COURT DOCUMENTS: George Floyd Profile Reads Like A Career Criminal

The unfortunate death of George Floyd which sparked a Civil War like atmosphere in America has now snowballed into worldwide protests. All four officers involved have now been suspended, arrested and charged. Floyd had moved to Minneapolis after being released from Texas prison for aggravated robbery. He was under the influence of fentanyl and methamphetamine at the time of arrest. He went to jail for atleast 5 times and a look at George Floyd’s profile as per court documents reads like a career criminal involved in drug abuse, theft, criminal trespassing, aggravated robbery as well as entering a woman’s home and pointing a gun at her stomach while looking for drugs and money.

UPDATE: George Floyd’s Girlfriend Courteney Ross Testifies In Court Passenger In His Car Was Drug Dealer

NEW COURT DOCS: George Floyd Swallowed Drugs During 2019 Arrest & Snorted Oxycodone Daily
Court Documents George Floyd Profile Reads Like A Career Criminal
Court Documents George Floyd Profile Reads Like A Career Criminal

The official autopsy found Floyd died of cardiac arrest caused by being restrained. However, at the time of his death, he was under the influence of fentanyl and had methamphetamine in his system. A second autopsy, commissioned by Floyd’s family, found that the “evidence is consistent with mechanical asphyxia as the cause” of death, with neck compression restricting blood flow to the brain, and back compression restricting breathing. The cause of his death is still disputed.

George Floyd’s Criminal Past

  • George Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2014 after being released from prison in Houston, Texas following an arrest for aggravated robbery
  • On May 25, 2020, Floyd was arrested for passing a counterfeit $20 bill at a grocery store in Minneapolis
  • He was under the influence of fentanyl and methamphetamine at the time of arrest
  • Floyd has more than a decade-old criminal history at the time of the arrest and went to jail for atleast 5 times
  • George Floyd was the ringleader of a violent home invasion
  • He plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the home for drugs and money, according to court records
  • Floyd was sentenced to 10 months in state jail for possession of cocaine in a December 2005 arrest
  • He had previously been sentenced to eight months for the same offense, stemming from an October 2002 arrest
  • Floyd was arrested in 2002 for criminal trespassing and served 30 days in jail
  • He had another stint for a theft in August 1998

According to court records obtained by the DailyMail, before moving to Minneapolis in 2014, George Floyd was released from prison in Texas. He worked as a bouncer at a local restaurant.

Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where Floyd entered a woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records

Floyd had been sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where Floyd entered a woman’s home, pointed a gun at her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records

Floyd along with another suspect posed as a worker for the local water department wearing a blue uniform in order to enter a woman’s house. When the woman retaliated a Ford Explorer pulled up to the home and five other males exited the car and went up to the front door.

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The final straw for Floyd came after serving five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where he entered a woman’s home, pressed a gun into her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records (pictured)

The final straw for Floyd came after serving five years in prison in 2009 for aggravated assault stemming from a robbery where he entered a woman’s home, pressed a gun into her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records (pictured)

The report states the largest of the group, who the victim later identified as Floyd, ‘forced his way inside the residence, placed a pistol against the complainant’s abdomen, and forced her into the living room area of the residence.

‘This large suspect then proceeded to search the residence while another armed suspect guarded the complainant, who was struck in the head and sides by this second armed suspect with his pistol while she screamed for help.’

Not finding any drugs or money at the house, the men took jewelry and the woman’s cell phone and fled in their car. A neighbor who witnessed the robbery took down the car’s license plate number.

Later, police tracked down the car and found Floyd behind the wheel. He was later identified by the woman as the large suspect who placed a gun against her stomach and forced her into her living room, the document states.

Floyd had at least five stints in jail. In one of the charging documents, officials noted Floyd had two convictions in the 1990s for theft and delivery of a controlled substance, but it is not clear if Floyd served any time for either of those offenses
Floyd had at least five stints in jail. In one of the charging documents, officials noted Floyd had two convictions in the 1990s for theft and delivery of a controlled substance, but it is not clear if Floyd served any time for either of those offenses

Floyd was sentenced to 10 months in state jail for possession of cocaine. Floyd had two other cocaine offenses, receiving an eight month-sentence stemming from an October 2002 arrest and was sentenced to 10 months from a 2004 arrest.

Floyd was arrested in April 2002 for criminal trespassing and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. He did another stint for theft with a firearm in August 1998. He served 10 months at Harris County jail.

In one of the charging documents, officials noted Floyd had two convictions in the 1990s for theft and delivery of a controlled substance, but it is not clear if Floyd served any time for either of those offenses.

With the unfortunate death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, America has been plunged into a Civil War by the anarchist organization Antifa. Much has been written about the group, however as GreatGameIndia reported earlier, Antifa’s ties to the British intelligence is a closely guarded secret. From glorifying a British war criminal to bomb innocent civilians again to receiving training and weapons from ISIS, GreatGameIndia investigation uncovers the plot against America and that Antifa has long been regarded by American intelligence as a terrorist organization to be disrupted before they get a foothold on American soil.

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  1. George Webb has researched abuse of the MAVNI program in the US. Whereby, over the past 20-30 yrs, tens of thousands of foreign nationals were allowed into the USA and served stints in military to fast-track citizenship. Seems likely, Webb says, many individuals with ties/allegiances to hostile states or terrier groups got planted into American society.

