Jacob Blake Had Outstanding Arrest Warrant For Sexual Assault Facing Upto 8-1/2 Years In Prison

Jacob Blake had an outstanding arrest warrant for sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse. Police were responding to a domestic incident at a home in the area when Blake was shot, though nature of the dispute is unclear. Although viral video showed a cop shooting Blake while reaching for something in the car, another video from a different angle showed him brawling with the cops on the pavement. In 2015, Jacob Blake was charged with resisting arrest causing a soft tissue injury to a police officer while pulling a gun at the bar for which he was facing upto 8-1/2 years in prison.

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Jacob Blake Had Outstanding Arrest Warrant For Sexual Assault Facing Upto 8-12 Years In Prison
Jacob Blake Had Outstanding Arrest Warrant For Sexual Assault Facing Upto 8-12 Years In Prison

New footage show Jacob Blake wrestling with Cops

Jacob Blake, 29, was shot seven times by a cop in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday. Police were responding to a domestic incident at a home in the area, though nature of the dispute is unclear.

The viral video shows Blake walking toward an SUV as at least three cops follow with guns drawn. Blake appears to ignore police orders to stop and tries to get into the driver’s side of the SUV. That’s when at least seven gunshots were heard; Blake’s kids were inside car as the events unfolded.

Although, the viral video didn’t show what happened before Blake started walking away from the cops.

Video filmed from another angle shows Blake and at least two cops wrestling on the sidewalk near the car. In the clip, Blake is seen extricating himself from the brawl and walking toward driver’s side of the SUV.

In the latest video, Blake is seen wrestling with at least two Kenosha police officers.

Blake then manages to break free from the cops and begins to walk from the passenger’s side of his SUV to the driver’s side. As he opens the driver’s side door, gunshots ring out.

Blake has a history of resisting arrest using violence. Earlier charges against Blake show a similar behavior and a subsequent search of his SUV at the time turned up a black handgun on the floor behind the drivers seat.

Jacob Blake arrest warrant
At the end of the viral video Blake is seen taking a sharp turn and leaping at the floor of the car, probably reaching out for his gun before being shot.

At the end of the viral video Blake is seen taking a sharp turn and leaping at the floor of the car, probably reaching out for his gun before being shot.

It is also reported that before resorting to gunfire, the police attempted to subdue Blake with a Taser which failed.

Viral video does not capture all the intricacies

Meanwhile, the police union representing officers on the Kenosha police force released a statement on Monday asking to withhold any prejudgment until the investigation is complete and said that the video that went viral does not capture all the intricacies of a highly dynamic incident.

“Until that investigation is completed, we ask that you withhold prejudgment about the incident and please the let process take place. Governor Evers’ statement on the incident was wholly irresponsible and not reflective of the hardworking members of the law enforcement community, not to mention the citizens of the City of Kenosha.”

“As always, the video currently circulating does not capture all the intricacies of a highly dynamic incident. We ask that you withhold from passing judgement until all the facts are known and released. We, along with the citizens of the great City of Kenosha, ask for peace and to let the process play out fairly and impartially.”

Jacob Blake charged with sexual assault issued arrest warrant

Online court records indicate Kenosha County prosecutors charged Blake on July 6 with sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse.

Jacob Blake charged with sexual assault issued arrest warrant
Jacob Blake charged with sexual assault issued arrest warrant

An arrest warrant was issued the following day. The records contain no further details and do not list an attorney for Blake.

Jacob Blake faced upto 8-1/2 years in prison

In 2015, Jacob Blake was charged in Racine County Circuit Court with one felony count of resisting arrest causing a soft tissue injury to a police officer and one misdemeanor count each of carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, endangering safety-use of a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct. On conviction, he faced up to 8-1/2 years in prison and/or up to $50,000 in fines.

Jacob Blake mugshot 2015 resisting arrest
Jacob Blake faced upto 8-1/2 years in prison for resisting arrest in 2015

According to the criminal complaint, Blake and two women were at the Brass Monkey tavern, when Blake got into an argument with another patron and pulled a black handgun. Blake pointed the gun at the other man, and the magazine fell to the floor. The bartender told Blake to leave, and he did but then pointed the gun through the window at patrons inside the bar before walking south on Junction Avenue.

Police conducted a high risk traffic stop, the complaint reads, and ordered Blake to put his hands out the window of the vehicle. Instead, Blake exited the SUV and started walking toward officers and ignored commands to get down on the ground. When Blake refused to comply repeatedly, K9 Dozer was deployed to force him into compliance.

