Israeli Intelligence Foils Hezbollah’s Plan To Attack Brazil

According to a tweet by PM Netanyahu’s office, Israeli Intelligence Mossad, along with Brazil’s Federal Police, foiled Hezbollah’s plan to attack Brazil.

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Israel’s secret agency, the Mossad, worked with Brazil’s Federal Police to stop Hezbollah-planned terrorist strikes. Two people who were connected to the terrorist organization were taken into custody as a result of an intelligence operation launched by Brazilian law enforcement.

Brazilian police carried out 11 search and seizure orders as well as two temporary detention warrants under the code name “Operation Trapiche.” The Federal District, São Paulo, and Minas Gerais were the locations of the operations.

The terrorists planned to assault structures in the Brazilian Jewish community. They were associated with the terrorist organization Hezbollah. The suspects could be charged under anti-terrorism statutes, which include prison terms of up to 15 years and 6 months, investigators say.

Yoo Sang-bum, a politician from South Korea, stated that the National Intelligence Service of South Korea has informed them that North Korea has supplied Russia with one million artillery shells.

Mossad worked with intelligence from Brazil’s Federal Police to break up the terrorist organization plotting assaults on Jews. The Israeli secret service’s participation in Brazil’s defense has been confirmed by Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

According to PM Netanyahu’s office:

“Brazilian security services, alongside Mossad and our partners in the Israeli security community, along with other international security agencies, thwarted a terrorist attack in Brazil planned by Hezbollah, an organization directed and funded by Iran,” Israel’s government announced through social media.

The Israeli government thanked the Brazilian Federal Police for their assistance and outlined the goals of the terrorist group there:

“This was an extensive network operating in multiple countries. Mossad appreciates the Brazilian security services for apprehending a terrorist cell operated by Hezbollah, aiming to launch an attack on Israeli and Jewish targets in Brazil.”

Israel further declared that Iranian, Hezbollah and Israeli interests continue to be targeted:

“Against the backdrop of the Gaza conflict with the terrorist organization Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranian regime continue to operate globally, targeting Israeli, Jewish, and Western interests.”

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