How The FBI Planned the January 6 Operation

A nine-page study with the working title “1776 Returns” described how the FBI planned the January 6 operation.

Cara Castronuovo of The Gateway Pundit writes on a stunning development in the US government’s prosecution of the Proud Boys in February of this year.

It was found that the mysterious “1776 Returns” (pdf below) paper was actually written by the government.

A nine-page study with the working title “1776 Returns” described tactical tactics for the seizure of US federal facilities on January 6, 2021.

In court, it was established that the document’s author was an FBI agent and that the FBI was responsible for its creation.

Just before January 6th, a “love interest” called Erika Flores emailed the enigmatic paper to Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio’s Telegram address without his permission.

The totality of the “1776 Returns” were allegedly written by a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, and Flores said in her testimony to the January 6th Committee that this official asked her to share them with Tarrio.

Tarrio and four other Proud Boys members were convicted guilty of seditious conspiracy after being accused of it. Enrique Tarrio received a 22-year prison term for orchestrating the entire “seditious conspiracy.” We now know that the FBI was the driving force behind the plot.

Roger Roots’ Motion states the following:

“It appears that the government itself is the author of the most incriminating and damning document in this case, which was mysteriously sent at government request to Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio immediately prior to January 6 in order to frame or implicate Tarrio in a government- created scheme to storm buildings around the Capitol. As such, Exhibit 528-1 and the government’s efforts to frame or smear defendants with it, constitutes outrageous government conduct. This is either entrapment or outrageous government conduct, or both. Equally improper, it is a Brady violation because the Department of Justice must surely have known these revelations before putting Special Agent Dubrowski on the stand on February 9 to introduce this evidence.”

The cover to the sketchy and poorly written “1776 Returns” was allegedly created by a Government Official who claims to have been “groomed” to join the CIA or FBI.

The “1776 Files” appear to have been written by a man by the name of Samuel Armes.

Armes is “a former State Department and Special Operations official” who was also questioned by the January 6th Unselect Committee.

According to Armes, he recognized parts of the text as concepts he had created as part of a “war gaming” exercise he had carried out in August or September of 2020. Armes “co-founded a cryptocurrency LLC with a Florida address called Government Blockchain Systems”Prior to his time in the State Department and special operations, Armes said that at college, he had been prepared to join the CIA and FBI. He also mentioned that throughout his studies, he frequently took part in “war gaming” scenarios, which helped him later in government. (*The J6 Committee resisted making these materials available.)

In a recent post on X, former EcoHealth Alliance scientist Andrew Huff revealed how the CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance was involved in the creation of coronavirus.

This suggests that the intelligence community—someone “groomed” by the FBI itself—created the most damaging document in this case, according to Roger Roots, the Proud Boys lawyer who created this Blockbuster Motion. Soon before January 6, this CIA and FBI asset asked Tarrio’s acquaintance to provide Tarrio access to the paper.

The motion states: “During Special Agent Dubrowski’s terrifying testimony, Assistant U.S. Attorney Conor Mulroe went to great measures to highlight passages from the paper that described a scheme to strategically seize the majority of the congressional offices near the Capitol in order to lay siege to Capitol Hill. The written plan to “fill buildings” “with patriots” was shown to the jury, leading them to believe it was the idea of Tarrio or one of the other defendants. Not at all.

The strategy outlined in the memo called for eight significant buildings in the District of Columbia to be occupied on January 6, 2021. This includes the Supreme Court as well as the offices of the House and Senate. The plan called for the widespread mobilization of supporters while evoking the feeling and spirit of both the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Bolsheviks’ attack on the Winter Palace in 1776.

It is uncertain if Tarrio read or even opened the paper that Armes gave to him through Flores, but the government based much of its case against Tarrio and the Proud Boys on this ridiculous “war gaming” exercise.

Samuel Armes

The Dishonorable Judge Timothy Kelly permitted this charade to continue despite being aware of the document’s history from pre-trial hearings and the fact that Tarrio had nothing to do with the creation of these plans and that they were simply “sent” to him via Telegram by a “love interest” – yet the Biden DOJ misled the already biased jury and claimed the document belonged to Tarrio!

Samuel Armes was asked to testify back in July 2022 by Liz Cheney and the January 6 Committee. Young college graduate Armes has only recently begun his professional career in Florida.

Read the pdf below:

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