t trust this woman. The slave ownership is bad but even without it, she was “lockin’ niggaz up” (do a google search on the quote and add Afro Punk) in Oakland left and right according to members of Oakland’s Black Community. She can’t claim to be a victim of slavery while her great grand daddy profited from it.

    She doesn’t care about Black people. She polls badly with African Americans.

  37. While I do not trust or like Kamala’s politics, is it possible that her great grandmother was a result of the common practice of raping slaves, thus not a benefactor at all to slave ownership? Maybe Im missing something, but I dont see that there was mention of a marriage between Hamilton and Miss Chrissy’s mother.

  38. Normally I’d say your right but not this time and NOT with the Socialist/ Leftist agenda! Democrats are “Cancelling” anyone that doesn’t except their agenda of take a knee for their cause. And they are tearing our city’s and neighborhoods down, plus threats if you have done or your family has done anything pertaining to Blacks. So, I do not believe we are responsible for our fathers actions, but they do!. Oh ya, unless it’s one of them. And the Dems have a NOT so enchanted past. Starting with the Southern states back when Democrats started the Civil war to keep their slaves. And it goes on in every decade. They have thrown the first stone at us Americans and now you say “oh but it doesn’t matter if we do it?”

  39. July Hunter, Your right, I’m doing my heritage and started reading about Talbot County in as early as the 1600’s. And it was talking about Irish and some Scottish indentured (Slaves) that were brought over to work.
    There have been slaves of all colors still to this day. Thanks for you for your history lesson. I wrote another message below. I’m going to copy and paste it here.

    Normally I’d say your right but not this time and NOT with the Socialist/ Leftist agenda! Democrats are “Cancelling” anyone that doesn’t except their agenda of take a knee for their cause. And they are tearing our city’s and neighborhoods down, plus threats if you have done or your family has done anything pertaining to Blacks. So, I do not believe we are responsible for our fathers actions, but they do!. Oh ya, unless it’s one of them. And the Dems have a NOT so enchanted past. Starting with the Southern states back when Democrats started the Civil war to keep their slaves. And it goes on in every decade. They have thrown the first stone at us Americans and now you say “oh but it doesn’t matter if we do it?”

  40. First Per US constitution SHE can not be VIce President or even President of the US. SHE is NOT a NATURALIZED Citizen of the US… Second she was a slave owner and if BLM do not tear her up then they don’t matter either and should STOP terrorising America right now.

  41. People should ONLY EVER get on their knees for JESUS as HE is the ONLY person Worthy of being knelt to. BLM is a JOKE….

  42. Evidently you all forgot that the English abolished slavery in 1834. And that included Jamaica. Chrishy was not the daughter of a slave.

  43. Jody, I’m certainly no fan of Kamala Harris but she was born in Oakland, CA. which makes here a U.S. Citizen (not “naturalized”).

  44. This is a foolish article. The Snopes article is careful to show why they don’t have direct evidence, and that they will update the article if such evidence comes to light. That’s why they are credible, and you, regrettably, are merely credulous. Since more information is in the Snopes article now. Will you update? Not doing so proves my point, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Even if true, the suspected link does not prove what you think it does. Do I need to spell that out for you? Hint: born to an unnamed woman means illegitimate and likely non-consensual sex with a slave. Your “beneficiary of slavery” insinuation is vacuous and foolhardy. Shame on you,

  45. I would also like evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt she is a direct descendant of Mr. Brown the Jamaican slave owner and not the result of a slave being raped. I’m not fan of Kamela but prefer full and real evidence. Thank you

  46. An “African American” is someone who emigrated to America from Africa. The people you refer to are Americans of African Descent, and have NEVER been to africa. read a book.

  47. David, Snopes is incredulous! Did the 5 (FIVE) articles/sources referenced within this article not serve as enough to debunk Snopes? You ARE aware the “editor” (owner) of Snopes is a HUGE contibutor to the DNC and has long served as an outlet to play-down anything which casts Dem candidates/politicians in a negative light? The list of Snopes’ “cover ups” is long and deep. Check some other sources and be sure those sources are truly independent and not Lib/Con controlled. You may be surprised by what you find out. Snopes is as reliable as The National Enquirer. Occassionally they get it correct but far too often they get it wrong.

  48. James, slaves took their owner’s names many times throughout history, Dumbass. Read a book, earn some history, instead of being the ignorant shit stain you apparently are.

