Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Top Secret Doomsday Bunker

A recent investigation by Wired revealed that Mark Zuckerberg is building a top-secret doomsday bunker on his estate in Kauai, Hawaii, known as ‘Koolau Ranch’.

mark zuckerberg bunker 1

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is constructing a sizable underground bunker with a “blast-resistant door” to escape the end of the world, according to a Wired investigation.

Zuckerberg has been expanding his contentious 1,500-acre Kauai, Hawaii estate by hundreds of acres for years. While most of it was previously known, the tech blog cites public planning documents obtained through public records requests to disclose that a “5,000-square-foot underground shelter” with “own energy and food supplies” is being built.

Detailed planning documents obtained by WIRED through a series of public record requests show the makings of an opulent techno-Xanadu, complete with underground shelter and what appears to be a blast-resistant door. -Wired

The estate, also known as “Koolau Ranch,” would consist of two major houses connected by a tunnel that leads to the subterranean bunker.

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The compound would be self-sufficient, with its own food supply and water tank measuring 55 feet in diameter and 18 feet in height, according to building records.

mark zuckerberg bunker 3
The main gate of Zuckerberg’s compound.PHOTOGRAPH: PHIL JUNG

According to Wired, “Building permits put the price tag for the main construction at around $100 million, in addition to $170 million in land purchases, but this is likely an underestimate.”

Many former contract workers at the ranch disclosed that all employees were subject to nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).

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“It’s fight club. We don’t talk about fight club,” said one anonymous former contract employee. 

A further ex-employee stated that the “extremely severe” observance of non-disclosure agreements prevented anyone present from “taking the risk of getting caught even taking a picture.”

Jessica Konen and her daughter Alicia will receive a $100,000 settlement in the landmark secret gender transition case against Buena Vista Middle School.

Some millionaires, such as Peter Thiel, the founder of Palantir, and PayPal, have constructed or are preparing doomsday bunkers in isolated locations across the globe.

mark zuckerberg bunker 5
A guard tower overlooks Larsen’s Beach which abuts the Zuckerberg property (left), A fruit stand sits across the street from the compound (right).PHOTOGRAPH: PHIL JUNG

Billionaires are driven to construct doomsday bunkers for a variety of reasons, including the potential fallout from the Russia-Ukraine war, the potential Middle East regional conflict, the potential for Western cities to collapse into criminal hotspots, the increase in illegal immigration throughout the West, worsening financial conditions in the West, and a host of other reasons.

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People shop at a local Christmas market in Kilauea about 10 minutes north of the compound.


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