3000 Chicago Police Officers Defy Illegal Vaccine Mandate

About a third of Chicago Police Department, almost 3000 officers defied the illegal vaccine mandate as it enters its first full week in effect resulting in a stalemate.

3000 Chicago Police Officers Defy Vaccine Mandate

The back and forth between the mayor and the Chicago police union continues, with the city sending out a flurry of emails and memos as its vaccine mandate enters its first full week in effect.

CBS 2’s Mugo Odigwe obtained the latest threatening memo sent out to officers.

At least two memos have gone out since Friday’s deadline for all city workers to report their vaccination status to the city, but Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara said thousands of officers are still refusing to do so.

“The unofficial number we have is about over 3,200; so about of third of the department,” Catanzara said.

Catanzara has said the mandate is illegal, because the city didn’t negotiate terms with the union.

He said officers who are still refusing to report their vaccination status will be called in by supervisors on Monday, and once again will be asked to comply with the mandate.

“If they refuse, it sounds like they’re going to go into a no pay status, effective immediately,” Catanzara said.

He said the dispute with the Lightfoot administration is no longer about the vaccine, or personal beliefs, but collective bargaining rights.

“All of those things are a change in your employment policies. You have to negotiate with us what that looks like. The city has refused to do that,” Catanzara said.

Two memos have been sent out since Friday.

The latest, from Sunday, involves consequences officers could face if they don’t follow the city of Chicago’s vaccination policy.

Any such officers will become a subject of a disciplinary investigation that could “result in a penalty up to and including separation from the Chicago Police Department.”

The memo goes on to say that “sworn members of the department who retire while under an investigation may be denied retirement credentials.”

On Saturday, a different memo went out, saying days off now require approval from a deputy chief or above.

CPD hasn’t said if this is related to the ongoing tension between the police union and Mayor Lori Lightfoot over the city’s vaccine mandate, but as of now, the union is not budging.

“Our moniker all week has been hold the line, for a reason,” Catanzara said.

The union has sued the city over the mandate, seeking to force the city to engage in arbitration.

Basically, Catanzara said both sides are at a stalemate.

Recently, reporter Allison Williams left ESPN over COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying “I am so morally and ethically not aligned with this.”

Meanwhile, a Senior Australian Police Sergeant quit her job after refusing to enforce Orwellian COVID rules.

Wearing her dark-blue uniform in a bombshell interview she revealed that she had been “troubled” by how police resources have been applied during the pandemic by state authorities.

However, a small but significant victory was achieved Wednesday when the French Senate rejacted a socialist senator’s proposal to make the COVID experimental vaccine mandatory for all citizens living in France. Non-compliance would trigger a fine of 135 euro (about $150 USD), and 1,500 euro for re-offenders.

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  1. A world full of leftist communists. Never before has an injection been made “mandatory”, and where’s the proof covid 19 and variants even exist? Remember, there was no flu last year. And very few died from tho gs thousand die from every yet. It was all claimed to be ” covid”.

  2. Draconian and dystopian barely describe the insanity of mandating people into doing what they refuse based upon their personal convictions .Billions $$ are being made due the mandates ,that in itself speaks louder than words .

  3. Mandates are NOT laws. No E.O. exists nor does any legislative law exist that forces people, by law, to get a vaccine. These people are wickedly evil and are liars. God tells us all of these things in HIS WORD. There is NO peace for the wicked, saith the Lord.

  4. It is insane to force medication on any person!!! If they wish to go unvaccinated they are only having an effect on other unvaccinated persons, that is if the vaccine even works to protect vaccinated persons from infection….there is no consensus on this point. Breakthrough infections are an indicator of an ineffective vaccine.
    ALSO! Are we going to just ignore the fact that many persons die after getting vaccinated?!? Ask persons who really know the truth of how this is being covered up. I know, I lost me husband to the horrid UNSAFE shot and of course they listed it as ‘natural causes.
    Their rules: Someone comes into the hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest and they say difficulty breathing is from covid. Someone dies after getting the vaccine they say it is natural causes. IT IS A MONEY GAME!!! WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

  5. So basically what the guy is saying is that forcing the mandate will be OK if you negotiate it through the union first.

    This is a dog and pony show.

  6. I would ask Mayor Lightfeet if she can produce her own vaccination status. I ‘d bet big money she has not been vaccinated. But it will be sweet to see the utter brutality of murder in the streets if/when the rule of law totally disappears in Chicago. Capone would be smiling where he is in heaven. As he would realize his beloved gangland won at long last.

  7. Yep!From Chicagoland,I emailed the union in support and gave helpful websites and legal issues.U.S. Constitution Article18:code 241re. Constitutional Conspiracy is Very relevant.They are right in the change in employment reauirement of negotiation as is required in the new Days off policy.Unions run well and not greedy are Vital.They need to sue Pritzker,the Ukrainian cryptojew=Khazarian with a cousin on the pedoperv Epstein list.IL. Health Dept. Needs to be sued and many others.Fraud,breach of contract,sedition,treason,embezzlement,Logan Act violations,Open Meetings and Govt. Sunshine Laws violations,unequal protection violations,using govt. Time and property for personal use violations,bribery,RICO law violations,$ laundering,Fourth Constitutional Amendment to be Secure in one’s possessions,home,anderson from UNREASONABLE SEARCH OR SEIZURE violations,The Right to pursue happiness,Right to Life and Liberty.These mearpuppets are trying TO LITERALLY TAKE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS AWAY LIKE THE RIGHT TO PROPETLY FUNCTION AS A HUMAN,I.E. TO BREATHE HEALTHFULLY.Facts Prove the harm that masks,shields,face coverings do in less than two MINUTES TIME! Death and disability from all the Deathjabs are proven as are the many cases of tocins,heavymetals,hydra,blackgoo,pinkslime,fungus,cancer cells,fetal cells,graphene oxide which cause clots and change your p.h. And frequency.They need to be hung for ATTEMPTED MURDER AND GENOCIDE.THEIR ASSETS TAKEN AND GIVEN BACK TO COMMUNITY.

  8. Stop using enemy words.Its a killshot or Deathjab,not even close to a vaccine.Modernas site even admitted it was an Operating system months ago.Judges have called it a medical device.It is a toxin,a weapon,a dehumanizing g.m.o. Maker.Experimentalvaccines.o,joyce-bowen.blog,thenewabnormal.c,Theinformedamerican.org,henrymakow.c,Auric-Media.net,peterdavidbeter.org=excellent site for real history and why things are happening as is,Fourwinds10.com,truth11.com

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