  49. You mean like one of my 7th great grandmother’s who got drunk had sex with a mulatto slave then accused him of rape? The nice thing of this story is the man was found not guilty. Was there a child involved, not that I know of but not every thing is black and white but shades of gray. Have a cousin whose DNA shows 1/4 white. It appears from his telling, his grandmother may have worked in a brothel type establishment in the early 1900’s. I am sure there was plenty of rape but we must also look outside the box for many answers. Maybe in the future DNA can be more precise in our understanding.

  50. History tells us there were lots of black who were slave owners, And blacks stole black in africia to sale to slavers. There has never been a documented Republican slave owner. Only Southern Democratic’s and blacks owned slaves. My opinion is only black and democrats can be held responsible for reparations.
    So If you want reparations please contact the DNC, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Barak Obama, Michelle Obama.

  51. It isn’t ridiculous. She, the Democrats, and the mainstream media are making the argument that she was an impoverished victim of segregation and racism as a child. Yet she wasn’t, and instead her father was grandchild of a white Irish slaveowner. It would be a ridiculous thing to talk about if they weren’t playing the race card. But since they are, everything is open for criticism.

  52. That is a stretch to say that there is no proof that Kamala is related to her own great-grandfather, even though her grandfather has confirmed it. Is that really what the liberals are going to run with? Smh.

  53. Iown You August 13, 2020 at 8:04 pm

    This is a nice and rather ironic turnaround. Show me the birth certificate to prove that Christiana/Chrishy was born to Hamilton Brown the slave owner. I will wait patiently. P.S. Hamilton Brown died in 1843, Christiana was born in 1889.

    Says the guy who named himself “I OWN YOU!”

  54. Wow – someone is angry. Ever stop to think who enslaved Africans in the first place? Africans did. Then Arabs bought them from the tribes, and sold them to the slavers, who brought them to the new world, where they were bought by (mostly) plantation owners, and their enslavement continued. Lots of ugly to go around. Sadly, there is STILL slavery, of blacks, by blacks, in Africa now. Thank goodness for William Wilberforce and other Britons who risked their careers to stop the slave trade, and did, being the first country int he history of the world to do so. When they did so, a number of African countries (who profited heavily from the slave trade) banded together and formed a trade embargo against Great Britain for trying to ram their Judeo-Christian ethic down their throats. Oops. Complicated, isn’t it? I think the point of pointing out Kamala’s heritage is just to show how stupid the purity test is. Nobody can pass it. Look forward, not backwards. If you look backwards, you won’t like what you find in your own background.

  55. Christiana/Chrissy 1888-1951 parents were Hamilton Brown Jr 1836-1918 and Mary Melvina. Christiana was married to Joseph A. Harris 1874-1939. One of their children was Oscar J Harris 1914-1997 (Kamala grandfather). Oscar J Harris and his wife had a son, Donald J Harris 1938-2002 (Kamala father). Better question is when did Kamala’s mother come to the US and was she pregnant and married by a “arraigned marriage” due to Indian custom? Donald J Harris may not be Kamala’s biological father. It was Kamala’s mother’s second marriage

  56. Iown You , You read the article incorrectly. The article said Chrishy was a decendent of Hamilton Brown, Not his daughter

  57. FAKE NEWS! – Genesis does not state that it was an apple (see Genesis 2:16–17)
    The belief that it was an Apple most probably came about in the 12th Century from some who noticed that the Latin word for Apple “Malum” can mean both ‘apple‘ and ‘evil‘. This may have been realized from the Latin translation of Genesis 2:15–17 (Source BibleHub)

  58. This is so ridiculous, it defies belief. Read and understand the history of Jamaica and the Caribbean and indeed the South odf the USA. Between the 16th and 19th Centuries, Jamaica was a territory of colonizers and mainly “infamous” slave owners and slaves. Many Jamaicans have ancestors who were both slave owners and slaves. The Harris family descends from both slaves and slave owners like many other families in Jamaica. Does this mean that they sanctioned slavery or does it mean they result from a particular time in Jamaica’s history and its particular circumstances? Should we only talk about our ancestors who were slaves and not about the ones who were slave owners or benefited from the slave economy? I really do not think you have a case to be made here against Kamala Harris.

  59. The point, of course is the insistence that anyone not black should pay reparations for the fact that SOME of the blacks have ancesters that were slaves. So this assertion gives credence to the fact that Kamala needs to pay up by the afore mentioned standard. Even if the geneology can be proven, it is stupid, just as the reparations argument is stupid. But if you get one you get both..

  60. Eve never ate an apple. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Eve are an apple. Learn your facts before trying to correct someone.