  2. How does any of his criminal past have to do with anything that happened. Are you arguing he deserved what happened to him? This article and all the others this fake ass site puts out is detrimental to society.

  3. He was so high on drugs and complained he could not breath before he was placed on the ground . slowed respirations and decreased oxygen to the body are signs of fentanyl overdose. since he did not comply with the officers orders the oficers put him into a submission hold by kneeling on his neck . IE a defensive tactic which states control the head and you control the body. I doubt that the officers intent was to kill Mr Floyd. Yes his record is relevent because it shows a man who has a blatant disregard for the lives of others and society in general.

  4. To LAME Escroto: Did George Gloyd deserve to die? No, he deserves a “Good Citizen” award. Think about it Nimrod. If he had put a gun into your wife or mother’s stomach, beat her and robbed her, what would you then think? Good damn riddance to bad rubbish. The world is much better off. He was a career criminal who contributed nothing positive to society. People like you who sympathize with these asshats aren’t much better. No, I would never threaten your life, that would be unlawful. However if you were wasted by one of these asses you strive to defend, I’d not lose a wink of sleep. I sincerely would celebrate if you were ran down by a semi.

  5. When you have 3 times the lethal amount of Fet in your system at time of death I call that suicide. As stated he could not breathe before being combative. Good riddance. Tired of the black outrage and blame of others when the issues are in the “culture.” Your life is not a rap video sorry morons.

  6. George Floyd knew that the Fentanyl & methamphetamine he ingested to avoid them being in his possession at the time of the arrest were more than enough to kill him. His crying & saying he could not breathe in the squad car was real because Fentanyl does reduce your ability to breathe. Gorge could have told the cops what he took and he would be alive today. If you think this information in not correct then ask a doctor how much Fentanyl you would have to take and for how long to have that level George had in his system. Any non-drug user taking the amount of Fentanyl George had in his system would overdose.

  7. I live in Minnesota and Minnesotans AND me will be safer now that George Floyd is dead. He did NOT deserve to die and the officer should be put in prison, but lives ARE SAFER now.

  8. Name a service member who gives their life for this country and has 7 funerals and is presented with undying love and respect. I can…..NO ONE!!!!

  9. You are suffering from delusional paranoia from reading poisonous misinformation on the internet like this website

  10. You are wack. The video shows him being murdered.
    It’s bizarre a website named Great Game India is spreading misinformation.

  11. first of all none of us are morons we are actually educated young black males and females and its not fair for yo ass to call the rest of us black people morons thats really fucked up and would u like it if we said you guys were stupid or dumb as fuck no you wouldnt and for you to call us black people morons pisses me off just because he did something dont call the rest of us something that we arent get your facts right and second of all white people dont run nothing and alot of shit is engraved in our culture so fuck you.

  12. Actually the mean fentanyl level of fentanyl is higher than what George ingested. The level of classifying it due to fentanyl is 3 times less. But that dpesn’t mean an automatic death. George had 11ng/mL. The mean level is 15 ng/mL. The death was caused by the cops.

  13. Sorry I meant the mean lethal level of fentanyl is higher than what George ingested. The level of classifying it with fentanyl is 3 times less. I earlier said due to, but that’s not true. With and due to are different things and this was clarified. George had 11ng/mL. The mean lethal level is 15 ng/mL. The death was caused by the cops.

  14. Really now? Most of his arrests were for trivial offenses like small quantities of drugs, criminal trespass and even simply not providing his information details to officers. Apart from that a few robberies, but only one was armed. This to me seems more like a poor man and you’re trying to show him as a violent habitual thug. He in fact was poor. You’re trying to justify his murder and deride the ANTIFA. It’s clear.

  15. What’s interesting is that no one has investigated the crimes to understand the back story. Floyd’s first felony arrest was at the hands on Gerald Goines, former Houston PD officer. Why former? He was arrested in 2019 for the murder and falsified arrest warrant in Houston. The crime was so bad the county district attorney went back over thousands of case involving Goines. Literally charges were being dropped against people where he was the sole witness. Just like in Floyd’s arrest. To date 12 officers have been convicted of crimes with Goines in connection to the botched Harding Street raid. The bigger tragedy is how Floyd was trapped in the justice system after a falsified crime. Felony equaled les job opportunities, increased harassment with police, and loss of rights. The system is real.

  16. Yea George Floyd was a hero to people with low standards for hero. We (black and white) should all demand that police maintain the highest level of self control even under the most difficult situations that society needs them to respond to. But the media fanning the flames by televising his funeral and eulogizing him like Martin L King results in absolute contempt for the black cause and does nothing for racial harmony. Just like the ass (Jacob Blake) that refused to stop for police and got into his car reaching for a knife. You’re supposed to get shot. That’s what all police are trained to do. Now Ofc. Michael T. Slager is the one I have a problem with. Shooting Walter Scott in the back for trying to run away, lying about what happen in the police report and planting evidence….. he got 20 years for that but only after a hung jury on the murder charge. Hung jury, are you kidding me. I don’t care if Scott did resist, he was running away, no knife, no gun no threat at all. Murder. So let’s learn the lessons: 1. Right or wrong if you fight with the police you might wind up dead. 2. When struggling with a police officer YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A FAIR FIGHT. You are suppose to loose, dumb ass. If you commit crimes often and find yourself resisting police on a regular basis, it’s only a matter of time before someone crosses the line and again, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A FAIR FIGHT. It’s not a sport butt head, you’re suppose to loose. If you can’t learn the lesson from me, Google “Chris Rock public service message”.

