Who is Jaya Kelly? Popular American Singer And Daughter Of R Kelly

The offspring of rapper R. Kelly and actress Andrea Lee, Jaya Kelly, who is also sometimes referred to as Jaah Kelly, gained notoriety due to their parents’ fame. Jaya’s father, a US-based singer and composer, is renowned.

However, were you cognizant that Jaya was born female, but later came out as a trans man in 2014 and altered their name to Jaah? After publicly acknowledging their gender identity, how did their family react? Was their acceptance of his decision received?

Aside from that, what is the status of Jaya’s relationship with their convicted of sexual abuse father? This article may hold the answers to your inquiries. To delve deeper into Jaya’s gender, romantic past, and other relevant subjects, kindly peruse the following.

Who is Jaya Kelly Popular American Singer And Daughter Of R Kelly


Full name: Jaya Kelly
Nickname: JaahBaby
Gender: Female
Year of birth: 2000
Jaya Kelly’s Age: 23 years old
Ethnicity: Mixed
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Transgender
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: Single
Jaya Kelly’s Parents: R. Kelly and Andrea Lee
Siblings: 2 (Joann Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr.)
Jaya Kelly’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inche
sJaya Kelly’s Height in Centimetres: 172 cm
Jaya Kelly’s Weight: 63 kg
Jaya Kelly’s Net worth: $300,000
Famous for: Being R. Kelly’s daughter

Jaya Kelly’s Early Life And Family

Jaaah Kelly, born in the year 2000, is currently 22 years of age and was brought into the world by his famous parents, rapper R. Kelly and actress Andrea Lee. As a US citizen, he holds African-American ancestry.

Together with Robert Kelly, Jr. and Joann Kelly, he was raised by his mother and father.

Who is Jaya Kelly Popular American Singer And Daughter Of R Kelly 2

Jaaah was born into a family of wealth and his parents, rapper R. Kelly and actress Andrea Lee, were known for their respective careers. At the time, R. Kelly was renowned for his musical abilities as a singer and composer, having won three Grammy Awards and being regarded as one of the best-selling musicians worldwide during the 1990s.

His mother, Andrea Kelly, also known as Drea Lee, had a background in dance as a former backup dancer for her ex-husband. She went on to make several appearances in television and film.

Jaya Came Out As Transgender At The Age Of 14

Jaaah, formerly known as Jaya, realized at a young age that he was not comfortable with traditional female gender expressions. As a child, he was biologically female but only became aware of his gender identity around the ages of 6 or 7. On his Ask.FM profile, he shared with a follower that he was not fond of dressing in a feminine manner or possessing feminine anatomy from a young age.

In the end, Jaah chose to undergo medical procedures to become his true self. He spoke with the DailyMail, expressing his desire for surgery and medication to aid in his transformation, stating that he felt he was meant to be a male.

Jaaah’s announcement of being a transgender man came as a surprise to the world. However, post-surgery, Jaya was able to embody his authentic self.

What Was His Family’s Reaction To Him Doing Surgery?

Despite societal conservatism towards the LGBTQ+ community in America, Jaah faced few challenges when he publicly announced his sexuality. His family and friends wholeheartedly supported his decision. Jaah was particularly considerate of his mother’s feelings and she proved to be a loving and supportive parent.

He recalls his mother saying to him, “You know I love you if you were bi, homosexual, lesbian, you name it and I would still love you so much.”

Who is Jaya Kelly Popular American Singer And Daughter Of R Kelly 3
Jaah Kelly’s Headshot

Jaya expressed his gratitude towards his mother for accepting his transgender identity. He is thrilled that his friends and siblings fully embrace him as a man. He feels amazing when his sister compliments him and their younger brother.

Jaya’s Father Was Abusive Towards His Mother

In a conversation with ABC News, Drea Kelly, Jaah Kelly’s mother and former dancer, choreographer, and proud parent of R. Kelly’s offspring, claimed that R. Kelly, who is known to conceal behind fame, has a darker, more unpleasant side. Despite publicly portraying herself as a dancer and choreographer, Drea alleged suffering from verbal, physical, and psychological abuse at the hands of R. Kelly, which she kept hidden from the public for many years.

