How A CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance Was Involved In Creation Of Coronavirus

In a recent post on X, former EcoHealth Alliance scientist Andrew Huff revealed how the CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance was involved in the creation of coronavirus.

How A CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance Was Involved In Creation Of Coronavirus 1

It’s important to review claims made by former EcoHealth Alliance scientist Andrew Huff about the CIA’s alleged ties to EcoHealth and COVID-19 in light of Tuesday night’s shocking report from Congressional investigators that Dr. Anthony Fauci was smuggled into CIA headquarters “without a record of entry” where he “participated in the analysis to “influence” the Agency’s” Covid-19 investigation.”

How A CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance Was Involved In Creation Of Coronavirus 2

A Brief Review

Recall that after the Obama administration outlawed gain-of-function research in 2014, EcoHealth was awarded lucrative contracts to conduct bat Covid studies in Wuhan, China. The NIH essentially transferred this study to Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth four months before the prohibition. Fauci’s NIAID protected the study from supervision, and Daszak was compelled to disclose his use of gain-of-function trials after the fact.

How A CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance Was Involved In Creation Of Coronavirus 3
Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci pose for a picture.

“As a virologist, I personally think creating chimeras of SARS-related bat coronaviruses that are thought to pose high risk to humans entails unacceptable risks,” virologist Jesse Bloom told The Intercept.

How A CIA Front EcoHealth Alliance Was Involved In Creation Of Coronavirus 4
A researcher works in a lab of Wuhan Institute of Virology in central China’s Hubei province on Feb. 23, 2017. Photo: FeatureChina via AP

The Lancet published a screed by Daszak (signed by over two dozen scientists) after Sars-CoV-2 broke out in the same town where Daszak was manipulating Bat Covid. Daszak insisted the virus could have only come from a natural spillover event, probably from a wet market, and that the scientists “stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.” Only afterward did The Lancet mention Daszak’s conflicts of interest.

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Huff, who worked at EcoHealth from 2014 to 2016, said in a post on Twitter (now “X”) in January 2022 that “I knew in December of 2019 that COVID was likely a lab leak.” Then Huff asserted, “Not only is EcoHealth Alliance a CIA front organization, but the United States of America is primarily responsible for COVID, not China.”

Also in January, Huff said to Fox Business: “This was actually a failed intelligence operation. We were actually trading China’s advanced biotechnology for access to and collect intelligence on their bioweapons laboratory. I believe. I can’t prove that but a number of agencies that I discuss in the book, including Dr. Peter Daszak telling me he worked with the CIA.”

According to a new accusation by the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Fauci was smuggled’ into CIA Headquarters to influence” the COVID-19 origins investigation.

The following is taken from Huff’s book “The Truth About Wuhan“:

“These discussions resulted in publications indicating that Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, was working with the CIA, and that the biological agent commonly known as COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) had been in development at EcoHealth Alliance since 2012, and other evidence suggested that SARS-CoV-2 began earlier than 2012. The development of SARS-CoV-2 included several prominent US-based scientists and US academic institutions that received funding from numerous federal government agencies and private non-governmental organizations to complete the gain of function work on SARS-CoV-2.”

In addition, Huff shared a document obtained by Project Veritas that was allegedly written (and not denied) by Maj. Joseph Murphy (USMC) and stated that “SARS-CoV-2 is an American-created recombinant bat vaccine” which was “created by an EcoHealth Alliance program at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).”

Project Veritas has obtained a separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.

The report states that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018, seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses. The proposal, named Project Defuse, was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the basis gain of function research moratorium.

According to the documents, NAIAD, under the direction of Dr. Fauci, went ahead with the research in Wuhan, China and at several sites across the U.S.

-Project Veritas

There is much more to that.

Huff also submitted a report to Congress under oath that makes the following assertions:

  1. SARS-COV2 was created in the lab in Wuhan, China;
  2. Anthony Fauci funded the creation of SARS-COV2 and lied to Congress about funding Gain-of-Function work;
  3. The US Intelligence Community was aware of and appeared to have been involved with the funding of said Gain-of-Function work;
  4. A number of well-connected public and private partners were involved in the Gain-of-Function work that resulted in the creation and release of SARS-COV2;
  5. Anthony Fauci and others coordinated to cover-up the funding of the Gain-of-Function work that resulted in SARS-COV2.

Check out these posts by journalist KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat), which contain accusations from Huff, DRASTIC, RFK Jr., and more, if you really want to go into the details of this. To enter the relevant conversations, click on each tweet.

Information about Baric and the programs:

In December 2022, almost a year after Huff became a whistleblower, EcoHealth, no stranger to damage control, responded to Huff’s allegations, writing that his claims of gain-of-function research are false, that a lab leak is “not true,” and that his claims regarding the “nature of the collaboration between EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology” are similarly “not true.”

Notably, Ecohealth did not contest Huff’s assertions that he had worked for or on behalf of the CIA.

Read the pdf below:

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  1. Believe what you like I have gone with this: #ModernaGate: Moderna wins Award for Deadly Covid Vaccine it was able to create prior to 2019 because “Murderna” is responsible for creating the Covid-19 Virus in a BioLab… #CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG

    By The Exposé on April 30, 2023

    Covid-19 is a manmade virus, and Moderna Inc., the American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that has made billions through the sale of an experimental Covid-19 injection, is responsible for creating it.

    Don’t believe us?

    Then read the exhaustive evidence below and check for yourself.

    By a concerned reader who is a qualified cell biologist

    STEP 0: The genome, the complete genetic code of Covid19 is found here – The genome of Bat Coronavirus RaTG13 is found here –

    One can compare these two genomes, letter by letter using the BLAST Genome alignment comparison tool at

    Just put NC_045512.2 in the Query Sequence Box and MN996532 in the Subject Sequence Box. Then choose the radio button:: More dissimilar sequences (discontinguous megablast). Then hit BLAST. Then when the results appear (a few second later) choose the Alignments tab and you will see both genomes compared perfectly.

    The American case will serve to raise awareness of how much skulduggery has been deployed by governments against their own people. Few people realise that the ‘vaccines’ were developed and coordinated by the military, through pseudo-legal mechanisms that enabled them to evade normal regularity processes designed to protect populations from potentially dangerous pharmaceutical products, to which private commercial companies are subject. The US case is a civil lawsuit for damages against the Department of Defense (DoD), which is the de facto developer and distributor of Covid vaccines, and names Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III as defendant. This case is important because for the first time it targets the Department of Defense at the top of the pyramid of malfeasance. Please see Sasha Latypova’s testimony and her discussion with bioweapons expert Dr Meryl Nass.

    Conveniently, Covid-19 was patented by Moderna in 2013 – the same year that The US Supreme Court passed a Law (2013) with World Wide Applications, that anyone injected with a vaccine which changes their DNA and Genome is no longer Human, but a new species Trans Human and all Human Rights are lost. How did they know in 2013 about the release of Covid-19 in 2019 then?
    The Formula #CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG that BionTech used to create their vaccines which they licensed to Pfizer, it was after all on the patent for all to see and copy.
    In 2021 Lawyer Thomas Renz had several cases with The Geneva Convention for Crimes Against Humanity – all were throw out by the Geneva Convention Judges and none made it to trial – because the Geneva Convention is for Humans and not any other non human species – Trans Humans ?- ask thomas Renz what happened, he is in America after all.

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