  17. I have always wondered if there are so many heroes out there and they are not talked about then why glorify a convicted felon with a long criminal record like George Floyd, the real hero was Martin L. King and if he finds out that he is being compared to Floyd he would be very angry.
    We can not pay much attention to the yellowish TV channels and social networks that are looking for publicity without caring what is behind the news or who they can hurt, we can not allow them to try to fool us so easily, fair is fair and if you are a criminal offender you will be all your life because second chances exist but not so many times that you keep repeating all your life as the crimes that George Floyd was committing in his entire life.
    The police should modify the way they treat criminals and the population in general that is very true, but always remember this “if you have not committed a crime then you don’t have to run” otherwise you are telling the police that you are a criminal and then they will take action as they understand the situation, you have to understand that nobody has a sign on their forehead that says they are a good person and you don’t have to give the police reason to think otherwise.
    I hope we all understand this and be the best in this society because we need it.


    Yo siempre me he preguntado si hay tantos heroes por ahi y que no se hablan de ellos entonces porque glorificar a un delincuente convicto con un historial delictivo bien largo como lo fue George Floyd, el verdadero heroe fue Martin L. King y si se entera que lo comparan con Floyd estaria bien enojado.
    No se puede hacer mucho caso a los canales de TV amarillistas y a las redes sociales que lo que buscan es publicidad sin importar que es lo que hay detras de la noticia o a quien pueden herir, no podemos permitir que traten de engañarnos tan facilmente, lo justo es lo justo y si eres un delincuente criminal lo seras toda la vida porque las segundas oportunidades existen pero no tantas veces que sigues repitiendo toda tu vida como los delitos que estubo cometiendo George Floyd en toda su vida.
    La policia si deberia modificar su forma de tratar a los delincuentes y a la poblacion en general eso es muy cierto, pero siempre recuerda esto “si no has cometido un crimen entonces no tienes por que correr” de lo contrario les estas diciendo a la policia que tu eres un delincuente y entonces ellos tomaran accion segun ellos entiendan la situacion, hay que entender que nadie tiene un cartel en la frente que dice que es buena persona y no tienes que dar motivo a la policia para que piensen lo contrario.
    Espero que todos entendamos esto y seamos los mejores en esta sociedad ya que lo necesitamos.

  18. Seriously… His death was tragic.. The cop who killed him is a murderer… however, should our children look at the totality of his life and measure him next to Dr. Martin Luther King, Ms. Harriet Tubman and regard him as a role model for our children… We have so many influential black men and women… they are the role models for our children.

  19. He’s a loser. Media, BLM and others acting like he is some kind of hero. Career criminal and a thug trying to bully anybody to get what HE wanted. Now a cop’s life is over because he did what he was trained to do. Cop didn’t know he overdosed. Floyd had already been fighting with the cops and resisting arrest. When he was saying he couldn’t breath the cops thought he was just trying to get in a position to fight them and run. Does anybody believe the cop was attempting to kill him right there? In front of everybody and with some recording the incident. If Floyd hadn’t faught the police he’d still be alive today. Black people need to start taking responsibility for their actions. Stop blaming everyone else like little children do.

  20. I’m so sick of you niggers!!!!!!!!!! Y’all think Y’all are so special that the rules don’t apply to Y’all!!!!!!!!!! When a cop tells you to do something you do it!!!!!!!!!! Or you get what you deserve!!!!!!!!!! If Floyd’s dumb ass hadn’t passed a fake 20 dollar
    bill he wouldn’t have had any trouble!!!!!!!!!! If he hadn’t ate his fyntnal and his meth he’d be alive!!!!!!!!!! How the fuck is it always a white person or a cops fault when Y’all niggers fuck up?!?!?!?!?!? I just don’t understand!!!!!!!!!! Y’all have never taken responsibility for your own fuck ups!!!!!!!!!! It’s always the cops fault or a white persons fault!!!!!!!!!! Y’all are just too fucked up!!!!!!!!!! Nothing will ever satisfy Y’all!!!!!!!!!! Nothing!!!!!!!!!! Not ever!!!!!!!! Just what the fuck do y’all want? What the fuck will please y’all?!?!?!?!?!?!? I really want to know!!!!!!!!!! Y’all don’t want equality!!!!!!!!!! Y’all want total control!!!!!!!!!! That ain’t never gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!But I really would like to know what y’all want?!?!?!?!? When Y’all stop running from the cops And doing what they tell you to do life will get better and the cops won’t kill ya!!!!!!!!!! So until then JUST FUCK A FUCKEN NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!