Who is Jaya Kelly Popular American Singer And Daughter Of R Kelly 4

R. Kelly, according to Drea, was an aggressive and controlling individual who beat her. He abused her by tying rope around her hands and legs. Drea went through all of this while still acting normally for the camera. She also admitted that she had been too terrified to speak about her situation because R. Kelly was so ‘strong’ at the time.

R. Kelly and Drea Kelly, Jaya’s parents’ relationship was not as happy as it portrayed to the world.

The couple, who met in their birthplace of Chicago 24 years before, appeared to be a picture-perfect union. Drea, on the other hand, was in such anguish that she was on the verge of committing herself. Finally, in 2006, she filed for divorce.

Drea currently raises awareness about domestic violence, functions as a motivational speaker, and urges other survivors to speak up for themselves.

Jaah’s Father Robert Kelly Is still In Prison

Jonah’s father is well-known for his multiple sex assault claims and court lawsuits. He was the subject of multiple lawsuits throughout the 1990s. His first legal lawsuit was brought in 1996, when he was 24 years old, for having sex with a high school student. Following that, multiple other charges were filed, including those of an illegal marriage in 1994, the release of proof of child abuse in 2002, and child molestation allegations (2009).

Following the charges, both his supporters and the music industry disavowed him. His songs were removed from Apple’s featured music playlist. Many more renowned personalities joined the “Boycott R. Kelly” and “Mute R. Kelly” campaigns. Despite a musical industry boycott, his legal problems continued.

Who is Jaya Kelly Popular American Singer And Daughter Of R Kelly 5

On July 11, 2019, Robert was arrested on accusations of sex offenses and impeding the justice system. The next day, he was arrested again and charged with 18 counts, including sex crimes and impeding the administration of justice. Allegations of child sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, the manufacture of child pornography, forced labor, racketeering, kidnapping, and obstruction of justice were among the charges.

Following that, a US District Judge determined that Robert Kelly should be held at the Metropolitan Detention Center while the jury deliberated. He was initially sentenced to ten years in jail. Later, on June 29, 2022, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison with a life sentence. He is still being held in a state prison.

How Is Jaya Kelly’s Relationship With His/her Parents?

We all know that Jaah’s popularity stems from his famous parents. He is, however, not as close to his father as he is to his mother. Robert was not the best spouse, but he was a good parent. He made an attempt to maintain a positive relationship with his children. Their relationship, however, fell apart when his children discovered their father’s illicit activities.

When it comes to his mother, Drea, they look to be quite close. They now live together after she has nurtured her children. In multiple interviews, she has emphasized that her children are her entire world and that they are everything to her. In other words, Jaya and his mother are inseparably linked.

Jaya And Her Siblings Were Bullied Because Of Their Father

Jaah and his siblings claimed that their friends often pick on them because of their father. Their peers alluded to them as criminal offspring. Despite their hardships as a result of their father, they confessed that it no longer worried them.

Jaah and his siblings also did not respond well when asked how they feel towards their father.

What Is Jaya Kelly Currently Doing?

While living with his mother, Jaah is focusing on his musical career. Despite not being close to his father, Jaah has inherited his father’s love of singing and rapping. He has stated openly that he wishes to pursue a career as a musician.

Is Jaah Dating Anyone As Of 2023?

Jaah is highly discreet about his personal life and has not made any public statements about his romantic partner. Furthermore, he does not usually use his social media profiles.

He earlier claimed that he is interested in a female. He, on the other hand, is not the subject of any dating rumors. The 22-year-old starlet appears to be career-driven and is now single.

What Is Jaya Kelly’s Net Worth?

Jaya Kelly lives in opulence because he was born into a prominent family. Jaya’s net worth is unclear because he is still in his early stages of his career. He does, however, own some of his parents’ belongings.

In terms of his parents’ fortune, his mother Drea Kelly is reported to be around $5 million. Her principal source of income is her employment as a choreographer and dancer. She also makes a good living as a motivational speaker, which has allowed her to support her three children. Jaya’s father, like Jaya, had a net worth of around $10 million.

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