Inside Florida’s Billionaires Bunkers Island

Indian Creek in Florida has earned the moniker ‘Billionaire Bunkers Island’ due to its seclusion and the presence of a private security team.

Inside Florida's Billionaires Bunkers Island 1

Even wealthy people can no longer afford to live on the island because residents are being priced out by people like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, a local historian told Bloomberg.

“Only the very wealthy, the billionaires can afford to live in Indian Creek now. Hundreds of millions aren’t gonna cut it anymore,” said Paul George.

After purchasing two nearby mansions on the island for a combined sum of around $150 million last year, Bezos already owns multiple properties on the island and is hoping to purchase three more.

It’s debatable why Bezos would require five or more houses on a single small island; is it only to keep people away from him, or is he attempting to build something akin to Mark Zuckerberg, who is constantly growing his remote Koolau Ranch retreat in Hawaii?

A recent investigation by Wired revealed that Mark Zuckerberg is building a top-secret doomsday bunker on his estate in Kauai, Hawaii, known as ‘Koolau Ranch’.

There is a 5,000-square-foot underground doomsday shelter being built by Zuckerberg, which Bezos is most likely attempting to imitate.

The extremely wealthy are drawn to Indian Creek because of its seclusion and the presence of a private security team that “patrols the community around the clock by foot, sky, and land.”

Only one, well-secured bridge leads to the island, which is home to several well-known people, including Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Ivanka Trump, Carl Icahn, and Colombian banker Jaime Gilinski.

Ironically, a large number of those who promote the idea that catastrophic sea level rises would result from human-caused climate change also own the seaside estates.

However, it looks like they’ll be alright.

Billionaires are frantically purchasing private islands in Hawaii, Fiji, and New Zealand to get ready for what they refer to as “the event,” as we show in the video above.

Mass anger at the very world they built will probably be the driving force behind “the event,” whatever it turns out to be.

The millionaires have been meticulously preparing their underground doomsday bunkers for years, and when this earth-shattering “event” occurs, they will quickly retreat into them.

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  1. Doomsday is a reality and everyone has to accept it. This so called billionaires are just a bunch of clowns 🤡 as the fact DEATH IS CERTAIN. CELEBRATE 🥳 AND LEAVE THE WORLD ALONE WHEN THE TRUTH COMES TO YOU TO MAKE THE FINAL EXIT 🌺🌺🙏☎️

  2. a couple lf questions: hawaii, known for its volcanic activities, is about as safe, both on and under the ground, as sitting in a gun powder factory with your smoking material (cigarette, cigar, pipe) lit … is mr. zuckerberg aware?
    the situation in florida is about the same …

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