  21. You have got to be kidding me dude!!!!!!!!!! Yeah Floyd was such a fine upstanding citizen!!!!!!!!!! Would you like your sister or daughter to bring him home as there date and start dating Floyd. Or marry that crazy guy?!?!?!?!? He was a piece of shit!!!!!!!!!! And that dumb bitch Nancy pillowy gave his worthless family a folded in cased flag to a criminals family who I’m sure are all criminals too in which this honor is reserved for falling soldiers family’s when the soldiers has gone to war and fought for our freedom and died in the process doing something honorable!!!!!!!!!! You don’t get that folded in cased flag for robbing people at gunpoint selling drugs swallowing drugs so you won’t get a drug charge and dying from a over dose!!!!!!!!! And passing fake money!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with you FUCKEN NIGGERS?!?!?!?!?!? The more I think about it the FUCKEN madder I get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Your FUCKEN back!!!!!!!!!! BETTER TO be PISSED off than to be PISSED ON!!!!!!!!!! You’ll get over it !!!!!!!!!! Your probably a big THUGG YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!! ANYBODY that thinks like you is just ANOTHER CRIMINAL JUST LIKE Floyd and his FAMILY!!!!!!!!!! HOW YA LIKE ME NOW?!?!?!?!? YOU DUMB FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  23. So per all you democratic asshole its ok to be fucked up in drugs and rob someone who hasnt bothered anyone . But if he was a white or MEXICAN person who died like he did would u protest like all rhe fucking people that GEORGE SOROS has paid to protest . NO FUCK YOU NIGGERS ,why do u act like America owes u something .

  24. First off I would like to say George floyd is a lowlife piece of shit. I have no sympathy for anybody that does a home invasion robbery . I believe they deserve to get shot in the head .He is another piece of scum that is wasting tax payers money by paying for his incarnation. Guy is a career long criminal and was breaking the law at the time of his arrest. I don’t give a shit what color his skin is.

  25. Maybe people who commit crimes and have violent felony arrest and conviction records should just be left to do what they want to do maybe police officers and law enforcement shouldn’t do their jobs at all. Or maybe, just maybe the police should do their jobs for the greater good of the public at Large…

  26. I do need to add something to my previous comment. I believe that life is sacred all life white black yellow red every human life. I wonder if George Floyd had he been a white man, Latino American, Asian-American, Native American or jewish-american with this situation Garner such huge media attention??? We are all children of the same God the same creator who greatly values his entire creation. John 3:16!

  27. He was a career criminal. He resisted arrest, took the drugs that killed him. He had no regard for other people, their lives, or property. So many decent, hard working, raising families, good citizens, that are black. Lets make them the hero, not George Floyd. His being dead, maybe has saved the life of his next victim, in his drug crazed mind. Thank God…..he is gone

  28. His past history/record is definitively 100%
    relevant. I’m not saying he deserved to die.
    And using your language Im certainly not
    arguing bec there is no argument. Im sure
    u are a person where arguing with u would
    be pointless. I’m saying that there is NOT
    anyone with a connection to this event hat deserves the fallout from it. Its just hat his death resulted from it. But his death was inevitable. And now his family has hit the jackpot and profited immensely.While others are effected from the fallout and their lives ruined. He would have been dead before the age of 50. Whether it be finally from an overdose (unfortunate it didnt already happen to this loser, nigger, criminal, thug, POS), heart attack r stroke, or from a confrontation w/law enforcement. f it had happened he wouldn’t be able to still be out on the streets breaking the law. They are always complaining about an
    unfair justice system. If this loser hadn’t DIED (not killed) soon someone would have been KILLED by this criminal even if it wasn’t his intention. As soon as someone retaliated. Whether it would be a victim of one of his crimes(theft), business owner, citizen he robbed, law enforcement officer r an innocent person on the road when he plows into them
    drugged up. He thought because of his size that EVERYONE was intimidated by him, wouldn’t stand up to him & he was in charge. If we had a justice system that worked he
    wouldnt still be out on the streets breaking
    the law. If they had not offered him a plea
    deal on the home invasion (involving the
    woman & 2 kids) along with 5 other thugs
    he would have gotten 40 years. But now
    the system (district attorney/prosecutors)
    that couldnt or wouldn’t keep his loser ass
    locked up wants to ruin this officer who
    was doing his job and making an honest
    living. I think the revolving door this loser
    had is a perfect example of what’s wrong
    with our justice system. And as far as
    him being trapped in it it is the court
    (prosecutors & judge) who put them away.
    It is a shame this loser didn’t die sooner
    if the courts weren’t going to keep him put
    away before this officers world collided
    with his. We have a system with a judge
    & judy. The same system that allowed
    this loser to still be out on the streets
    instead of being locked away. Now these
    losers, misfits and potheads wants to
    gather on the streets and influence trial.

  29. Floyd had every chance for the situation to lead to a different outcome. A life of criminal activity has a way of catching up to someone. Did you know that he pulled the same i can’t breath excuse during arrest before? Did you know that he said he couldn’t breath before he resisted arrest and engaged in a struggle? Have you seen the toxicology report? He shouldn’t have died but I would say most of the blame is on Floyd. It is one of the biggest shames in this country that has reinforced the skin color politicians, race hustlers and victimhood politics. As a group black people need to live more responsible lives before the biases will fade. Nothing short of that will make any meaningful difference. These truths will surely spawn an EF5 wokenado but its important that people not be afraid of speaking the truth.

  30. Maybe it does not have to do with what happened, but his death does not warrant a 27 Million settlement with his family. In his life he could never accumulate that worth.