    Kamala is a descendant of a white slave trader. Period!

  61. Just because the truth is not what you you’d like to see you can NOT change history to fit your narrative!!! just don’t drink the Kool-Aid folks!!! Check for yourself

  62. My mother has a page from her German Lutheran Church Bible with her family name listed back to 1746. In all the time that has passed – 274 years – our family has never owned another human being or had anything to do with the issue of slavery beyond my distant cousin fighting on the Union side of the American Civil War to FREE an enslaved race. No one in our family will ever have anything to do with “reparations” or champion any thought that “WE” owe anything to anyone. Kamala Harris is a racist and will never sell a narrative of being an “African American” when if fact of birth she is of Jamaican/Asian descent. Go peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

  63. If I am going to be held accountable for my great, great, great, great grandfather’s owning of slaves, then Kamala Harris should too, correct?

  64. Snopes is a joke, a single person fact checking staff. Fact Check is a contradiction of terms. Mostly they deny any conservative claim and ratify anyone liberal.

  65. Kamalas family members were slaveowners of over 100 black people. She is not black herself ..she is trying to fool people into believing it. DO not trust snopes ever…that said white people were lying about this fact. Kh family owned large nbr of slaves. Despicable. No diff than a bunch of statues that were torn down. It’s in her blood. Also..she is not black whatsoever. It’s fake.

  66. Yes it does matter. I don’t think we should hold her accountable for her Great Grandfather, I also don’t believe we should hold all of America accountable for slavery over 150 years ago. I also don’t believe we should pay restitution to people of color today for slavery over 150 years ago. No one I know today deserves restitution like the Democrats want to do, and only for votes!!!!! I also don’t believe we should be tearing down statues and remove history. The Democrats divided this country when none of them showed up for the inauguration of President Trump and they have continued to keep the divide going with BLM. It is now no longer about BLM is is about keeping the riots and destruction on going. They are not “peaceful protesters”, they are rioters and looters.

  67. Eve never existed, so why are you defending a slave owner? You think slaves are cool because they were mostly African, keeping your racist bias alive, that makes you feel superior? Explain the argument versus the presented facts.

  68. Abraham and Moses were slave owners and slave traders, Moses was even a child sex trafficker and these evil men are heroes to billions of deluded people.

  69. But Patricia, that makes you an intelligent and reasonable person, and that is not the Democrat narrative. The article was interesting as it shows projection in its most stark form. Kamala was in the forefront, of the pro reparations movement when her family would owe quite a bit. Also, being a Democrat, it is exclusively her party that had members that were the only slave-owners in the US. Not white people owing blacks the reparations they are asking for, but Democrats of any color. Those in the party today need to understand that they have more culpability in slavery that whites people today ever would, because it was their choice to become Democrats while those born white had no choice.

    It is all about projection as is Russiagate. Everything Trump was accused of was perpetrated by the Obama WH and Democrats. A disgrace to America.

  70. Yes, I went to Snopes to see if Camala was a descendent of a slave owner and it said that that claim was misinformation. Glad I didn’t stop there.

  71. From Donald Harris: Miss Crishy,died in 1951 at the age of 70, according to Donald Harris,
    When we reviewed the family tree on Aug. 12, we found a Hamilton Brown Jr., who was listed as being born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1775 and dying in Brown’s Town, Jamaica, in 1843. From there we traced his lineage to Kamala Harris.

    According to the family tree, Hamilton Brown Jr. had a son named Hamilton Brown, who, with a woman named Jessian Prince, had a daughter named Christiana Brown. Christiana Brown and Joseph Alexander Harris had a son named Oscar Joseph Harris. Oscar Joseph Harris and Beryl Finegan had Donald Harris. And, finally, Donald Harris married Shyamala Gopalan, and the couple had Kamala.
    This from Familysearchj of the Church of the latter day saints

  72. You apparently did not listen to the news and heard that the Russian Collusion and Russian Connections was a major HOAX and take the word many are going to go down because of it, possibly even up to Hillary Clinton and in the end Barack Obama.
    You people just cant get over it.
    Snopes did not look very hard, the connection is there I just posted it.

