India Serves Legal Notice To WHO Chief Scientist For Suppressing Data On Ivermectin To Treat COVID-19

The Indian Bar Association has taken legal action against the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan for her role in spreading disinformation and suppressing data on the use of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

India Serves Legal Notice To WHO Chief Scientist For Suppressing Data On Ivermectin To Treat COVID-19

The association (IBA) served a legal notice (read below) on Swaminathan on May 25, claiming that she was “spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfill her agenda” and sought to prevent her from “causing further damage.”

They further stated that Swaminathan, in her statements against the use of Ivermectin, ignored research and clinical trials from two organizations—the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance and the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD)—who have presented solid data showing ivermectin prevents and treats COVID-19.

“Dr. Soumya Swaminathan has ignored these studies/reports and has deliberately suppressed the data regarding effectiveness of the drug Ivermectin, with an intent to dissuade the people of India from using Ivermectin,” the IBA said in a statement (read below).

In a May 10 Twitter post that was deleted after Swaminathan received the notice, she wrote, “Safety and efficacy are important when using any drug for a new indication. WHO recommends against the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19 except within clinical trials.”

Swaminathan made the post soon after Goa’s health minister announced that every Goa resident 18 and older would be given ivermectin as prevention regardless of their COVID-19 status, as part of the Indian state’s effort to stop the transmission of the virus.

India has been hit hard in the second wave of the virus pandemic beginning in March 2021.

India saw nearly 750% increase in COVID-19 cases in less than a month. Many health experts have suggested that it was the mass vaccination drive in metro cities that caused the second COVID-19 wave in India.

The legal notice calls for a clear response from Swaminathan on a number of key points, and the association said that in the case of a failure to provide a clear response, it reserves the right to initiate prosecution under sections of the Indian Penal Code and Disaster Management Act, 2005.

The Indian Bar Association cited the case of 80-year-old Judith Smentkiewicz, who made a full recovery after being on a ventilator and told she only had a 20 percent chance of survival.

Her family obtained a court order that allowed her to receive additional doses of Ivermectin after doctors were hesitant to give her more than one dose, according to Buffalo News.

Smentkiewic’s family and attorneys say they believe that Ivermectin saved her life.

The WHO has been accused of suppressing every other alternative treatment for COVID-19 which is outside its recommendations, regardless of whether it works or not.

Earlier, it was revealed in a shocking investigation that WHO banned Hydroxychloroquine based on a fake study by a pornstar and a science-fiction writer. Later, in an ongoing investigation, a French doctor testified in parliament that Gilead sent him death threats after he started talking about HCQ as a cure for COVID-19.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, even the President of Madagascar himself has made a sensational claim that the WHO offered him $20m bribe to poison COVID-19 cure. The herbal remedy called COVID-19 Organics made from Artemisia can cure COVID-19 patients within ten days said the President. He also raised the question that if it was a European country that had actually discovered this remedy, would there be so much doubt?

Read the Press Release below:


Read the Legal Notice below:

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  1. It’s is crystal clear that WHO is now a privately funded organization who pursue there bosses agenda rather then acting independently as it should.

    WHO is becoming a joke of 20th Century.

  2. “According to the FDA, an Emergency Use Authorization is a tool that allows an unapproved medical product to be released to the public in a health crisis given that the medical product meets statutory criteria outlined in Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”

    The statutory criteria are as follows: 1) an emergency must be declared, 2) the agent specified for the declaration of the emergency can cause a serious or life-threatening disease/condition, 3) it is reasonable to believe the medical product is effective in treating, diagnosing, or preventing that disease/condition based on scientific evidence, 4) the known potential benefits outweigh the known potential risks, and 5) there is no adequate, approved, alternate treatment available.”

    Read that last sentence (#5) again, and again.

    These murderous scumbags will lose their EUA if the world finds out how effective Ivermectin and other protocols really are.
    Hopefully, when the truth finally comes out, and it will, they will also lose their indemnity clause so that victims of their poison jab can sue them into oblivion.

  3. Ivermectin is a miracle drug with zero side effects.The entire covid affected population of Delhi and UP combined( Total population is over 120 mn) were cured by administering Ivermectin.So, is the case for Goa.
    Ivermectin made the whole lot Of Covid-19 Vaccines useless and laughing stock.But,but FDA , CDC, and WHO(all run by Big Pharma) hates this drug because it’s cheap and 100% effective and eliminates the need for compulsory vaccination as the Deep State tom toms. Here’s the thumb rule : When Fauci,CDC FDA ( Dr.) Bill Gates,CNN and WHO says something good for you : AVOID IT LIKE A PLAGUE


  5. Sir. WHO & UNSC both are in the hands of Business Mafia gang – in the past they adviced reccomand some medicine Multivitamin. Zinc and Vit C etc.all these medicine’s are not battle against Covid Virus now these news are comes out where us billion billion dollar are already earned by these goons by selling these medicine. And more our our Covodshield is the one gives best result the news comes from AIIMS after through medical research and investigation (world medical community must understand and accept,since India is the only country gives higher number of Vaccination across the world) but WHO is whemently not announcing it. Due to the compulsion of these medical mafia giants particularly China’s influence. We must come out from UNO and its various other bodies.

  6. Good development for our country. It is said that if there is treatment available, then vaccines cannot be approved on an emergency basis. The authorities should also investigate whether this is true and if true could it be the reason for saying that there is no treatment and projecting vaccine as the only remedy even though many people get discharged after admission and treatment.

  7. The WHO has become the laughing stock as its Head is in cahoots with China. He cannot call a spade a spade. It is high time that it is dismantled as it has failed during this China induced pandemic, when they could really have made a difference

  8. India had successfully controlled Covid by using Zinc, Vit C, Ivermectin and Doxycycline. There is NO NEED for a vaccine!!

  9. While this is certainly worth exploring further, it is concerning that you are encouraging the crazies, in your quest for finding the truth. You are just as bad as those you rail against.

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