  31. No he did not deserve to die. The argument is: Is this the guy you want as a poster boy for rioting, looting, burning and destroying the lives and livelihood of innocent neighborhoods and the people that live there and worked very hard to build a life. This is a criminal that was killed by another criminal. Nothing more.

  32. It’s sad when anyone dies but come on! Hundreds a weekend see the same end result due to democrats encouraging a lack of accountability to african american voters …..then systematic racism followed by killing more black as a result? The real problem lies in boys not being raised by men! The child support/social services has stolen african american father’s from kids since the 70’s illegally under duress and threat of imprisonment! So instead of allowing mother’s and father to personally deal with family matters….they insert a wedge, followed by services made to take the place of the father….encouraging 2,3,4 father’s by one woman as they pocket hundred of billions a year! Be there for your kids, raise them to be present & kind and loving to there son and daughters! These kids need married parent in loving relationships to set examples! When we have children, our lives are nothing more then about them! Mr. Floyd’s tradgedy began as a lost child….like the millions in our streets today! Take a kid and be a father to one who’s less fortunate. …get him outside teach him life lessons! Show love and compassion as you will one-day ask from the lord! Godbless

  33. Why don’t we all wait until the trial is over before convicting someone in the media. That is not a road we should go down. The video looks bad but all of the facts need to come out. The real turning point will be the actual cause of death of George Floyd and that has not been established. The 27 million dollar payout to the family was premature. The criminal trial should have come before the lawsuit. Minneapolis is worried about violence so they threw a 27 million dollar bone. That does not help. George Floyd is dead and he shouldn’t
    be but this case is complex. Let all of the facts come out. Have you ever served on a jury? It is not an easy job. If anyone is guilty it is Minneapolis for allowing a victim to be held down with a knee to the neck. They TEACH that at the police academy. I am not sure that the police officer was out of the natural bounds of his use of force. Forget black and white. Look for answers and follow the law. It did not help when the Floyd’s lawyer Mr. Crump said that if the victim were white it never would have happened. We do not know that. Mr. Crump is using the race card to force the hand of the jury. That jury should be sequestered for the entire trial.

  34. His criminal record has everything to do with what happened!! He was a violent punk who should not have even been out on the street!! Are you saying that his convictions are false? You obviously have a criminal mind like him. I don’t think he should have died but it is sickening how people defend a violent criminal. Maybe your views would be different if you had been one of his many victims.

  35. First let me say, a man died,and that’s sad for the family. But let’s look at the facts, a person legal past ,will affect how the police will ,Handel an arrest, there are many variables, In this case what I don’t understand is why did they take him out if the car he was already handcuffed and in the car. That was a mistake. As much as everyone will agree the officer did not need to keep his knee on his neck he was cuffed and on the ground with 4 officers present. Ok now here’s what people don’t want to here and Tvs don’t talk about, first off he was complaining he could not breath long before he was on the ground he said it many times, this is a very clear signs of Fentenal overdose starting you can not disagree that the amount of drugs in his system played a roll in his death, so add that with that’s with a knee on his neck contributed to his death ,this death wasn’t just the knee on the throat it was a combination of the drugs and the knee, you may not agree but this is just the facts, had he not been on drugs specialy taken more while being arrested had to of played a roll in his death. People say justice must be served that someone has to be accountable ok that’s very true but, you can not ignore the fact he tried to commit fraud with fake money, he was strung out on drugs, none of witch is the police fault that’s on him, if these factors weren’t in play chances are this wouldn’t of happened. Having said that. Clearly there was no need to continue to keep the knee on him,that’s on the cop, but the facts are it was a combination of drugs and the knee that killed him it wasn’t just the knee bye it self had he been sober he might have survived the knee.

  36. I wouldn’t give a damn about his past , the here and now. He was apprehended by the police for committing a crime , he was arrested by several officers , took down to the ground can’t do anything. , now u got this slimey mf called the police decide he wants to knelt on his neck with his knees for nearly 10 mins while he called for . And u mf’s call that justice ?, I know what I know and I’m so glad I was raised the right way.Wrong is wrong and whoever go long with that bs is wrong.

  37. The problem is it’s not fake. George Floyd was a man who had a string of convictions. Nobody has said that he deserved what happened to him, but then the pregnant woman he threatened with a firearm didn’t deserve that either. This is a typical BLM response, let’s pretend Floyd was a saint because anything else doesn’t fit our narrative.