At the time he was taken into custody, Blake was searched and police say he had a holster on his hip but no gun. A subsequent search of the SUV turned up a black handgun on the floor behind the drivers seat. A box of ammunition was also found, and two loaded magazines were discovered in Blake’s coat.

Meanwhile, the shooting igniting widespread riots and looting three months after the death of George Floyd. Interestingly, George Floyd also had a criminal history. He went to jail for atleast 5 times and a look at George Floyd’s profile as per court documents reads like a career criminal involved in drug abuse, theft, criminal trespassing, aggravated robbery as well as entering a woman’s home and pointing a gun at her stomach while looking for drugs and money.

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  1. what does any of this have to do with shooting him with no cause? Criminal history doesn’t mean you’re eligible to be murdered by police. To the autor, you are a dipshit.

  2. Because of a criminal record? This man was shot for resisting arrest. He had done this before and wounded a police officer so they were on high alert. Blake was known to carry a gun w/o a license and if he had gotten to his gun he would have shot the cops but that’s ok since the cops were white and he was black!

  3. Sounds like you were up posting too late ?
    It has everything to do with it. He was known for being reckless with guns. He has a felony warrant. What part of resisting arrest and reaching near a handgun are you too stupid to process?

  4. First we has St. George Floyd, now we have St. Jacob Blake. Any time a cop tries to arrest you at least have a fist fight and worst case is a shoot out. It appears resisting arrest in now OK.

  5. Real simple…quit resisting arrest. I guess it is ok to resist arrest if you are black. So stupid. If the guy was white, white people would be happy getting that trash off our street and away from our kids.

  6. What do you mean shooting without cause? Did you watch the video? He was clearly grabbing something out of his car and in a later interview admitted to having a knife. The background does matter when you are seeing a man who has a repeated violent past, with no respect for authority or other people’s life.

  7. The man had outstanding warrants plus a knife “on him” he then wrestles away from officers and as they tell him to put down the knife he opens his car door (where he had a gun in this prior incident) and he was shot. Onlything seems off is the 7 times he was shot. If you can’t see how thats justified then you have to be extremely uneducated or just looking for another excuse to loot….. Also seen a statement where his father said he Dosent know what to tell his grandsons on why daddy was shot explain how wrong it is to abuse woman, carry weapons and to ignore police demands. Don’t need to be white to use common sense.

  8. That’s not very nice to say just because you disagree with the author, besides if you actually read his criminal history he had been charged with many crimes, and there were crimes involving a gun. He, Jacob should have compiled with the police, had he complied he would not have been shot. People need to put themselves in the shoes of a police officer before they make any judgements. Bottom line, criminal history involving a firearm and not compiling adds up to blame on the individual not complying, even if a person knows they didn’t do anything illegal you still need to comply

  9. It sounded like the Cops tried to do everything in there power to stop him. What if he got his hand on the gun and shot the cops or innocent people watching. Its wrong if he complied with the officers and then he got shot but that wasnt the case. I see no reason why any of the officers should be fired. But they should be reprimanded for shooting 7 times. One bullet would have been suffice. Maybe he was the cop who got it ass woped and thats why he shot 7 times. Regardless 7 times is too much?

  10. Obviously Mindya, you did not read the facts surrounding this incident. Law enforcement officers had probable cause. Blake resisted arrest and was reaching into his vehicle to retrieve a knife that was inside the car. And what kind of person places his own children in jeopardy? His children were in the backseat of the SUV. Blake had outstanding convictions and warrants for his arrest. He knew that he was facing time in prison and that is why he resisted arrest; even at the risk of causing injury to his very own children. FYI…being shot and dying during a confrontation with law enforcement officers is not murder. Murder is what we see daily in Chicago, when gangs on the south-side of the city kill each other.

  11. If it were an asain or white man, with the same charges and record…..the NBA would have still played their basketball and everything would be okay. Yes, unfortunately it was a black man, and right now with black lives matter…..its always going to be a racial issue.

