Hezbollah Attacks Scorch Nearly 2,500 Acres Of Northern Israel

Hezbollah drones and rocket attacks have scorched nearly 2,500 acres of northern Israel, with fires raging in Golan Heights and Galilee, affecting infrastructure, communities, and major highways.

Hezbollah Attacks Scorch Nearly 2,500 Acres Of Northern Israel 1

Hezbollah drones and rockets fired into the Golan Heights and Galilee during the previous few days have resulted in fires that are still raging throughout northern Israel on June 4.

The majority of the major fires were under control, according to Israeli fire officials, although workers were still battling the flames on Tuesday morning.

According to the Israeli fire brigade, its personnel are “working hard to protect communities and property,” and as of right now, neither infrastructure nor human life are in danger.

To put out the fire, more than thirty firefighting units were sent in. Major highways in the Galilee are still closed due to the fires.

Moreover, the fire department said that around 990 acres of land burned close to Amiad.

Early on Tuesday, the Ziv Medical Center in Safad, in northern Israel, said that it had treated five settlers and six reserve troops for smoke inhalation and injuries.

Mount Adir, Kfar Giladi, Kiryat Shmona, and other places were all affected by the fires. The fire department reported that efforts to put out the fire that started the previous day in Keren Naftali were still ongoing.

Severe flames also hit Katzrin, the Israeli capital of the Golan Heights under occupation. Recently released Sentinel-2 satellite imagery from the European Commission revealed a vast area of burned land south of Katzrin. On June 2, Hezbollah launched a missile bombardment into the Katzrin neighborhood.

Fires that started over the weekend as a result of Hezbollah attacks quickly spread throughout the northern region of Israel on Monday. On Monday and Tuesday, Hezbollah carried out several more attacks.

Video captured on Monday night showed fires spreading over multiple northern locations, with firemen fighting to keep them under control.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority claimed on June 3 that Hezbollah’s recent attacks had charred approximately 2,470 acres (more than 10 square kilometers) of land.

Recently, GreatGameIndia reported that Hezbollah, in a statement, announced their first-ever Lebanese airstrike on an Israeli base and released accompanying videos.

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