  38. No doubt his death was tragic. And I felt terrible watching how frantic he was from the beginning of the arrest. Poor guy was really out of his mind, no doubt.
    Since the 1st time seeing the horror of Floyd’s death, I’ve believed there is no way Chauvin could be acquitted, although I’ve been puzzled how the other officers would be to blame, nor did I think Chauvin was a racist who killed him “on purpose”.
    But for once I’m watching a trial unfold. And I’m curious, if you’ve been watching the trial at all, if you still think Floyd was “murdered”? At first I was even more convinced that Chauvin was, at best, a negligent creep.
    Now? Wow. Those bodycam videos showing so much more of what went on beforehand. Finding the video of the 2019 arrest and seeing Floyd’s behavior then as almost identical. (He must’ve thought up the “I’m claustrophobic” baloney after that arrest.) The fact that he could have simply acted normally and would never have been arrested at all. (On those kinds of drugs, was he even capable of “acting normally” though?) The fact that he stuffed drugs into his mouth (why he wouldn’t show his hands) on both occasions. The fact that he had to be hospitalized for overdose in 2019 and hospital staff had to restrain him due to violent fighting and thrashing. The fact that he was saying he couldn’t breathe way before he was on the ground. The fact that the views of Chauvin on his neck, although they look horrible, may look worse than they really were. The fact that the way they were “hobbling” Floyd was a procedure they were trained to do in such situations. The fact that – again despite how the onlookers’ videos appear – you cannot actually see Floyd’s neck “pinned” to the ground or even really tell how hard he’s being held down at all, especially considering that he was able to continue thrashing and shifting himself, and Chauvin had to keep his balance due to that. The fact that there was NO sign of neck trauma whatsoever in autopsy (trachia OR to the sides of the neck.) That right there says a lot. Was he really being held so tightly that he couldn’t breathe? Did we actually see a man being “choked” to death, or did we see an extraordinarily horrible death from an overdose? As a man who was already falling asleep in his car (his friends couldn’t wake him up), then stuffed additional speedballs in his mouth, was freaking out because all those drugs (in addition to adrenaline, heart disease and other medical factors) were kicking in and making it more and more difficult to breathe? I just don’t know anymore. That one witness (character), Don Williams, not only didn’t make me more convinced of Chauvin being a killer, he only made me convinced that he himself was a drama queen activist self-promoter. Did you notice he had a black lives matter t-shirt on under his white shirt? He was putting on a rehearsed act, and he came off looking absurd. I just don’t know anymore. I don’t think Tau was being a “dictator” at all. He was concerned for a good reason, and yes, in his opinion his co-workers could have been in danger because they were basically unarmed at that point. And Don Williams was the MOST threatening person of all in that crowd. In fact, I think the concern about the crowd’s violence may have been the biggest exacerbating part of the whole thing! So… did we see Floyd die because he was “choked” to death, or did we see the wretchedness of what it’s like to die of a drug overdose, albeit while being constrained in a way to make it even more tortuous, by people who had no way of knowing how much Floyd’s behavior was just drama and how much was due to the fact that he was genuinely suffering from not being able to breathe as his body shut down from drugs and heart failure? Not because he was “claustrophobic”, but because those drugs were suddenly unloosed in his body to a fatal degree? How could they have known that? For that matter, how could Floyd have known he’d be killing himself by swallowing all those speedballs at once? He’d apparently gotten away with it before.
    I never thought it would be possible to change my mind on this. But the defense hasn’t even presented their case yet, and I’m already doubting everything I previously believed.

  39. Another thing about the fentanyl’s affect (verb) on Floyd: It sounds like the fentanyl is what led to death inevitably, but from what I’ve read about speedballs, the meth in them could also be the confusing (effect) in the whole horror we witnessed. The fentanyl is why he couldn’t breathe early on, and maybe why he became ever more frantic. But the meth could be why he hadn’t just passed out from the fentanyl effects right away. So the 2 drugs (so much of both ingested so quickly after he was already high on something, passing out in his car earlier) were fighting each other in his body as it shut down. If not for the meth, possibly he would’ve been unable to fight at all, and maybe would’ve even died earlier. I don’t know, this is all speculation on my part of course. But, just hearing how they work, and comparing that with his behavior… seems to make some sense, doesn’t it? The meth on the other hand caused his adrenaline to spike, probably put extraordinary stress on his heart, but at the same time was what enabled or even caused him to keep thrashing around so long, even while the fentanyl was shutting his system down. This isn’t explained very well, I know, as far as how I’m thinking about it. But it just seems like the 2 drugs themselves were fighting each other in his body. Yeah, I agree with another writer: if he’d simply admitted, especially when he realized he was having trouble breathing, that he’d taken a bunch of drugs in the last 15 or 20 minutes, they undoubtedly would’ve called the ambulance much sooner and handled him much differently. How were they supposed to be able to differentiate between what was a hysterical attempt to keep from being arrested and what was an actual alarm that he truly couldn’t breathe?

  40. Are YOU saying that the woman who had a gang of thugs break into her house and held a gun to her stomach deserved that? STFU you moron.

  41. Well I can see that a lot of you guy’s have not seen the trial. For one Floyd did not have enough drugs in his system to kill him. You people dont see the intentions of the police. My dad was a cop for 33 years. Police know how to get out of a situation. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard how to pull of a crime. George Floyd was innocent until proven guilty. The store clerk did not know what to look for on a dollar bill. Have any of you seen the fake 20? I’ve been stuck on the tv through the whole trial, I saw two twenty dollars bell one ripped in have and one whole bell they did not look counterfeit to me. This cop knew what he was doing. This was no accident.

  42. Yes. Violent criminals are not people and they deserve fates worse than death. This should happen more often.

  43. You gotta love it when America feels bad for someone because of the color of their skin,yet they don’t mind discriminating someone with a learning disability at school.

  44. Also,this is exactly why I’m moving out of this shit-hole of a country known as America.
    You have too many overly-sensetive pricks here who like to whine and bitch over everything.

