Massive Chinese Build-Up Near Doklam Rings Alarm Bells In Indian Military

Latest pictures accessed exclusively by INDIA TODAY show a massive Chinese build-up near Doklam, ringing alarm bells in the Indian military.

Serious concerns are being expressed by the Indian military over massive construction by China in the Amo Chu river valley in Bhutan. Amo Chu abuts the strategic Doklam plateau, from where India’s Siliguri corridor is in the direct line of sight of China’s PLA (People’s Liberation Army). It is barely some distance from the India-China-Bhutan Doklam tri-junction, the site of an intense military stand-off between India and China in 2017 over construction of a road by Beijing.

Latest pictures accessed exclusively by INDIA TODAY show the PLA’s permanent habitation for its troops along with communication towers in Amo Chu. Close to 1,000 permanent military hutments as well as multiple temporary sheds have come up in recent months to house thousands of PLA troops.

After facing strong retaliation from the Indian Army in Doklam, the PLA is attempting to approach the same ridge through an alternate axis so that it can bypass Indian defences to the west of Doklam.

Doklam is an isolated plateau, which was hardly patrolled by Chinese or Bhutanese forces before 2017, when the Indian military came into the scene. Chinese history claims Bhutan as part of its territory. In 1960, the Chinese government had issued a statement claiming Bhutan, Sikkim and Ladakh as part of ‘unified’ Tibet.

Senator Bill Hagerty, along with Senator Jeff Merkley introduced a resolution in the U.S. Senate to recognise the McMahon Line as an international boundary between China and Arunachal Pradesh.

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