Indian Police Told To Lose Weight Or Quit

In a tweet, GP Singh, the Director-General of Assam’s police force, instructed all Assam police personnel to lose weight or quit.

A police official in the Indian state of Assam has told overweight police officers that their body mass index (BMI) is to be “professionally recorded” from mid-August and that officers in the “obese” category must reduce their BMI before November or retire from the force.

“We plan to give three months’ time to all Assam police personnel [before tests begin],” read a Tuesday tweet from GP Singh, director-general of Assam’s police force. “All those who are in the obese range (BMI 30+) category would be offered another three months’ time to reduce weight.”

Singh indicated that he would be the first officer to have his BMI measured and that any colleagues who have legitimate medical ailments such as hyperthyroidism will be exempt from the measures.

This follows a statement in recent weeks made by Assam’s chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, that approximately 300 police officers deemed to be “habitual drinkers” and “physically unfit” would be asked to take early retirement, amid what he said was a drive to “cut the deadwood out of the police force.”

According to The Telegraph, the UK Parliament has instructed its staff on how to identify and report transphobic behavior, effectively being deployed as ‘pronoun police’.

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