  45. Poor George Floyd. He was a victim. I, too, was a victim years ago when three black males robbed me at gun point. Oh, those poor black young gentlemen who put a gun in my face, ripped my necklace off of my neck and stole my purse. Those poor poor black men. I just know they didn’t mean to scare the living shit out of me. I’m sure they didn’t mean to cause me to have nightmares. I’m sure they didn’t mean to put me out by having to cancel credit cards, making a trip to the DMV for another driver’s license and the social security office for another SS card. No, I’m sure they didn’t mean to cause all of that and then some. Oh, those poor poor boys. I’m so glad they were able TO TAKE WHAT WAS NOT THERE’S TO TAKE! Oh, those poor poor black boys (3 of them) who didn’t think they could rob a white female 5’7″ and 111lbs, without having a gun and the other boys there to make sure the white girl didn’t hurt them. Oh, you poor poor black boys. You do no wrong…

  46. I always got comments to say about Black people always trying to judge us good morning guys need to take a good look in the mirror at yourself let’s not forget about January 6, 2021 racism have always been there with white folks but Trump just bought it out even more you guys are so afraid you guys going to be the minority after while the white race is steady fading away

  47. White men use rape all women Black women used to breast-feed the white babies because The white women did not take care of their kids why people wanna be like Black people so bad take a look if they dried up looking women all those wrinkles they stay in the sun all summer long ugly ugly

  48. FACT….Mr Floyd was KNOWINGLY MURDERED by the copper eventually. This has NOTHING to do with his PAST or what he’s done….in the PAST. Racism having something to do with it CANT be confirmed 100% although we indervidually have our views on that 1 point. The copper DESERVES PRISON as I and I only being MY view BELIEVES he KNEW what he was doing by kEEPING the pressure on his neck and moving his knee back in place when Mr Floyd was FIGHTING to stay alive being a NATURAL instinct when effectively being CHOKED to DEATH ey. The coppers around him did NOTHING but allow it??????? NOT only that….fend off members of the public seeing someone die Infront of them that they did all they could to save him more than lightly concerned for there own safety by doing so. If one of the people VOICING/PHYSICALLY trying to help him went all out to do so would of without doubt been physically hurt in there mind. SAD….black, white, yellow, blue…..were human beings ey. YES there’s bad people. There’s a RIGHT WAY to do things….in this case with shite LOADS of coppers around 1 person with NO weapons to boot….arms behind his back and handcuffs ey!!?? You other coppers would of saved you mate coppers life as well as MR FLOYD’S. Your copper mate will DIE in prison/jail as you guys say…. whether he kills himself first….he’ll NEVER leave prison ALIVE. Is this really how we want to LIVE??????

  49. Wow. Too much hate! Both were in the wrong. Just don’t resist arrest. When a cop says to surrender… YOU SURRENDER. Floyd chose his actions that day and provoked the incident. But bottom line when he said he cant breathe, get off of him. No doubt his past criminal history is an indication of his future behavior. Eventually he was headed to an early death. I just pray that the Lord did this to possibly protect some innocent person from dying at the hands of Floyd. May god bless both the families.

  50. You do more than laugh. You harbor resentment. Do the crime then pay the time. Thats all. Black white asuan. Who cares. Live with good morals

  51. While I do believe the police were overzealous in their arrest of Floyd what I can’t believe is that he has been made into the patron saint of the black community. What will they teach their children about him? I’m sure they will neglect to mention his criminal past. Do they want their children to grow up to be just like him? If he didn’t have a criminal past this wouldn’t have happened and he was not trying to change his life-like many articles state-or he wouldn’t have had and/or been high on 2 of the most deadly and lethal drugs out there. If he had them on him and took them to avoid the police discovering them he probably intended to sell them and that means he had no concern for anyone else’s health and well-being. He’s not the only man who has died at the hands of some gung ho policemen. I bet even a few white guys and other races have been wrongly persecuted but a fact of life is when you put yourself in dangerous situations you’re probably going to die sooner rather than later. A rival drug dealer might have killed him next week. Another fact is that most black men are killed by other black men. They need to start in their own communities and quit trying to get the White Man to pay for everything in life for them.

  52. I’m not a racist-I have a half and half grandson and I wouldn’t want to change one single thing about him, he’s perfect. My kids had to work hard for everything they have and don’t want anything given to them. All black people aren’t bad – just the ones that think the world owes them a living and I view white trash the same way. Anyone that doesn’t want to work their way out of the projects deserves to stay there. If you don’t want to raise your children there- get a job, or 2 jobs or whatever it takes. Don’t sit there and whine oh poor me.

  53. The piece of shit is gone and the world now a safer place. Be thankful because you could have been his next victim

  54. If it were my daughter he held at gunpoint I would of killed him myself and for that , he deserved to die in my book. Anyone that harms my family will be held accountable. That piece of shit needs to have his grave spit on. He is no hero. He should of died way before that. And when you have people sticking up for him burning down houses and businesses is the dumbest fucking thing ever. I would like to see some of the BLM people come and burn my house down. And they will be laying next to the piece of shit Floyd . .

  55. Emily Czachor Newsweek June 1st 2020

    Minneapolis Police Department officers have used neck restraints to subdue at least 237 people since 2015, according to an NBC News report published on Monday.

    The report, which analyzed Minneapolis police records dating back roughly five years, also found that officers’ use of the disarming restraint tactic caused subjects to lose consciousness in 44 of those instances. Data showed that 60 percent of individuals restrained by police using this method were black, 30 percent were white, and the remainder were Native Americans, NBC News said in its evaluation.