  73. Right… they want to make like EVERY union between a Black female and White male was rape. Sometimes Black women sought out these relationships to improve the future prospects for their offspring. That was almost as common as rape. African slaves came to know the value of a lighter skin color in society, even if it was only to work in the house rather than to work in the fields. Mildred Loving was not a slave, but she understood that it would improve her children’s lot in life to erase as much of her African ancestry as possible. That’s evident in the fact that Loving herself did not identify as Black, but Rappahannock Indian. Kamala always plays up to the flavor of the month

  74. and there is no need to resort to racist replies rather than formulating coherent arguments to make a point as some of you seem to be doing on BOTH sides. BTW, when I say “they” in my comment, I mean LEFTIST, not Blacks as I am a descendant of the historical triracial isolates of Appalachian and Virginia/NC. That’s part of the reason that I am of the position that I am. Mildred Loving was also from that same community of Euro/Afro/Native descendants

  75. In answer to your question, when blacks were enslaved they frequently did not have surnames. When the slaves were freed they took on the surnames of their former owners.

  76. Its silly to speculate on whether or not a white male slave owner raped a female slave or not. Technical rape might not have occurred but once Massa turned his eye on a slave she would have had little choice but to cooperate. And there could have been any number of female slaves who saw such cooperation as being beneficial to them. Possibly some of them believed that being sexually available to Massa was preferable to being a field hand in the broiling hot sugar cane fields. Can’t blame them for that. At least I wouldn’t.

  77. You do realize that most men and women of color today have white genes in some degree or other, don’t you. All of them were owned by whites once. That’s why they were brought here in the first place.

  78. Oh, so no White Americans or White Europeans were slave captains or slave traders, eh? They were ALL Sephardic Jews. Methinks thou needs a history lesson.

  79. Unlikely that such evidence exists in that slaves did not get birth certificates and no one really cared back then who fathered the child of a female slave. Could have been another slave on the same plantation or a slave on another plantation or it could have been the slave girl’s white owner. If the latter, such children were not officially recognized with an any paperwork.

  80. Interesting, Terri. Quick question: were the parents of Christiana/Chrissy (Hamilton Brown Jr and Mary Melvina) married? Because if they weren’t it would be unlikely that any official record of Christiana/Chrissy’s birth would state the name of her (natural) father. Back in that time, the government didn’t concern itself with the paternal parentage of illegitimate mixed race children, don’t forget.

  81. Sure! Her white slave owner ancestor took his pleasure with a black female he owned and she became pregnant and started the mixed race line, a branch of which are the Harris’s of Jamaica today. Now, Kamala has to pay reparations for this? Get serious!

  82. She is indeed partially black. She definitely has Black African genes. Take a look at pix of her father and his mother, her paternal grandmother. Its unmistakable.

  83. This is why the democrats are aligning themselves with radical BLM movements, rioters, etc. They are fueling them with misinformation so that the people will willfully destroy the very history that incriminates their party. If the history doesn’t exist, then they can’t be disputed and then history will repeat itself. We have 20k years of human history that incluses slaves off an on because the same thing keeps happening over and over. The reality is, all American people are slaves to the system. We do, we comply, we work, we pay, we owe, we confirm, we obey, we worship, to what we are told to do and the notion that this is a free nation is the biggest con the world has ever known.

  84. What about your black racists and your black slave owner ancestors? Why are your ancesters immune from the same criticism. Easy answer.. THEY ARE NOT!! The Democrats are the descendents of the original Southern slave owners. They founded the KKK to murder republicans. 3000 black and 1500 white republicans were murdered by the KKK. Get off the the plantation and vote for Trump, the only hope for the US and for the world.
    A vote for the Demonrats (Creepy Joe and slave master descendent, Kamila) is a vote for slavery.

    Some advice for you, stop pretending to be a victim and take responsilbity for your own life, you will be happier.

  85. Ok, as a conservative (not a liberal) I just have to make two points;

    Point A; This article says it contains “the proof” but there is no proof cited. All this article does is repeat the same pieces of (unproven) information again and again, intercut with family photographs, italics and genuine historical sources to give the semblance of proof. Using historical evidence to prove that Hamilton Brown existed and was a slave owner, which are both true, is not the same as providing “proof” that Harris is his descendant. I’m not saying she’s isn’t, I’m just saying that this isn’t “proof”.

    Point B; If it is true, the idea that it makes Harris a beneficiary of slavery is just mad. If he is her ancestor then, given how such interracial relationships worked at the time in the context of slavery, it almost certainly involved either rape or a sexual relationship with at least some degree of coercion. Her ancestress who supposedly had a child with Brown was not some cosseted mistress, she was a way for Brown to please himself. So Harris would not the beneficiary of slavery, she would be the result of a black woman’s suffering and a slave owner’s wild oats.

  86. Geordie, nice try but you’re no conservative. Your speculations about the nature of the relationship between Hamilton Brown and a slave woman are just that – speculation. Your opinion, you have no empirical evidence. A large dose of emotion and anger.

