India-Russia Discuss Tech Transfer, Making Of ‘RD-191’ Semi-Cryo Rocket Engine

India and Russia discussed the technology transfer of the RD-191 semi-cryo rocket engine to help manufacture the Russian-origin rocket engine in India.

WION has learnt that the Indian Government’s Department of Space is facilitating the technology transfer of Russian-origin ‘RD-191’ semi-cryogenic rocket engines to Indian industry. This technology transfer is meant to enable Indian industries to manufacture the Russian-origin rocket engine in India.

This also opens up the possibility of exporting the made-in-India ‘RD-191’ engines and using the engine as part of India’s heaviest rocket LVM3, thereby enhancing its payload carrying capability. India and Russia are learnt to have been in talks for a long time, regarding the sale of the ‘RD-191’ engines. 

The ‘RD-191’ is a high-performance rocket engine fuelled by kerosene and liquid oxygen. It falls under the category semi-cryogenic, as its fuel kerosene can be stored at room temperature and the oxidiser liquid oxygen has to be stored at super-cooled temperatures (below -150 degrees Centigrade).

India currently operates three kinds of engines on its operational rockets — solid-fuelled, liquid-fuelled and cryogenic (where liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen are stored at super-cooled temperatures).

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In a recent interview with the Russian News Agency Interfax, Andrey Elchaninov, First Deputy Director General of Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, was asked about the possibility of supplying India with RD-191 engines.

Latest pictures accessed exclusively by INDIA TODAY show a massive Chinese build-up near Doklam, ringing alarm bells in the Indian military.

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