  56. Minneapolis Police Department officers have used neck restraints to subdue at least 237 people since 2015… In 44 of those instances the person passed out as was planned to help restrain them. NO ONE DIED FROM THE PROCEDURE!

  57. This guy did not deserve to die, but needed to be off the street. If this guy approached some of the poeple that are defending him, I wonder how they would react?

  58. Wouldn’t have been a criminal wouldn’t have the engagement of a bad cop wonder how often the family that made the comment today they missing missed him of all those times he was in jail great father blame the judges for not leaving him in jail and blame him for being a menace to society and I’m sure the family missing 27 billion dollars worth right

  59. jennifer heath stfu yu racist ass BITCH. crackER ASS. KAREN HEAD ASS… GEORGE SHOULD HVE BEEN JAILED NOT KILLED. YU MAD CHAUVIN RACIST ASS GT CAUGHT. he aint no hero either with 18 complaints thts ytf d.o.j n feds on his mf nck tht mf look stressed like fk with them bags prolly hvn nightmares fa wtf he did. hope he die n tht mf n im glad his mother n father wont b there wen he get out IF HE GET OUT bitch get you a cot n serve his time with him. you know racist gne defend n stand up fa other racist. hope feds hang his ass kkk ass mfs

  60. WOW, ….. You’re rather ignorant, on the double digit IQ side, … aren’t ya ??
    Take an English class, … SOON, please !! Your writing makes you look like a complete moron.

  61. Sure, he was a piece of shit and we’re all better off now that he is gone, ….. But you have some serious issues that you should give a little attention to. …. Seriously !!

  62. Especially when you consider that fact that he had an enlarged heart, high blood pressure, 220/160 and a 90% blockage in one main artery, and two of them blocked at 75% then with deadly amounts of drugs in your system, being three years the backside of age 50, now get yourself into an all out exhaustive battle with the police, using up most of your small amount of life force you have left in you. for the final blow cops doing their best to contain you by man-handling you pressing upon your body in a way would normally not harm a normally healthy person, and there you have it. death will be the result. just to let you know, Derick C. weighed a whopping 132lbs stripped, and pressure to only one side of your neck, is in no way able to stop blood flow to the brain or block any air passage. none of the man handling did him any good, but it sure as hell did not kill him. cops could use better training because you never know the condition the person your battling with is in. GF was in fact a walking dead man. remember the older black man on the sidewalk holler out to GF, man give it up, your gonna have a heart attack, well that’s exactly what happened.

  63. Your own words show you are a moron. Get some education and learn to speak with intelligence and people will listen to you. Your alleged “culture” is simply anarchy to the beat of one of your idiotic rap songs you cherish so much.
    First of all, a sentence is started with a capitol letter. Had you completed middle school you should know this.
    Yo, u, wouldn’t, don’t run nothin, spell check is a common application that makes even the most illiterate clown appear slightly educated. Your lack of its use justifies the title, you are a moron, an ignorant cretin and a clown who sets back any progress your people are trying to make.
    Finally shit is engraved in your culture?? Do you mean ingrained?
    Engraved, those words people mark on things like jewelery you steal and have to rub off.
    Ingrained, to become a part of ones culture or persona.
    Congratulations! You prove to all who read this that you are a moron who most likely dropped out of high school to do an imitation of a pez dispensor dropping unwanted ignorant dull eyed dregs on society for a living.

  64. @TW, This person actually gives high school dropouts with head injuries and brain damage a bad image. I should know, I am one and the writing I see on the web in comments is simply horrific. Illiteracy isn’t just for minorities these days, as a lot of the horror I see comes from people claiming to have college degrees and that is the saddest testament to society’s big, swirly, bowl flush. lol

  65. What gets me is the black community says they are not treated fair. Really now….Look at the majority of professional football an basketball players they are black. 70% of the NFL is black.Well now that ain’t fair is it? These guys make how many millions a season? Do you see the “white community” crying about it. NO! Do you see anyone crying about it? NO, i think it’s time that we do You all choose to live as victims an cry racism. YOU ARE THE RACIST! An why the hell should he be memorialized he was a criminal an he choose to be one. A strung out thugg, that was to f’ing lazy to get a job an support his own ass! Has nothing to do with the color of his skin. An the crys about Gabby Petitio getting all this attention cuz she is white is bull shit. She is getting it cuz she was cute! Has nothing to do with her skin color!!! It’s ok for the white people to support all the black prisoners you all don’t cry about that. How is that fair? The crimes they commit effect everyone but I don’t hear or see you all crying racism over that. Who is doing all this sex trafficking in our country….black men!!! Black men trafficking out white women…hum is this fair? Why can’t they traffic out black women? How many white men do we hear are forcing black women into this? None! And we treat you unfair! Shut up people you do not realize how stupid you all look. Stop looking for a free ride an do something with your life, besides selling drugs an beating women into prostitution, an living off welfare!!! Has nothing to do with his skin color, if it was a white man that this happened to an a black cop that did it it would have never made the news! Is that fair.

  66. NBA is 74% black!!! An you all want to cry that your treated different cuz of skin color. These players makes millions per season, do you hear anyone complaining its unfair an racist. No but if those percentages where white players you all would cry about it

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