  87. People who are decedents of slaves don’t say their ancestors were slave owners. I think her dad told the truth and trying to say Kamala is the product of rape is stupid. Her dad’s history would have talked about slavery and being slave if that was the case. He states the fact that his family owned slaves and the hypocrisy of the left to destroy our history because people owned slaves and then nominate a descendant of a slave owner to VP is rich.

  88. ugh!! You don’t have to like Trump to vote for him. It’s about policies. Elected officials isn’t a popularity contest. This isn’t about voting for class president in high school. A Vote for Biden and Harris is a vote for communism. If that’s what you want. Have at it. Just know that you are voting for the Party of the KKK, the party started by Southern slave owners. Research “red shirts” also democrats. Freed slaves were all republicans (the party of Abraham Lincoln) who fought to free the slaves. Southern democrats pushed segregation and Jim Crow laws. They did this to keep blacks enslaved. They were pissed because republicans wanted the black man to make their own way and to no longer to dependent on “Master” which meant no more free labor. The red shirts and KKK formed to threaten the lives of freed slaves if they voted rebublicans. It’s all about votes. Every platform the democrats have is about power and dependency on the government. This party destroyed the black family through welfare. Look at all the Democrat run states and cities and tell me what you see?Destitution, poverty, and high death rates among blacks inhabitants. They traded up from KKK to allowing us to kill ourselves through black on black crime and abortion. Since 1973 48% of black preganacies have ended in abortion. More black men have been killed by other black men in the past 8-10 years than by lynchings, KKK, and police officers combined. This is genocide at work and you are voting for more of it. WOKE yeah right more like stoked and glazed over with hypnotism.

  89. You know usually when you’re trying to fix a wrong you usually go straight to the root of the problem.Why has no one ever tried to sue Africa for taking people away from their families,their religion,their country,just to be sold by them as a commodity and sold them all over the world?I have never once heard of anyone trying to hold them accountable for making money by selling their own people like cattle.Africa themselves made these people a commodity that the the entire world bought, if you sell something people will buy it.

  90. One way or another the blood of a slave owner is part of who she is as a human being and that will guide her, it already has and given more power it will bring untold misery to many many more people so think about that when you hand her all that power.

  91. So sometimes it’s okay to be a decendant of a slave owner if you’re a Democrat because your ancestors were raped but if you are Republican and a decendant of a slave owner you are evil and should be punished. What hypocrisy. Tear down the statues and change the names of institutions, demanding reparations for things they never endured but not thinking Jewish, American Indians, Irish, etc. decendants didn’t suffer the same horrible treatments.

  92. Your correct, amazing how the Democrats fought a war to keep slavery legal, fought against every policy change to give equal rights to people of color, and formed the KKK to harass, intimidate, and lynch people.
    All because Democrats wanted to keep slavery, and continue to abuse people of color for their own financial benefit.

  93. Just so you…the author….understand history, it is NOT surprising that Harris’s ancestor/s some of them were slave owners as well as slaves. The damn slave owners raped their trafficked people! How the heck do you suppose MOST black people of ALL the Americas have European ancestry. ???? Duh! This is the problem with this country. Abject ignorance.

  94. No one is interested in suing anyone. All black people ever expected and continue to demand is equal justice and opportunity. No one expects reparations. There is not enough money in the world to make up for 400 years of abuse, inequality, prejudice and discrimination!

  95. The only people i personally know Who don’t have slave owners in their family trees are those with families who are recent immigrants or were slaves themselves. I have at least 10 slave owners in my family tree and 13 confederate soldiers in my direct lineage. Have you found all 32 great great great grandparents?

  96. Male and female slaves were raped by their European oppressors on a daily basis ,and as one comment stated practically all American Africans/Caribbean Africans have some amount of European albino blood in them as a result of the rape…if men could have children then it would have doubled the direct descendants of slave owners… Thomas Jefferson is a classic example of such.Kamala and others have no control over how and to whom they were borne from .reparation is a must…some areas of jamaica there are black small farmers making sugar from sugarcanes…

  97. You’re a dumbass if you think tearing down a statue of a slaveowner even if distantly related would affect anyone at all.

  98. If you say she is related to Eve, who ate the apple; then if she is related to Hamilton Brown, she is related to a slave owner. Simple. She isn’t a slave owner or an apple eater in Eden. But that is not the issue when statues of forefathers and white men who fought for emancipation get zero credit for freeing the slaves. You can’t have your Willie and eat it too.

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