Hezbollah Launches First-Ever Lebanese Airstrike On Israeli Base

In a statement released by Hezbollah, they announced that they had launched their first-ever Lebanese airstrike on an Israeli base and also released videos.

Hezbollah Launches First-Ever Lebanese Airstrike On Israeli Base 1

On May 17, Hezbollah carried out the first-ever Lebanese attack against an Israeli target, utilizing a drone that had never been seen before.

Hezbollah released a statement on Thursday afternoon stating, “In support of our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and support of their brave and honorable resistance, the Islamic Resistance attacked at 1:38 pm on Thursday 5/16/2024 the Metulla site, its garrison, and its vehicles with an offensive drone armed with two S5 missiles.” This was the sixth operation of the day.

“When it reached its designated point, it fired missiles at one of its vehicles and the elements gathered around it, killing and wounding them. After that, it continued its assault on its designated target and hit it accurately,” the statement added.

Video of the rebel group’s drone attack on Metulla was made public. The drone is shown firing two missiles from either side before descending near its target and detonating.

The drone strike resulted in the injuries of three Israeli troops, one of them critically.

Hezbollah has intensified activities in tandem with Israel’s vicious assault on Rafah and its ceaseless attacks throughout the Gaza Strip in recent days.

Although it has been using attack drones more frequently in its operations over the past few months, this is the first occasion in Lebanon’s history that a drone fitted with missiles has been utilized to strike targets from above, not just since the beginning of the conflict.

Hezbollah’s strikes have grown bolder and more sophisticated, and they are causing more Israeli casualties, according to a report published on May 16 by the Hebrew news channel Channel 13.

Hezbollah also declared a drone attack on Elbit Systems, an international military technology business situated in Israel, on May 16 in retaliation for Israeli bombings on eastern Lebanon the day before.

Additionally, it was aimed against the David Cohen factory located north of the Kiryat Shmona settlement in Tel Hai.

On May 15, Hezbollah launched a series of attacks aimed at Israel’s Sky Dew aerostat located at the Ilania facility, west of Tiberias. The attack on a “sensitive” facility was verified by the Israeli army.

Last year, GreatGameIndia reported that, according to a tweet by PM Netanyahu’s office, Israeli Intelligence Mossad, along with Brazil’s Federal Police, foiled Hezbollah’s plan to attack Brazil.

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