  12. FINALLY! A site that offers ordinary people the opportunity to give our opinion. When the police say ‘Stop’ you stop. If the police say “Drop” you drop. Sort the details out later. The media seeking higher ratings, Hollywood being Hollywood and politicians who are more interested in getting elected than doing the right thing are going to ruin our country. Do the right thing and support those brave men and women who put their lives on the line for ALL of us .There are bad seeds everywhere, law enforcement, military, medical and oh yes, POLITICIANS. For Pete’s sakes. Where has common sense and rational thinking gone? When the Black community support violence and destruction the more they harm their cause and take away from the authentic purpose and legitimate need for fair and equal treatment for all of us.

  13. Jacob Blake did not have an arrest warrant issued. The police did not show up to enforce a warrant. This article posts blatant and unsubstantiated lies about this situation. Please everyone, do your research before you regurgitate the B.S. stated in this untrue and lame article. Black Lives Matter (and I’m not black).

  14. Probable cause or not, officers are trained to only shoot when their own lives or others are at risk. Shooting someone in the back goes against this training in all aspects. So many more actions could have been taken instead of pulling the gun. Your subjective view that law enforcement officers are not murderers if they kill someone is flawed and proven flawed by the number of officers sitting in prison for years for doing this very thing. Your claims that others need to do their research was missed by the opinions (not facts) stated in your own post.

    All the arguments about probable cause and life endangerment went out the window when Jacob Blake was shot IN THE BACK!!

  15. The police officers who responded did all their research on Jacob Blake and knew exactly who they were dealing with. When the 911 call came in the caller relayed all the pertinent information from the national database including his driver’s license number and previous record. Yeah, the police went to the station ahead of time and did hours of research before the call came in. Are you serious? The police had no idea who they were getting involved with. They were simply responding to a 911 call. The caller didn’t identify Jacob Blake! They just showed up to do their job and ended up almost killing someone! Shot in the back you dolt! To think that every police officer knows everyone with a previous record and is on high alert when they intervene is ignorance at the highest level. I would call you an idiot but that would be an insult to all the idiots. Go back to your cave and stay there!

  16. I have a dumb question. Has Jacob been drug tested? my little pea brain is telling me that if he was tasered twice, and it somehow didn’t affect him, drugs may have been involved. people react very differently when they are on drugs. Or, were the officers tasers not working correctly? and if he was on drugs, why was he driving, and worst of all, with his kids in the car? Kinda like George Floyd, he was driving while on drugs.

  17. Dear Mindya…there was an arrest warrant extant for him for sexual assault and domestic violence. One of his baby mommas alleged that he regularly burst into her home,uninvted, sexually assaulted her with kids present.She describes that he would stick his finger into her private parts and then withdraw,sniffing his fingers and accusing her of sleeping with other men.They were not married. In any event,cops get called by woman when he shows up, takes her car keys and her kids..He is barred from doing that..THey stop him ,try to arrest on warrant..he fights them,putting one in a neckhold and is tased twice with no effect. He has a knife which they first saw from the passenger side of the SUV owned not by Blake but by the woman..the three kids are in back..He goes to thecar door ,opens it and bends down..he is at gunpoint. cop shoots.We don’t know from any medical source how many rounds hit him and where.So, it’s not for “no cause”. There is no such thing as an”autor”…Black Women’s Lives Matter. yes

  18. Are you kidding me? He was known to police more so in Milwaukee to always have a gun under his seat. He was tasered and it didn’t work so yes the question remains whether drugs in her system especially in meth that is known to not work. He was going to his truck oh fours it’s not like he was going to get a lollipop out of his car he definitely wasn’t trying to get it to driveway he was going for whatever was under his seat. What amazes me is he got over $2 million from the go fund me page which allowed him to pay his bond to not be handcuffed to his bed. He had his children in the car he obviously did not think twice about not listening to police or being compliant with their commands. It amazes me when something happens the news blows it up with all the speculations and you know because it’s on the news it must be true. Media will continue to be the vice in society that flow of things usually way out of proportion. I agree with what has been said that even though people don’t agree with something why go blow the shit up in your own community and make everything way worse and 2020 has already given us. I don’t know if anybody else has taken the time to pay attention but lately I’ve been watching movies and never really noticed all the racism and all of the stigma that we as a nation face now. The show corner on the CW episode 106 Ashley to pick says perfectly. Then I work in mental health I think if everybody went by the prices are a bunch of model in their communities and had more mental health workers working with police enforcement there would be a lot less tragedy among the people in the community and the use of force of fleas. Just as people are afraid of police police put their life summer wine every single day and ever since protest started it makes it even more scary. I just hope 2021 is currently so much better than last year.

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